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    Free AMD X2 CPU with DFI motherboard purchase at

    Got mine today. I'm a little miffed; the CPU is already in the socket and there's remnants of thermal paste on it. These CPUs are probably system pulls. They say they're OEM procs on the website, but OEM != System Pull. The CPU I got was an X2 4200 which has a TDP of 65W. I was hoping for a...
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    Holy Crap, It's Back! Sceptre 24" LCD 199.99 AR, B&M AND ONLINE! Starts black Friday

    I'm kind of on the fence with this display. I bought 4 of them when they were $269, and I use them at work. Their color reproduction on the brighter colors isn't as good. A light lavender is indistinguishable from a light grey, light yellow and green are very similar, etc. For most business...
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    24" Sceptre LCD for $259 FS

    I picked up four of these from for $279, kinda regret it now (paid sales tax *and* shipping. /sigh). I'm using all four at work with the Chief KTP440 Quad-monitor stand, and I'm pretty happy with them. The color clarity on lighter greys is a little bad, I had to tweak the contrast...
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    [H]otish : EVGA GTX 280 $534 -

    I don't know where you get your market rates from. google says it's $524.71 and a small fraction, says it's $523.95.
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    Mobo & Gfx fried by faulty PSU?!

    I bought a PC Power & Cooling Silencer 750 Quad about a year ago. Just this past thursday, it went *poof* while I was out. I came home to a very quiet living room, my computer had shut down while I was gone. I tried turning it back on and while it did power up, the motherboard was giving me a...
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    Mobo that supports three PCI-E video cards?

    Right now I run a pair of 7800GTX cards non-SLI, with one card driving my Dell 2407WFP and the other card driving two Dell 2005FPW's. In the near future I want to run a pair of 8800GTX cards in SLI driving my main screen and a single 7800GTX driving the other two. Is there a mobo out there that...
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    Hard-side laptop case that can hold a portable printer too?

    My uncle is looking to take the plunge into mobile computing so he can use some mapping software designed for his profession (truck driver), and he wants to get a hard-side case that can protect his gear. The catch is that he needs a case big enough to fit a portable printer (such as this or...
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    Random Box o' Stuff (wannabe Bag Of Crap)

    I ordered five days ago, I'm a little annoyed at the delay in shipping. It'll be here on the 28th. Oh, and it's 3.1 pounds.
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    BB Tacoma PS3 in stock

    The past two times I've been to the Gamestop in Bellevue, WA they've had 2 PS3 60GB units, but no Wiis. I really want a Wii. :(
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    HOT! XFX 8800 GTX $531 8800 GTS $381 Free Shipping @ Dell

    I had an issue with 97.02 where, whenever I tried to look at my GPU temperatures, the control panel would crash. I backed down to the version that came with my card (96.xx or somesuch). Anyone else get this problem?
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    Random Box o' Stuff (wannabe Bag Of Crap)

    eh, I'll gamble on it. The lack of a BoC during the last Woot-off was disappointing, hopefully this will lift my spirits.
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    HOT! XFX 8800 GTX $531 8800 GTS $381 Free Shipping @ Dell

    Buy a coupon from ebay, cheapskates. It's less than two dollars. :o
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    HOT! XFX 8800 GTX $531 8800 GTS $381 Free Shipping @ Dell

    I ordered the GTX and my ship date was estimated as the 15th, but I got email this morning saying that the item had been shipped. :cool:
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    HOT! XFX 8800 GTX $531 8800 GTS $381 Free Shipping @ Dell

    I can confirm that the 10% code I just bought off ebay stacks with the automatic 15% off. I pulled the trigger on this, it's cheaper than newegg after taxes in Washington State, so it's smoking hot for those of you who live in states with no sales tax. The auction I got my coupon from had a...
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    Target: Apple 8GB iPod Nano - Black

    Doesn't work for the ipod, comes up as regular price in cart and at checkout. :(
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    Opteron 165 is 45C at idle, recommend me a new HSF!

    I don't O/C, so I run 1.35 volts. I think I will check out the Ninja, I found a thread on Abit's forums indicating that it not only fits, but fits well. Thanks for all your input.
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    Opteron 165 is 45C at idle, recommend me a new HSF!

    The ninja seems pretty popular, I think I'll go with that. But before I do, anyone have experience with the Scythe Mine?
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    Opteron 165 is 45C at idle, recommend me a new HSF!

    My stock Opteron 165 is 45C at idle and up to 61C under load. This is totally unacceptable. Temps have slowly been rising over time, but the weather here (and my lack of air conditioning) are likely causing that. I currently have the Scythe FCS-50 and it was doing the job (less than 55c under...
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    Arctic Cooling Accelero X1??

    I've just been leaving the control panel applet open and watching the temp of the hotter GPU. Most of my gaming can be done windowed. 68C Just seems way hot to me, I mean that's 154.4 degrees F... I don't tend to run my CPUs hotter than 42C (107.6F). I guess I'm just weird or something? :D
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    Hard Drive cooling?

    Well, what's a good Lian-Li case where airflow is concerned? I am currently using a cheapie $40 case, yeah...
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    Hard Drive cooling?

    Right now I use a Zalman ZM-2HC2 heatpipe cooler on both of my hard drives (both Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 250GB SATA drives) I additionally have some drive bay coolers consisting of 3 40mm fans blowing over these drives. Do you think this is excessive...or not? I ask because I'm running into...
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    Arctic Cooling Accelero X1??

    I've never installed an aftermarket GPU cooling solution, always sticking with stock. But I've noticed that of my two XFX 7800GTX cards, the one closer to my CPU runs about 8 degrees celsius hotter! I'm seeing core temps of 60C on the lower card and 68C on the card near the cpu when at full...
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    Dell 2405 $729.00 Free S/H

    wipro is a real off-shore agency which handles various sorts of (mostly high-tech) contracts (such as customer support). I would give this a legit-factor of 85 percent.
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    XFX GeForce 6800 Xtreme 256MB SLI PCIx $105 AR @ Tiger

    $245 SLI setup, you mean. It's $105 after $35 rebate, limit one per household.
  25. S Private Sale 03/01/06

    Ok, thanks for the info. :)
  26. S Private Sale 03/01/06

    I ordered more than $35 worth of items, but I didn't see the Pessimist's mug nor the 2006 Wishes calendar in on my order status page. Will these still be included in my order? Those of you that have already gotten your stuff, were your freebies included?
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    Dell 2005 on sale for $396.75 with free shipping...

    Yep. I didn't even know it before I bought my first one. There's an input selector button on the front and it cycles 1 through 4. You can even do picture-in-picture!
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    Dell 2005 on sale for $396.75 with free shipping...

    DVI and VGA. The screen has four inputs: DVI, VGA, Composite, and S-Video. I hook one of my consoles up to the S-Video, another to the composite and my computer via DVI. Now that I'm buying another to go with my existing one, maybe I'll do one console on one and another console on the other...
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    Dell 2005 on sale for $396.75 with free shipping...

    Sheeit, this is just too good to pass up. I paid $435.97 for my last one... This time, it was only $386.06 after a $35 off coupon which I bought for $1.98 on ebay, so we'll call it about $388 shipped (3-5 day shipping is free), including sales tax. Since I got approved for the Dell Preferred...
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    Dell 2005 on sale for $396.75 with free shipping...

    It depends on how you have things configured. You can either run native resolution (with vertical black bars on either side) or stretched resolution, which distorts the image slightly to make it fill the whole screen. The rule of thumb with LCDs is that running anything at a "stretched" or...
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    Warm: Saitek Eclipse - $40 BB

    Doesn't the blue light shine through though? I mean, is the letter still distinguishable with the backlighting turned on?
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    Valentine's Day: 48 roses $36.99 + s&h

    So, these flowers or a stick of RAM? Is this a hard choice now? :D
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    Valentine's Day: 48 roses $36.99 + s&h

    Neodark, when you used 1800flowers before, were the flowers shipped or delivered by a local florist? :confused:
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    Valentine's Day: 48 roses $36.99 + s&h

    1800flowers isn't all bad. SHIPPED FLOWERS ARE BAD! This is what you need to understand, shipped flowers from just about anywhere are going to suck unless they're shipped next-day or overnight (which often costs more than $25!). I browsed the site until I found something nice...
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    Retail Boxed Athlon 64 X2 3800 $241AC @ Dell SB (or $231AC/FC), free shipping

    yeah, I'd like to know the answer to this one, too.
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    Ten (80mm fans) for $9.90 free shipping

    These are SLEEVE bearing fans, which are last on my list due to reliability concerns. Listed in (my personal) order of preference: Magnetic bearings Fluid bearings Ceramic ball bearings Steel ball bearings Sleeve bearings
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    Is there a way to only display posts in a thread made by a certain user?

    Would there be any way to create such functionality? I would be happy to financially contribute so that everyone could benefit from the functionality's addition. Thanks for your feedback.
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    [H]AWT!!!: Everything at Alpha Numeric: $10!!! Ends Jan. 5th

    Order# 4514 here, and I'm in the same state as their warehouse (Washington), but I haven't seen my order nor have I gotten any email from them. :confused: :confused:
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    Is there a way to only display posts in a thread made by a certain user?

    Is there a way to only display posts in a thread made by a certain user? For example, in casemod threads, show only posts made by the person starting the thread? I mainly want this functionality so I can look at the awesome desk build-out done by jen4950 (...