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    Apple Music Will Launch June 30th

    its cheaper. 6 seperate clients for 15.99 with the family deal. the only way it would not be cheaper than spotify or rdio is if you could not find even one more person to do the family plan with and then it would be the same. Alot of the features looked interesting, they have the radio plus the...
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    NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Reviews

    the grid library is too limited for me. I can definately see the potential and appeal though as i. I woul dnot be locked out of exclusive games any longer but then again I guess they would become all grid game then and either you have grid or you dont.
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    Xbox One Outsold PlayStation 4 in April

    they are making up for there disastrous launch. But aall in all I feel that the xbone has a ton more room to grow. I am not jsut talking market either as the software that the xbox runs and the way that it runs it leaves it open to alot of options that the ps4 just wont be able to be. I am...
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    Microsoft Confirms There Will Be No Windows 11

    I actually like osx...
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    Microsoft Confirms There Will Be No Windows 11

    gunna be called "Windows X"
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    PS4 Could Become the Best-Selling Console in History

    despite all of this I am still holding on to my idea of buying an xbox one. I just really like the halo series and several other exclusives and there are zero ps4 exclusives that even excite me. theres controversy about the ps4 version of the witcher 3 displaying at 1080p while the xbox is 900p...
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    The Witcher 3 Gets Precious Cargo 60fps PC Video

    I was thinking about upgrading my gaming computer to support this but for much less I can get it and an xboxone and also have the opportunity to play halo and the other xbox exclusives which I already enjoy. I also have a nice home theater with a 60" plasma and a decent surround sound setup...
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    New Roku Media Streamers May Be Imminent

    I should have said DLNzAinstead of streaming. I know that apple did not invent it but it seems like it wasnt much of a big deal until airplay.
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    New Roku Media Streamers May Be Imminent

    Ive had the same appletv for 3 years and Im still happy with it. My mom's friends keep raving about being able to stream with their new chromecast or firetv when I have been doing it for years.
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    New MacBook

    that video was hilarious. It is right, the new macbook is ridiculous. I dont know why anyone would buy it. The 13" mbp pro however does look pretty good.
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    Google: It's 'Irresponsible' Of Apple To Make Everything Expensive

    I guess I am irresponsible for buying the $1300 laptop. I actually like most of the apple products. I don't buy a new laptop every year (even 2 or 3) and I don't feel like I have to. I am also not going to buy a laptop or a phone if I can't pay for food/shelter/clothes for me or my dependents...
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    I thought julia was Japanese.
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    Netflix's Viewing Data: How We Know What You Are Watching

    make a new profile for them and for yourself/wife. The data may be a little bit less accurate at the beginning but it shouldn't take long for it to zero in.
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    NASA Found A Cheaper Way To Reach Mars Safely

    The cost increase of the life support since it takes months longer probably cancel out the fuel savings. I suspect thats why all missions that use it are unmanned.
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    Beats Music Will Become A Default iOS App In 2015

    people are ranting bout having another default program in IOS like it is a big deal. As aa beats music user, I welcome the closer integration.
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    Microsoft Patches 19-Year-Old Windows Bug

    Tottaly unrelated but for some reason when I first saw the headline I thought of Kanye West's gold digger when he says"18 years?18 years?..." Now I got that song stuck in my head, Thanks Steve.
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    Apple's iPad Air 2 'Smokes' Android Tablets

    SP3 is tottaly different hardware. Like comparing speed of a laptop to a phone.
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    Apple's iPhone Soars While The iPad Languishes

    Coneniance not comfort. For some reason I can't edit
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    Apple's iPhone Soars While The iPad Languishes

    I have an iPhone and a mbp from 2011. I love my iPhone and every single smartphone I've ever had has been an iPhone. Ive tried twice to get an iPad and justify keeping it past the return period. Despite how hard Ive tried I felt that the added comfort and lower weight could not make up for the...
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    Rotate soundstage?

    I have a large flat tv mounted in the center of one wall and due to the layout my computer is place in the center of the wall opposite from it. The receiver is located next to the tv and the room is wired for 6.1 with the speakers mounted at an angle towards the center of the room. I had...
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    Apple Supplier Shutting Down, 727 Employees Laid Off

    Hardly anything is made in the USA anymore. It is so much more expensive to do almost everything here. How much of Samsung stuff is made in the USA? Lenovo? Microsoft? Nike? Btw you heard it here first, iShoes.
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    One thing that I occasionally wonder about but have never really taken the time to ask/figure out, until now, concerns network data usage. Say you were using Netflix on an iPhone and you airplay that to an AppleTV connected display. Does the network then have double the traffic because it is...
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    Apple Supplier Shutting Down, 727 Employees Laid Off

    I called it two weeks ago. I quote myself "My theory is that the iPhone 6 was planned to have a sapphire display but right before release an issue was found that changed things. I don't think GT made that much investment just for applewatch sapphire production."
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    Apple Sapphire Crystal Supplier Files For Bankruptcy

    My theory is that the iPhone 6 was planned to have a sapphire display but right before release an issue was found that changed things. I don't think GT made that much investment just for applewatch sapphire production.
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    Verizon Could Blow Up TV As We Know It Next Year

    Don't they already operate FIOS?
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    Samsung Has Announced Plans to Scrap Plasma TVs

    I had to actually lower the brightness on my panasonic vt60. It was really bright.
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    Using Drones To Take Selfies

    already support for it with the ar drone 3. youtube it
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    Using Drones To Take Selfies here is yet another. the new parrot ar drone 3 has a fixed gimbaless high megapixel camera that uses software and an onboard gpu to and stabilize and control a 1080p image.
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    TV buying advice

    my tv actually gets pretty bright and I hear the samsung f8500 made a point of obtaining aneven brighter picture. I dont know why you would want any brighter because my tv is already blindingly bright and it is on half brightness.
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    TV buying advice

    Panasonic tcp65vt60 here. no regrets
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    A State-by-State Look At Who Controls The Internet

    its some business thing. I see commercials for it all the time. I am happy with 25 mbps I already have so I dont actually have it.
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    A State-by-State Look At Who Controls The Internet

    Odd that the map says Time Warner controls south carolina cable. I live in the Upstate its a large metro area and Charter is here. I have family spread out through the state and I have never heard anything about twc. Charter offers 60 mbps here for $55 a month when bundled.
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    Netflix Agrees To Pay Comcast To End Slowdown

    Why netflix why? Now everyone else is gunna hold out there hands too.
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    Apple's Marketing VP Calls Batman "The Black Knight"

    expect a joke about it next time he gives a speech
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    MacBook Pro Condensation Issues?

    looks like someone is not being completely honest with you or someone borrowed it without her knowing. that looks really bad for just condensation.
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    iPhone 5S Motion Sensors Are Totally Screwed Up

    maps has always worked fine for me.
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    Qualcomm: Apple’s 64-bit Processor Is A ‘Gimmick’

    I read somewhere about the benefits of 64 bit procs besides just the increased ram and efficiency which aren't really necessary at this time. I believe Anand wrote about the procs having twice the amount of registers and some other stuff. Im not knowledgable in the intricacies of processors but...
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    iPhone Explodes in China, Injures User's Eye

    There seems to be an effort to push people away from American companies and towards chinese ones so they have more control. There will be a lot more of these stories trying to scare people away from Apple/American products.