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    Need advice for catastrophic Areca ARC-1880 RAID6 breakdown (EliteNAS 424)

    Ctrl-F "backup" not found in your post, does your friend have one? If yes -> restore to other drives/system (not the current one), verify that it isn't missing anything critical, and start over with that. If your friend has recent backups this will be the easiest/quickest solution. If not...
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    BTRFS broken:

    I'm not surprised, the btrfs raid 6 on my test server has failed every time I've tried to test some rebuild scenarios over the last few years. That said, the wiki warning was added fairly recently though and I know people who have lost data to these bugs.
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    10TB drives are here..

    The bigfoot drives were slower than 5400 rpm, at least the models that I owned.
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    drives fell out of raid now listed as free

    Typical Areca firmware problem... Though it may also be caused by failing drives/bad cables/weak psu. Resetting the raid / adding the drives without a rebuild may lead to inconsistent data, for example in directory/file metadata. Rebuild if possible, and if you have a small set of very...
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    Do you need to put the drives back in the same order to rebuild a RAID5?

    Preferably somebody with more recent experience with LSI raid controllers will help you. My recent experience with LSI is limited to HBAs. That said, RAID controllers will keep configuration data (like "this is drive X in a raid5 with id Y consisting of N drives") on the HDDs so that the raid...
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    Do you need to put the drives back in the same order to rebuild a RAID5?

    The answers to pretty much all your questions depend on which controller (or software) you're using. BTW my first instinct when I have a drive failure at home is to make sure my backup is uptodate before I rebuild. Create a backup of your backup too if possible. If your backup covers 90-99%...
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    Planing for Backplane Failure with a ZFS Pool?

    Backplane failures can have different effects. They can kill your drives or just disconnect them without any permanent damage.
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    Seagate 8TB Internal HDD

    I have 10 in a raidz2 on an res2sv240 expander connected to an lsi 9211 hba. I'm using them for storage of non-changing data. So far they have behaved very well, no problems with expander/hba compatibility. Speeds are good enough for me, I can transfer data at around 500 MB/s over 10GbE in both...
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    ZFS dedupe is fixed soon

    Since you are the one arguing against all research on and common sense regarding compression/deduplication of media files, I suggest you should be the one to prove your theory and not the rest of the world.
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    ZFS dedupe is fixed soon

    I rule it out. They did not solve P=NP and they can not dedupe media well.
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    Freenas/ZFS capped out 40-50MB/s?

    Iostat numbers will be erratic even under normal circumstances, especially writes. You have a lot of RAM as well for caching so rereading the same files might not even show up at all on iostat. I have a system with similar specifications and testing the raw disk transfer rate is not so easy...
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    Freenas/ZFS capped out 40-50MB/s?

    1.2 Gb/s or GB/s? 1.2 Gb/s on a 10GbE adapter is quite bad, you should be aiming for 9.x Gb/s. 1.2 GB/s on the other hand is about right under ideal conditions. For comparison my 10GbE linux boxes are capable of maxing out client SSDs while transferring large files to/from network shares. You...
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    ZFS dedupe is fixed soon

    Your reasoning is flawed. This is part research, part advertising and needs to be treated as such. 50x savings on media files... no, never. Unless you're storing 50 copies of the same exact file.
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    4x 6 TB WD Red - RAID 5 or 6? And which controller?

    RAID10 doesn't magically remain unaffected by UREs. If one drive fails, and the mirrored drive has a permanent URE in an area where there is data you will have some data loss. RAID6 offers significantly more protection against data loss than RAID5. The problem with RAID5 is that you have no...
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    4x 6 TB WD Red - RAID 5 or 6? And which controller?

    If you go with RAID10 and lose the "wrong" pair of drives you will sorely regret not using RAID6. On the flip side if you go with hardware RAID6 and use a controller that drops drives when it encounters UREs you could end up with a lot of work to recover the data if you're unlucky. I will agree...
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    HGST NAS 5/6TB on the way

    Prices like that usually means "We know about this drive so we put it on our website, we don't have it and can't sell it yet so don't order one".
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    Large JBOD chassis without a backplane?

    I've had one DOA backplane in a Norco and one that failed after a few hours. Other than that they have been working fine. There are ways to prepare for potential backplane failures, like making sure the number of HDDs in a pool that are connected to one backplane is less than the available...
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    Tons of Issues with Areca 1880i and HP SAS Expander

    I've had enough problems with dropouts on areca controllers with similar seagate drives that I avoid that combination. That said, I've also had problems with areca controllers and some mobos, and I've also had problems with areca controllers and some expanders, and also with a few other types...
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    Data integrity: the risks of not using ECC with ZFS (a study)

    In my experience this depends on the motherboard BIOS and how it deals with MCE correctable and uncorrectable errors. I've seen RAM failures lead to memory corruption on ECC systems in the past.
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    WD says RED drives can reach 60C

    The non-pro RED drives don't generate a lot of heat (no idea about the pro version, I don't own any). They don't use a lot of electricity, and compared to for example older 7200 rpm hitachis the difference is quite noticeable when you put 24 of them in the same case. I can now leave 4 of my...
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    Need advise on backup strategy

    Not just electrical failures but software/hardware problems and human error. I recommend you buy a second external hdd if losing the data is more than an inconvenience, e.g., if the data includes private photos, work related data or other things that cannot be replaced.
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    WD RED 5TB - when?

    There seems to be some signs of life ( ), so I will try again. Anyone know if WD will release these drives soon? Time has passed and I need more drives again, and I don't want enterprise or the standard desktop seagate models...
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    Raid 5 & 6 URE limitations

    I agree with this.
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    Western Digital 3.5" 5 TB Red and Green Hard Drives

    It would seem like we need a technological breakthrough for HDD capacities to start increasing significantly again. HDD manufacturers need to focus on keeping their only advantage over SSDs, if SSDs get close to being space/$ competitive it will all be over for HDDs.
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    Are you a drive horder?

    Drive hoarder, who me? Backup drives. Now that I'm transitioning all backup over to lto-5 I'm slowly giving them away to people I know.
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    Cheapest and Most Practical Technique for Archiving Large-ish Amounts of Data

    When comparing the costs, keep in mind that independent storage of redundant copies and periodic cloning to new media will be needed. So you don't just need 25+ TB of storage, you need at least 50+ TB, possibly more depending on the importance of the data. I also wouldn't trust anything to store...
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    Intel Unleashes Powerful SSDs For Big Data Era

    I would like to see a source on hdd vs ssd failure rates. have stated that they see a larger amount of failed SSDs compared to HDDs relative to the amount of units sold. This can of course be related to my point about "sudden death syndrome". If SSDs tend to fail without...
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    Intel Unleashes Powerful SSDs For Big Data Era

    My main concern with SSDs is "Sudden unexpected death syndrome", not write endurance. But write endurance is certainly a factor to look at when deciding what to buy, at least for certain purposes.
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    Can I fill a storage drive to capacity?

    ZFS is one of the file systems that suffers the most from performance degradation when the free space approaches zero. There are a couple of settings that can be changed to reduce the problem in certain usage scenarios but these come with their own drawbacks.
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    Has anyone compared FreeBSD ZFS vs ZFS on Linux?

    I've moved all my storage over to ZoL. Even though I use 10Gb I found the performance differences to be small, and not always in favor of the same OS.
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    Can I fill a storage drive to capacity?

    Fragmentation can be a huge problem or irrelevant depending on how you use the drives. If all you do is fill a drive from scratch to 99.99% without deleting anything and without running more than one transfer at a time there is no good reason for files to become fragmented enough for it to...
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    Can I fill a storage drive to capacity?

    Some "rules" need to be taken as warnings of possible problems that apply in certain situations, not just accepted as truths that never should be questioned. If I stopped filling my zfs pools once they are 80% full I would have 10-15 TB lost space in addition to parity for each pool. Some...
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    The perfect ZFS home server motherboard.

    Well that isn't good.
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    Backing up multiple CD-ROMs to a single BD-R

    What type of cds are you trying to read? If they are games or other types of copy protected discs then you will need clonecd or another tool capable of backing up protected cds, depending on the type of protection.
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    ZFS suitable for media streamer?

    Just because zfs is a 128-bit file system doesn't mean that any significant amount of the data processed when reading/writing data is 128-bit numbers, at least not in its basic form. Perhaps it can be loaded and stored in 128-bit chunks, but then you need to look at SSE performance which will...
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    ZFS RAIDz2 Homeserver - sanity check

    This might be difficult to achieve depending on your OS, the size of your files and how you access them over the network.
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    Moving Raid5 from RR2300 to RR2760

    I've moved raids between different highpoint 2xxx controllers before without any problems. I made sure I updated my backup first though, which I'd recommend that you do too.
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    Are Seagates really as bad as they say?

    I'm replacing far fewer drives these days than 1-2 years ago, when the only drives that I could find here were green wd / seagate. Even the seagate drives I've bought lately (NAS) are still going strong. Thanks to consumer laws here it doesn't cost anything to replace a failing drive that is...
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    I'm curious... about your storage

    Because there is a difference in quality between most bluray sized movies / remuxes and a 5 GB reencode. How much you notice depends on the movie, you, your monitor/projector and viewing distance/environment.
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    I'm curious... about your storage

    A collection of all PS2 games will be > 10 TB on its own. That's just one old system. Add other systems, bluray movies, tv series in HD, ++ and you will easily fill several hundred TB of HDDs.