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    Packet loss, Guild Wars unplayable

    I have been back and forth with the GW support team about ingame lag that (at times) makes the game unplayable. To make a long story short, they asked me to run a program called pingplotter while playing to see where I am losing packets. There is 10-100% packet loss, but it is occurring at...
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    Dual install patch versions COD4?

    In Call of Duty 4 Does anyone know how to run two patch versions (unpatched game and 1.6) on the same computer? Thanks
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    RMA question

    So I had enough of my x1950pro VRM's overheating and I RMA'd it to the etailer I purchased it from. I have had the card for awhile so I could only get it serviced or replaced. I guess I am lucky, but I never had to RMA anything before. Anyway, I sent EVERYTHING in as instructed: card, cables...
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    8600gts Standard

    I have not been able to find a review or thread where OCing one of the standard versions, 675/2000 particularly of the XFX and evga brands, has been tested. And the ones I did find were only voltmods. Does anyone know of (or tried) to OC the standard 8600gts without a voltmod and wouldn't...
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    Bad Sapphire x1950pro!

    Anyone who has this card and experiences game crashes, this is most likely a result of the VRM's overheating. You can check this out on the Sapphire forums where it deatils the problems people are having. My advice is to exchange your card for something else, or at least let Sapphire know about...
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    Speedfan vs. ccc

    I have speedfan and ATI ccc for detecting temps on my x1950pro, speedfan detects the the temp as 7C less than ccc. Which is correct? I am thinking ccc, and I searched a couple threads where someone has mention speedfan detecting temps inaccurately. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.
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    nf-m2 nview no signal, big problem

    Thought I could share my experience thus far with this new item. Hope this can help some people out there (including myself!). Just picked up this mobo and assembled my system (for gaming, movies, storage): nview of course thermaltake tr2 500w amd athlon 3800 orleans Crucial 2x1GB...