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    Question about HDCP-

    Hi there, Quick Q- I have a Viewsonic VX2025, it does not have HDCP on the back. But my graphic card (7900GT) has a little HDCP thingy. Does this mean I cant use HDCP? Will a Dell 2007FPW HDCP be better? As the monitor has it on the back? Or the same? Thank you.
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    7800GTX Silencing- VF900 or VF700CU?

    Hi there, I just got a second hand VF700CU for £11.50, but I noticed the VF900 to be better in everyway. The VF700CU, as I said I bought for £11.50, I can get the VF900 for £23.50, should I get the VF900??? Im looking to run the fan on minimum setting 24/7 with a zalman fanmate...
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    Lian Li V1000+ - $130 I WISH I WAS IN THE US!
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    Wow, a FW900 for $239 cant believe no-one has bought this yet. If I was in the US I would have snapped it up before you could say Albuquerque.
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    Really worried about my purchase-

    Got a VX2025 for £240 and it really killed my bank account. I dont want to make a bad purchase. Im going from a 17inch TFT. My worries- - Should I have gone for a Dell 2001FP for the same price? It has more pixels and is a bigger screen. - Im worried about dead pixels and backlight...
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    17inch compared to 20inch widescreen.

    Any comparison shots? Debating whether its worth going 20inch widescreen :).
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    Need advice, what monitor from 17inch?

    Hi there, Looking for a new monitor, my 17inch is a nice size but I feel I need a bigger monitor, something with a little wow-ness :). I have a VP171B, which is super fast and perfect for games, DVI, 8ms. NO GHOSTING and very high end for 17inch :). I have a high end pc- 2gb ram...
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    VP171B Stuck (Dead?) Pixel problem

    Problem- The screen has a stuck (dead?) pixel and its really annoying me. It is white in colour. The weird thing is that this pixel comes and gos. When it does come ratting the DVI cable at the back of my monitor normally makes it go away. Or rubbing the screen. But now it just stays there. I...
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    How do I find my northbridge temp?

    I have a ASUS A8N SLI DELUXE with a zalman NB cooler, how do i find my NB temp? Thanks.
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    My silent PC- PICS and worries.

    Spec- AMD 3800+ with Zalman 9500 250GB MAXTOR SATA HD 7800GTX 256 stock cooling AUDIGY 2 ZS TAGAN 530W EASYCON Cooling- Zalman 9500 on Minimum on fanmate 2 Yate Loon D12SM12 on Minimum on fanmate 2 Zalman 92mm on Minimum on fanmate 2 Worried about- That the Zalman...
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    Should I RMA?

    I have a weird squealing/beeping noise when I run PRIME95, a CPU intensive program. Games SEEM to run fine as does everything else. The motherboard ran PRIME fine for about 40-50 minutes, i did not try for longer. The noise seems to be coming from a choke on the motherboard (doughnut thing...
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    Weird beeping sounds when running PRIME 95.

    I replaced my dead motherboard, my old Asus Sli deluxe had damage so i bought a new one, put a zalman heatsink on it and off I went. Everything booted up fine, I changed my usual settings in the BIOS (I.E. No silly logo at startup). But, to test I used PRIME 95 and to my confusion I get...
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    Will I need to re-install drivers or reformat my computer if I do this? Dont ask why, but my Deluxe went poof and its cheaper to get a PREMIUM than a DELUXE+ zalman cooler. I need a quick reply.
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    Where can I get one of these? (GTX BRACKET) PIC INCLUDED!

    I want one of these, checked EBAY and none there :(. Anyone know where I can get one? I know its not really DOING anyhting, but i love the look lol. thanks.
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    Performance hit from Dual channel to single?

    What kind of performance hit do I expect? Any benchmarks? Thanks.
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    Ram working in single channel but not dual channel

    I have a asus sli deluxe, was working fine 2 hours ago, i recently moved the comp into a new case, and I stratched the back by accident, i can see some copper but it does not look too harsh. the same ram was working fine before i moved the case. right now it always just gives me a long...
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    Need help, San Deigo not overclocking as well as I thought-

    System- Asus Sli Deluxe 2GB SAMSUNG (GENERIC) RAM 3-3-3-8 2x1GB AMD 3700+ SD KAB2E 0543FPAW 7800GTX 550W HEC PSU (Good PSU). Cooling- Stock cooler but temps did not go high. I bought the San Diego off a member on another forum, hes a great guy and is very respected.He said...
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    Zalman passive on a Asus Sli deluxe- Stable?

    Will a Zalman passive cooler fitted under a 7800GTX run stable? I will also be overclocking at have my HTT increased and running a divider. Thanks.
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    How to tell how long a processor been used?

    Is there any way to tell how long a processor has been used? Thanks
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    How do I run memtest?????

    Hi there, I do not have a floppy drive, but how do I run memtest? I want to find out how far I can push my ram. Thanks people.
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    What PSU should I get?

    Hi there, I want to spend under £70 on a PSU, to all from the USA PSU's are much more expensive here (and hardware). Heres what it needs to be able to do- -Run the system in my sig and have some room for upgrade (Please note I may go SLi in the future). -MUST HAVE SLEEVED CABLES or...
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    Nexus 500W- Good?

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    Asus Sli deluxe- Chipset fan does not sound too happy...

    I have the "new" diamond shaped one. Recently just raised my FSB to 240 and set a divider of 333. Heres a pic- I have a zalman northbridge cooler at the ready, is it time to mount? My god, its really making wierd sounds, a LOUD BUZZ and little sreeches (tiny ones). Normally...
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    Asus SLI DELUXE HTT problem?

    I have a opteron 146 CABNE, and even with max voltage (v1.55) it wont boot at HTT 280. The windows logo comes and then the computer crashes. It runs fine at 260, im guessing its the boards issue? Im running BIOS 1010 i think (or 1011). Thanks
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    Controlling FAN speeds using speedfan?

    Hi guys, I recently bought a Zalman 92mm case fan for my comp. Presuming its zalman I thought it would be quiet. My god how I was wrong! Its REALLY REALLY loud. I thought speedfan would help (I have a ASUS A8N SLI DELUXE and the fan is connected VIA 3 PIN to my mobo). What exactly do I...
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    Whats a good 3700+ San Degio stepping?

    Whats a good 3700+ San Degio stepping? Thanks
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    The big question- ZALMAN 9500 or BIG TYPHOON?

    Which one? I think the zalman looks great, but whats the difference in performance? Thanks.
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    Static on my plug

    the power connector that connects to my monitor has alot of static, it turns off if I move the monitor sideways and also makes a crackling noise. What should I do? 2 Speakers are right next to the monitor (Creative I truige 3200) is that causing it? Thanks.
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    Trusted retailer? They say they are based in HONG KONG? Seems as though all the prices are in pounds though. I emailed them about shipping. What do you guys feel about the site? Thank you. Im from the UK.
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    Coolermaster ATC lookalike- BEANTECH IGLOO 5. Anyone found any reviews? Thanks.
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    Is this a good stepping for a 3700+?

    Sorry just need to ask- ADA3700DAA5BN CABHE 0511WPAW 1227368C50064
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    Should I go for a Opteron 144?

    146s are taking too damn LONG! ARGH! Also, can a ASUS SLI DELUXE reach 311 HTT? And how long will a overclocked (2.6-2.8GHZ) 144 last? Thanks HTT=311 MULT=I 9 x 311 = 2799 DIVIDER= 2:3, 133, DDR266 = 199.92 (DDR400) 3 x 311 = 933 Thats the settings I plan on using
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    Europe- Opterons 146 for sale here (And I need advice)

    Should I buy a opty from here? Or should I get a 3700+ USED for £140?? I want 2.6ghz stable Thanks
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    Should I bid on this 3700+?

    Hi guys, Sorry, Im kind of new to ebay. I want a 1mb CACHE processor, my current one is for sale and Im thinking of getting this 3700+. Opterons are nice, but I will want to run at stock for sometime, and 2.0GHZ seems a bit too slow (Also they never in stock!). Anyway, heres some links-...
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    Shipping OEM processors?

    Alright, so I may order a Opteron 146 E4 UP. But, my 3800+ Venice that I want to sell has nothing to be shipped in. Its a OEM product, that came with my computer. How do I ship it? I dont want to damage the processor. Thanks people.
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    Need help deciding, please add input!

    Ok, I want a sleek smooth aluminum case with good cooling and space for a TT BiG TYPHOON! The lian li fits it perfectly, but I need help deciding on which case- Lian Li PC 7 Plus (silver) for £56 Lian Li PC 7 Plus (black) for £66 Adding a window is £22. Thanks for your time.
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    What case should I get?

    I want a new case! I really want a sharp, brushed aluminium professional look. Also I want a window on the side too. The Lian Li PC 7plus fits that critea but its asking for alot of money...
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    What you guys think? Good purchases?

    I havent bought these yet, but may do at the end of the month or sooner. Opteron E4 146 UP San deigo 939 Lian Li PC 7 Plus BLACK Hipre Type R 580W RED Thermaltake Big typhoon Can you guys recommend me some good OC'ing RAM (atleast 280fsb)? Needs to be - 2GB! Under £200...
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    Should i buy a opteron 146?

    I want FX55 performance, it will be paired with a ASUS SLI DELUXE and I will use a divider. Does ANY opteron overclock well? What is this E4 stepping? Do i need it? Thanks.