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    Acer Aspire V Nitro VN7-591G-792U i7+960M $729

    Newegg "New" sale on ebay, pretty impressive bargain for anyone looking for a passable gaming rig. 15". Acer Aspire V Nitro VN7-591G-792U Gaming Laptop 4th Generation Intel Core i7 472
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    PSA: Seagate Enterprise Capacity 5TB, ~$165

    Offers come and go w/r/t who is selling, but these drives have been selling from one vendor or another for 160-170 for a couple months now. This isn't a specific deal, it's just a notice that these things are available on a variety of channels for really cheap, considering the reliable...
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    Gigabyte GTX 970 mini-itx ! Good news all; modern solid video technology for your mini-itx builds
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    Affordable NUC: Are AMD Kabini or FT3 Avail?.

    Any FT3 boards available on retail? I'd love to pick up an embedded line GX-415GA somewhere (ECC, huzzah)! The A6-1450 just got a little brother, an A4-1350 today which should be an affordable quad core. There are some announced products from June time frame, but I haven't seen any of them...
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    EVGA X79 SLI LGA-2011 $99/shipped AR

    Need a LGA 2011 mobo for 1/2 or 1/3 what most cost? Today only, on Newegg. It's an Evga 132-SE-E775-K2. Board can do 2x16 or...
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    m-itx chassis with hot-swap bays

    This is my premier object of desire these days. Mini ITX with 4, 5 or 6 3.5" would be rocking, similarly, one with 8 or 10 2.5" bays would be fan-frigging-tastic. I really like microservers. The main option available now is expensive after-market 3-in-2 drive bays &c; would be great if the...
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    Half-height H77, Q77 mobos

    Oooohhhh boy oh boy, did ya'll catch this? Half height ITX mobo rocking H77 and Q77 chips! And is it just me, or this that a PCIe 3.0 16x slot on the side of it? Dual HDMI, dual-band onboard wifi (or just...
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    1080p gaming projector, >1700 lumens

    Requirements are in the title [1080p, gaming capable, >1700 lumen projector with HDCP], any recommendations? The Epson 8100 is $1600 at present, and is 1800 lumen, but I have no idea whether its a suitable projector for gaming. What other projectors would you consider for gaming with?
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    Are ANY wide-gamut displays usable for gaming?

    Are there wide-gamut displays usable for gaming? Do any of them have the hardware to display a "normal" looking screen, with not-horrific lag in gaming conditions? Every time wide-gamut is mentioned, its with a muttered oath under the breath, which seems silly. The problem is not that there...
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    storagereview is dead: where to now?

    StorageReview used to be the only comprehensive comparative hard drive site on the net. But the updates have gone from fickle to virtually non existant. Is there anything comparable for comparing hard drives?
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    cheap usb stereo output

    Looking for something $15-$50 with the best quality sound output I can get for the price. I need 4-5, price is important.
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    Bookshelf speakers on your desktop: we really need desktop clamp speaker stands

    So, one thing I've continually had drilled into my head is that most stereo speakers are not meant to sit on top of a "ground" surface, eg your desktop. Computer speakers tend to have some sort of elevation or support to bring them off the surface of your desktop, but I myself use a regular...
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    small uber-quality usb dongle

    Greetings; I'm still suffering with my work laptop's crap audio output. I'd like a high quality USB sound card to plug headphones into. Some kind of amplification is needed, sometimes I use Grado's which require more than your average driver, and quality sound output is a serious want...
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    30 bit color

    I'm interested if there are any monitors out there that support 30-bit color (10 bit per pixel)? 1080P and up would be good, as would tolerably low latency.
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    Disable one GPU on a 4870x2

    I bought a 4870x2 thinking it would be perfect for running an army of EVE Online characters with. Unfortuantely, CCP, the coders of the game, apparently dont care a lick about AMD SLI gamers and havent put together the scratch to get a test rig with: the game crashes non stop in any kind of AMD...
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    Realtime webcam

    I purchased a Philips SPC9000NC, and its ok but frankly using VLC I'm finding theres an incredible amount of latency (I'd guess between .2 - .4 seconds) just watching it locally. Is this just my webcam? Will most USB webcams be like this? Would things be any better if I buy a firewire...
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    intermittent onboard ethernet flakiness

    Greetings all; I have a MSI K9N Diamond I'm trying to ship off to a colo-- unfortunately the motherboard is giving me fits. Sometimes when the system starts the onboard ethernet doesnt seem to work. Linux detects the two gigabit ports just fine, but it and whatever its connected to never...
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    4870x2 secondary display issues

    I just migrated from a 4850 to a 4870x2 and I'm having issues detecting one of my displays (Viewsonic VX2025m) now. If its the only thing plugged in, its detected and works. If another display is plugged in, it will not start. I can run dual displays with other monitors fine: its only this...
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    ati fan speed + linux

    how can i control fan speed in linux? this is for a colo server; i'd like to increase cooling.
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    Via Nano: "Released" end of May 2008; fast forward through June, July, now August.... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Omfg, anyone have any idea when the hell this low power system will get out the gate & start stomping on Intel? [edit: updated to mention Nano :D]
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    SATA controllers for JBOD

    I'm looking on setting up a big JBOD (just a bunch of drives), and my mobo only has 6x SATA ports. Some day far away I may need up to 15 hard drives, and I'll need at least 10 right now. What SATA card should I buy? Performance is a serious concern. The mobo has a somewhat old VIA chipset...
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    5.25" Drive Arrays

    Any suggestions for 5.25" drive arrays? I'm looking to fill a 9 bay case with as many hard drives as can be made externally accessible and am looking for cheap drive arrays to do it with. I'd seen an ok addonics and prlwytkovsky suggested a supermicro unit. The supermicro is cheaper and a...
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    Wanted: Mid Tower with as many external 5.25" as possible

    tl;dr: I need a mid tower case with as many external 5.25" drives as humanly possible. No bigass "cube" cases or full tower cases. My friends and I are finally looking at setting up a colo box, and we found a great deal with a provider that will host mid tower colo boxes. We want to stuff...
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    fitting a GTX 280

    I havent started looking at specific cases, but I'm interested to hear whether most SFF cases would be able to fit a nearly 11" GTX 280 or a similar nearly 11" ATI 4870 X2.
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    Dual desk-mount arm

    Currently I have a HP LP2465 (24") and a ViewSonic VX2025m (20.1") on a desktop-mount dual lcd arm. I'm going to be adding a new 26" monitor soon, but I need a better arm! The arms on the current one are too short to support a 24" and a 26" side by side. My other irk is that with my desk...
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    Whats next?

    NVidia clearly has at least a new revision of the 2xx series in the cards, and AMD's 4870 x2 will be landing within 30d. Past that, my crystal ball isnt telling me much else though :p, so what are your predictions for whats next from the video card world?
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    Mini-ITX case that can fit a Power Supply and PCIe

    Any suggestions for a Mini-ITX case that can fit a power supply and decent sized video card? I dont know a good place to scope this, at best I can find some acceptable MicroATX cases.
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    Network card with internal jacks

    I'm looking for PCI and PCIe network cards that have internal jacks. I dont suppose anyone knows of qualifying products?
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    where to purchase

    Where can I purchase a U2400 1.3GHz nano cpu?
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    NV D10U: Dual Precision Floating Point Yeah or Nay Vote

    Do you think the upcoming D10U nv card will have dual precision floating point? Discuss.
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    Memory Overclocking G92's

    I'm curious what peoples experiences are with memory overclocking the G92's. It seems the cores overclock to mid seven hundreds pretty easily, I'm curious if anyones seen significant boost in the memory. In particular, I'd imagine this would be much more brand dependent. Do be sure to...
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    Quality slim/slimline TFX psus

    I'm looking to do a build around a Silverstone LC11m, and am having particular issues with one item: the PSU. It uses a TFX slimline PSU, and comes with a 300w unit described in multiple reviews as a bit loud. I'm hoping to cram water cooling into this system, but that wont do me a lick of...
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    hp2465 lag & no hdcp = no ps3?

    i have the chance to buy a hp2465 really cheap, how bad is the input lag? what are the determining factors on input lag? i know it doesnt suppport HDCP, can I still play games on a PS3 with this? thanks