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    testing speed connection

    So I was wanting to test the speed of a connection but it doesn't have a gui so I was hoping to just use wget or something and download some very large file from somewhere...any ideas?
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    Onboard Gigabit lan not working

    I have a DFI Lanparty SLI NF4 and it has gigabit ethernet onboard but it only operates at 100mbps Its hooked up to a gigabit switch along with other computers that are using the same wiring and they are getting gigabit connections Any Ideas?
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    6600gt 256 vs 6800

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    6600gt 256mb

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    Laptop Help!!

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    What is a good place to buy racks? I am wanting one that is like 3 feet tall. Thanks in advance
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    sound gets louder then softer

    with anything i am doing i dont notice it as bad with some thigns but playing music i notice it really bad. It will be at the right volume then get quiet then go up then back down. It is really strange. I have a DFI Infinity 3800x2, and Audigy 2 ZS Thanks in advance
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    just changed my major > Network Systems Administration

    I just switched my major. I am at a community college. Hopefully I will transfer to university of illinois but it depends on what I want my Bachelors in. I could take the easier way and get a Business Management Degree or take the hard way and get a Bachelors in Computer Science. Which...
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    new Ghost Recon running like crap

    I have: 3800X2 6600GT 2gb Ram and the new ghost recon runs like crap on my computer. I turned down the settings all the way to low. Any idea what could be causing this? Is it the physics stuff or what? *please start threads in the proper subforum*
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    changing drive letter

    is there a way to change my drive letter on the drive i have XP installed on? There was another drive in my system at the tiem of the install and it made it drive F. I need to change it to C but I cant do it from inside windows. Any other way to do it?
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    Celeron- Northwood 478

    How well does this overclock?
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    normal temps for celeron

    I have a celeron : northwood running stock speeds i think at 2ghz what should my idle temp be? does this chip oc well?
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    does removing the IHs help temps at all?

    I am considering it. I have a XP-120 would it be worth it
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    M2N32 or M2N

    whats the difference between the two? what is the difference is the 590 chipset worth the extra money I am trying to decide between the two boards
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    rate my new am2 build

    first off i am waiting to order some of the stuff o also i plan to oc asus m2n32-sli 3500+ aspire x-discovery corsair xms2 7600gt Antec SmartPower 2 500w
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    will an xp-120 fit on my board?

    i have an xp-120 and i was looking at it closer and i dont know if its going to fit or not its a dfi infinity nf4 sli
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    How to overclock my laptop?

    I have a compaq presario 2104us. in the bios its all locked down so i cant overclock. Is there a way to flash my bios with one that allows me to overclock?
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    overclocking tips

    I can get to about 2.45ghz with about 1.44 volts. I really want to hit 2.5ghz but I cant seem to stable. Anyone have any tips to get higher? I have ran it at 1.6 volts and it still isnt stable I have: 3800X2 DFI Infinity NF4 SLI 2gb 4x512 OCZ Performance
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    How big of a PS do I need?

    My System is: 3800x2 DFI Infinity SLI 6600gt 2x160GB IDE 7200RPM 1x80GB SATA 7200RPM 1x250GB SATA 7200RPM 2 Optical Drives Audigy 2 ZS couple fans and lights I am wanting to do some OCing how big of a ps should I look into getting? I am currently running 430w.
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    problem with hardware?

    For some reason pcmark and 3dmark do not work on my computer they just crash. Another problem is when i open up my computer properties box it just lists the amount of ram i have and then says Physical Address Extension. Any idea why its not telling me my chip speed?
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    motherboard for a 3800X2

    What would be the best motherboard to go with my 3800x2. I want to do some overclocking and want plenty of features. best bang for the buck
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    using my stock heatsink

    Would it be beneficial to set up a water cooling setup with my stock 3800 heatsink and like encase it in a aluminum box and run water through that?
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    XP-90 or 7000AlCu

    It is going on a 3800x2. Which one would be better?
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    computer in a briefcase?

    anyone ever do this? i mean like everything is there no need for anything external? basically a laptop but bigger and bulkier and heavier and not as handy haha
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    Upgrading graphics in a laptop

    I have a Presario 2104US and I was wondering if there is anyway that I can upgrade the graphics in it?
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    Central Illinois??

    Anyone around here have any lans in central illinois?
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    Toledo or Manchester 3800X2

    Which is a better chip? What is the difference?
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    network cable

    where is a place online for cheap cabling
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    screen setup

    do they make a program to test the colors and brightness and contrast of projectors also test the surround sound
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    need a good video card

    I am looking for a different video card. I have a 6600gt right now and I think I am looking for something new. Recommend me a good card but I am on a budget ~350
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    good dvd burner

    i need a nice dvd/cd burner, i was thinking of getting a plextor. what else is there that is best bang for the buck?
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    Laptop Help!!

    Ok So i have a Presario 1200 laptop. The power plug on the back is screwed up and you have to hold the plug in the right spot for it to power the laptop. But anway I have three batteries. Two from someone off Ebay and one i had. Well they all charge up through the laptop. I take them out and...
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    Buy a new video card?

    Well I have a 6600gt right now and the fan is really loud. And I want to get it replaced. Should I just get a different cooler for it? or I can RMA to rosewill for a replacement that is probably refurbished. or Get "current market value" for it from newegg. Then buy a newer better card...
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    Did I fry my computer??

    So last night i was about to play some NFSMW and i had the game running and I went to plug in my controller in the front usb port it froze. So i gave it a minute and it just sat there so I hit the reset button. It turned off and then wouldnt boot up. It wouldnt post but wouldnt give me and error...
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    6800gs Mod

    I thought i heard that there is some mod that you can do that allows you to unlock more piplelines or something in the GS so that it is equal to a GT. If anyone could help me out i appreciate it.
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    Music Recorder

    Ok so I know i saw this at BB one day a while back but it was a program that records music from the internet. Like I am a sirius subscriber and you can listen to it through the webpage. Basically what i am asking is there a program that records sound with out an external input. I dont have a...
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    Memory Problem?

    Ok So i am running: 3800+ X2 ECS SLI Extreme 2GB OCZ Performance Ram (4x512) 6600GT and a ThermalTake PurePower HPC-420-102 DF My computer has been having major problems lately. In the past three days once a day the computer would just shut down and restart itself out of nowwhere while...
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    how to set up raid

    ok well i am trying to set up a RAID 0 with two 160gig ide hard drives my mobo(ecs sli extreme) supports raid and i can go into the bios and enable raid on the master and slave channels. then if i reboot i can go into the raid setup utility and create my mirroring and it looks liek it should...
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    PCB Swap

    Well i fried a harddrive the other day and just got another one today and swapped out the PCBs. It was a success, i am sure more have done this but i just thought i would share....i have a video if anyone is interested i will probably edit this post and put it on here later free lowell
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    Update to 64 bit?

    So i have a 3800+ and do a lot of photoshop and video editing. I also like to game on my computer. I heard 64bit windows would help my computer run faster as long as i can get drivers. Is it worth upgrading? Also I have a resource to 64bit so i wouldnt have to buy it. And its legal.