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    Is my card (7900GT) dead?

    In the last few weeks I've started having a problem with video corruption--as you can see from the pic below. This started out happening randomly while playing Bioshock or Civ IV, but now happens anytime a game gets past the 'loading' screen. I can run 3DMark06 or other video tests...
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    Asus A8N-SLI Premium Problem

    I built a workstation for a co-worker using this board. The other day it just died. He was using the machine when it just turned off. My first thought was the OCZ PowerStream 520. I cleared the cmos and put in just one stick of RAM. Unplugged the power supply and left it off for 2 minutes...
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    Sony SXRD RP 50" 1080p - $1,267.60 *Possibly Dead*

    This includes free 3-day shipping. I was just at Circuit City in my area yesterday and this TV...
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    NEC 3550A Problem

    My NEC 3550A all of a sudden will not read any DVD media. It spins up, then just slows down. Sometimes it disappears from 'My Computer' other times it stays. It shows up in the BIOS. I tried to do a firmware update--but it kept failing. Is my drive dead?
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    DS Lite Problem

    I bought a DS Lite on the release date in June. Last week it just started turning off after playing for 2-5 minutes. I can charge it overnight and it still will turn off after a couple minutes of play (power light goes off and both screens go black). I talked to Nintendo and they are...
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    Opty 165 CCBWE 0551VPMW

    Just got it from Monarch. I ordered it over the weekend as part of a combo. Will get it set up over the weekend and try and clock it the weekend after that. Just wanted to give a heads up to anyone who recently ordered from Monarch.
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    DFI nf4 Ultra-D Stability -- User Experiences

    I should have posted this thread before I actually ordered the board, but the more I read, the more I am getting worried. So I thought I would turn to the [H] for real user experiences. I've done my research and have DFI-Street recommened RAM, Power Supply, Vid Card, etc. This...
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    Workstation Build, any opinions

    Let me start this off by saying there will be NO gaming or overclocking on this system. It is for the Project Manager in our multi-media department. He will be using it mainly for large Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Visio, Project, audio editing; and limited Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash...
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    Weird Issue - 160GB Seagate SATA

    Well, I did a fresh install on a 160GB SATA drive last night. But when I booted from the XP CD and made the main partition for Windows I noticed something odd. It showed that only 130GB of disk space were available. Now, I've used 160GB Seagates before and usually I had about 149GB of...
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    Intel EMT64 - Will it work with 875p chipset?

    I've been looking at this Shuttle Box that uses the 875p chipset and the 775 socket. Now that the new 6xx P4's have the EMT 64, do you need one of the 9xx chipsets to enable the EMT 64? Sorry, I haven't been keeping up lately with the new Intel chipsets. The Shuttle looks like a good...
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    P4 Upgrade Question

    I currently have a 2.6 P4 Northwood running on an Abit IS7 board @ 2.86Ghz. I used to have this proc @ 3.01, but it started getting flaky on me in WOW. So I dropped it down. But now I feel like I'm not feeding my 6800GT enough. What's a good upgrade path? Should I try and find a 3.2...
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    RAM at 99.5MHz???

    My work rig (see sig) is currently running it's ram in single channel mode at 99.5MHz??!! :confused: What am I missing in the BIOS to fix this? I keep going through the bios into the memory timings and it's set at 200MHz. CPU-Z gave me these readings.
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    FX-53 or Dual Opteron 246?

    I'm looking for advice. I need to build a workstation for Photoshop, Flash, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator and possibly some After Effects. Do you think a single FX-53 or Dual Opteron 246 would work better? The dual system is about $400 more, but my employer doesn't care...
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    Tyan Tiger K8W Questions

    I'm looking to get a dual proc. system for work and have a quick question about this board. Can you use SATA hard drives with it? In the description on Newegg, it doesn't have SATA listed. Also, do you need to fill all four DIMM's with ram? What RAM is good to use? Here's what I've...
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    Best DVD+/-RW for under $100?

    Can someone give me some advice on a DVD+/-RW drive. I've been looking at newegg and there are so many under $100 at newegg I don't even know where to start. The two that have really caught my attention are the Lite On SOHW-1213S ($75) and the NEC ND-2510 ($72). Any preferences between...
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    Somthing doesn't seem right (evga 6800GT)

    Just got my evga 6800GT and did a fresh install of Windows. Installed the 61.77 drivers. Ran a few benchmarks at 400/1100. 3DMARK 2001SE - 16450 3DMARK03 - 9168 I thought these scores seemed a little low but I didn't really care. I figured I'd wait to see how Doom 3 ran before I...
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    UT2004 fps

    How do I display the fps in UT2004? I did it for the demo but can't remember the command. I would have searched for it, but the search is disabled. Thanks.