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    Windows 8 Version Confusion and Reinstallation Questions

    I'm very confused about how Windows 8 versions, software activation and re-installations work... Despite windows 8 supposedly having fewer versions than windows 7, this whole model seems way more confusing than the Windows 7 philosophy that each higher version of windows retained all the lower...
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    ZFS ZIL write cache device Ok to use virtualized hdd disk?

    I have a ZFS RAIDZ2 created out of 10x2TB hard drives using ESXi on an Intel 80GB SSD as a boot drive with OpenIndiana w/ passthrough storage controller hardware. The pool is v28 Performance has been adequate while copying files to and from the server, 90-110MB per second.. Great... but then...
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    Another Help me decide on ZFS, ESXi hardware thread

    Just bought myself a second hand rack for cheap locally and looking into building myself an ESXi + ZFS file server... Need a bit of confirmation before I pull the trigger on this hardware. Will be using it to store my large collection of movies/photos/websites/documents and some work backups...
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    ESXi, Virtual Machines, and File Servers

    So I am kicking around the idea of setting up a server with ESXi, and moving to a virtualized ZFS backup system for my 8 x 2TB HDDs, My reason for wanting to do this is for future expandability with 4k sector and 3TB+ HDDs, I would also use the ESXi to run my virtualized web server. My main...
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    Guide: GPT, 4K Sector & 3Tb Drives Work As Storage Pool Drives In WHS

    Hello everyone, I recently have been looking into a workaround for 4k sector drives. I am happy to announce that I have been able to come up with a method that should work for anyone using WHS PP3 to do the following things: Create and Realign 4k Sector Drives correctly Utilize GPT Partitions in...
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    Windows 7 Has OFFICIALLY RTMed!

    The Windows 7 Team has just confirmed officially that the RTM has been signed off on! More Information:
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    Raid5 and dynamic disks configuration question.

    Hi, I just setup a home server, and Im looking for some input on my raid5 configuration. I am not new to computers, just new to Raid, this is the first time Ive set one up. My setup is as follows AMD 690G platform Athlon X2 4000 (undervolted to 1.0v) Transcend 266x 8GB CF/IDE HDD (running...