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    Kindle Fire HDX living up to its name (melt down)

    Teezer: My Kindle Fire tablet had a high temp event and potentially could have blown up if my wife held it the wrong way when it failed. Against all odds, at home data recovery of the family pics was 100% successful. My Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 64GB decided to self destruct last June while my wife...
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    Warning: DiscWizard External Drive Low Level Format went bad

    Cliff Notes: Seagate DiscWizard uncertain conditions wil wipe all drives (including host) regardless of settings when setting up drives for wiping. Hi all, I recently bought a cheap computer off Kijiji that had two Seagate 500GB Barracudas (7200.12 and a 7200.11). This computer was hosed and...
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    Faster Win7 32bit/64bit With Legacy Video/GDI acceleration

    This is for those who are stuck with graphics hardware that just went legacy status but want to run Windows 7 at top speed just like they did with XP/2003. Before someone shoots off with "get a new card", try saying that to those who bought laptops very recently stuck with a chipset that was not...
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    Real LCD Overdrive - Powerstrip

    In short, I was diagnosing a EDID problem with my 24" Acer.... since I was already in powerstrip playing around I decided to give the laptop's LCD panel a flogging to see if changing the refresh rate had an effect (because its hardwired to the IGP and I figured it's on its own clock). Turned...