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    FreeNAS/ZFS pool hot plug question.

    I've been Google'ing all day and have come up with nothing, maybe you folks can help me out. So I've got an LSI 9211-8i in my FreeNAS box, connected to a Rackable SE3016. This unit houses 8x 3TB WD Reds and acts as my local 'archive' pool. All data here is then pushed to Crashplan using the...
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    Got a MK802 Android 4.0 Mini-PC today

    :D Pretty excited!!! I plugged it and booted it up, played around with if for about 5 minutes. I'll take some pictures and give everybody an update tonight when I have more time to get acquainted with it.
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    Surpassed bandwidth cap... anyone else?

    So I went over my Comcast monthly bandwidth cap, anyone else have experience in this area? Consequences, course of action, comments, suggestions? Mostly just sharing with you...
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    Virtualized webserver vs vhost alias?

    Hey guys, quick question; How much more overhead would there be if one decided to switch over from using Apache's vhost alias to run multiple sites on the same machine to a 'fat-host' which spawns virtual machines for the sites?
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    HTML Form Tag question.

    Hello all, I was wondering what the proper format or syntax was for an HTML document that contained two 'submit' buttons, for example, I have a page with two buttons. Each button activates a different script and everything works but my question is; do I close the <form> tag after each...
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    Quick Poll: What is your preferred CGI language?

    Just wanted to get an idea of what language everybody's using for CGI scripting? I'll kick this thing off; I like to use Python.
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    Updating to 10.6.6...really slowly?!?!

    Is anyone else experiencing extreme slowness (50K~) on this update today? No matter how I try to obtain this update, I can only pull 30 - 50K from Apple...any input? Anybody know any reason this might be occurring?
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    Apache vs. Lighttpd...

    Title says it all; Apache vs. Lighttpd. I was wondering if anyone had thoughts or comments on this subject...? It would appear to me that Lighttpd is actually faster and more efficient however it's prone to memory leaks. It's also far less used than Apache but it's my understanding that...
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    Any truth in this OpenBSD backdoor ya think?

    Read this the other day; Link
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    Apache server security

    Would anyone recommend against locking down a windows XP apache server using something like deep freeze? Thoughts, comments, suggestions?
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    Quick firewall hard drive question...

    Any suggestions as to the best method of storage for a firewall, that's going to be running pfsense and these packages; HAVP, Squid, SquidGuard, snort, traffic shaping and possibly a VPN at some point :rolleyes: and a few others.... Should I get a big USB stick? --How big? Should I get a...
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    RAID Config. question.

    I'm looking to setup a RAID5 array and already have 2 1TB drives so I was wondering if it was possible to setup an array with 2 1TB HD's and a 2TB in RAID5?
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    DIY: NAS

    Hello All, So I'm gathering hardware specs for my new project, which as you probably guessed from the title is a NAS box. Now, this particular box will only feature one hard drive but it will be very large. The data from this drive will be replicated on my backup server. The purpose of...
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    VOIP+Vonage+Small Business

    Hey guys, Been a while since I've posted a new thread. Was wondering if everybody can give me some input on putting in a VOIP system using Vonage. This would be for a small business, current landlines = 4 (3 main lines for voice & 1 for fax). Currently we have 9 staff members with...
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    Desktop Utility...gadget thing?

    What was a great desktop, system utilization utility before the wonderful world of desktop gadgets or the sidebar? I'm trying really hard to remember....but I got nothing. It's for a server running WHS.
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    Windows 7 install & space required.

    The minimum reqs for HD space are 16GB for 32bit and 20GB for 64bit. I am currently running Win7 Home Premium 64bit and was thinking about picking up a PQI 32GB MLC SSD from a buddy on the cheap :D However I'm wondering if that will be sufficient space for Win7, Office & a few steam games...
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    PfSense + packages hardware question.

    Hey guys, I need to do some rotating of machines and their duties on my network. Currently I'm using a Dell OptiPlex GX270 (P4 2.8 w/ HT & 512MB DDR400) for PfSense 1.2.3.-Release. Packages loaded are Squid w/ caching, RRD Graphs, Traffic Graph, and DHCP server. Does anyone think that a...
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    Technet Slowness for anyone else?

    Is it just me or is technet just S-L-O-W today? I'm getting 100KBps with maybe a high of 300 and low of about 50. Anyone else had problems?
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    Network security architecture help.

    So I switched the placement of my Untangle server and my pfsense box but now when I do GRC's Shields Up test I get a failed in the category of ping reply (ICMP) but a pass or stealth on everything else. When I had the boxes in reverse order I got a complete pass...what gives? I have an...
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    So I tried out FreeNAS a while back and had a few hard drives forward to today...I have put together a file server using WinXP and the hard drives I'm trying to use either A)can't be formatted no matter what and are totally inaccessible except through Device Manager or B) will...
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    Xeon vs Core 2 Duo?

    How do you think an Intel Core 2 E7400 would stack up against a Dell PowerEdge4600 w/ dual Xeon 2.8's? I mean if they had the same components across the board except for these.....which do you think would come out on top?
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    VMware+Security conundrum....

    So I was sifting thru all the new network gallery pics and I started to see the terms 'virtual' and 'esxi' pop up after some research I've some to the conclusion that rather than run 4-12 servers, why not virtualize them. So what I was wondering was this....can I and/or would it be...
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    Smoothwall just for proxy?

    Could I make a box that ran smoothwall to do just proxy'ing?
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    Real Fix for Nvidia graphics in Ubuntu?

    I've scoured the internet for this there anyone here who can give me a definitive answer as to how to make Ubuntu (8.10) recognize the full range of my screens resolutions? I have the latest Nvidia proprietary drivers (180) but it only sees up to 1024x768.....and I know it can do...
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    Temp. Reading Discrepancies...

    I recently obtained an Intel Q6600 Rev. G0 :D anywho, I OC'd to 3.2GHz and slapped a Zalman CPNS9700NS on it....My msi monitor reads 37c under load while Core_Temp registers 47-48c...which is more accurate?
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    Quasi Budget Upgrade....

    The choices are: 1) Q6600 2) Q9400 3) Q9550 4)Q9650 Now, I do alot of encoding and some gaming. I currently have an E4600 @ 2.65GHz so the two extra cores would be a great addition. Here's the catch: I want 3GHz or above and I want it stable and cool. I've selected the Zalman...
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    Stopping the ping ICMP reply.....?

    I have a Verizon branded Actiontec GT704-WG behind which is a smoothwall. My question is...when I run the GRC Shields Up it says everything is stealth except this: "Ping Reply: RECEIVED (FAILED) — Your system REPLIED to our Ping (ICMP Echo) requests, making it visible on the Internet." So...
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    Poll of languages...

    What does everyone think the 3 most commonly used programming are currently? (There's no right or wrong answer, I was just curious for input).
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    In terms of speed and efficiency which is the "best" supercomputer, NVidia Tesla, CPU systems (ie. Cray XT5, IBM's Roadrunner) or a distributed computing type scenario?
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    Cache error w/ Ubuntu+Squid

    Starting this morning...every computer in the house displays, "While trying to retrieve the URL: The following error was encountered: Unable to determine IP address from host name for The dnsserver returned: Server Failure: The name...
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    The military and computers...

    In terms of technology and options open to you in that field when you've completed your service, which branch of the military is the best?
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    Slow transfer woes (but not what you'd expect)!

    So I decided to add an IDE 133 card via PCI for my backup/file server. I put a still funtional IBM Deskstar and an existing WD160GB on the card and left the boot drive on the mobo. Everything was fine until I actually started transferring files. I get 9.97MB/s for about 2sec then it drops...
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    PCI E 2.0 ?

    I'm running an MSI P35 Neo2-FR, as I can tell it's PCI E 1.0 but am I able to get a 2.0 vid card and have it work?
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    I want to make a script that backs up certain data but instead of copying it locally I want it to go to a do I do that?
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    DD-WRT or Tomato?

    I haven't tried DD-WRT but is it ok to be switching back and forth between OS's? How many flashes can a LinksysWRT54GSv4 take? Has anyone tried both? Which is better?
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    Bittorrent=slower web traffic?

    Can anyone possibly explain to me why when I start Bittorrent my internet bandwidth goes into the toilet? I ran a bandwidth test w/o BT and got 4.5/1 (mbps) and then running test w/ BT I got 241/30 (kbps). hmmmm On a side note: BT shows both dl's going at 20-30kbps.
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    Resource Monitor?

    Whats a good resource monitoring program besides Widgets? CPU, RAM, Network, etc...
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    Help getting my E4600 to 3GHz?

    Ok so I just bought an MSI P35 Neo2 FR, 2GB of Patriot DDR2 800 PC6400, an Intel E4600 SLA94 stepping M0 and a CoolerMaster Real Power Pro 550. I've been able to get the system stable with stock voltage @ 2.9GHz. FSB/Mem ratio is at 1:1.25 with the FSB set at 243MHz. So how do I eek out that...
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    8Pin connector issues?

    I have an MSI P965 Platinum and an Intel E6420. My PSU is an Antec True430. There is a 4pin molex connector and an 8pin connector. I know they're both for power but my question is...does my PSU have to have that exact 8pin connector. I only have a 4pin. Now that's the 12V right?
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    Not enough juice?

    450W Antec PSU Specs: 2.13GHz Duo Core MSI P965 Platinum 2GB RAM NVidia 7900GS When I press the power button it starts up and quickly dies. (EX: the fans spin up, power looks like it cuts, then they all continue to spin.) There are no beeps emitting and there's just a blank screen...