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    Trusted sources for reviews

    Been away for a long time and thinking about building a new PC in a few months. What are your trusted sources for reviews now that HardOCP is no more?
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    Basic question about triple monitor setup

    Hey guys been a while since I've posted on these forums and I've been out of the system building practice for a while so I don't know what's possible these days with modern hardware. Anyway - what I'm interested in setting up is a 3 display workstation connected to a SFF case. One 30" in the...
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    Share my media?

    It's been a while since I've looked into this but I'd like to share my media (music/movies/etc) with friends/family over the Internet. As I recall most of the solutions that do this, such as Orb, do so via streaming. I'm not really interested in streaming technologies but more something like...
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    Looks like I'm getting a MacBook Pro

    Just accepted a job offer and the two options were a Dell Latitude E6410 or a 15" MacBook pro. I've never been much of a Mac fan and have a much stronger windows background but the Mac seems like a much better machine so I went with it. I suspect I'll be doing more development as well which I...
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    Upgrade Suggestions?

    Should be getting a couple $k in late July and am considering upgrading CPU/MB/Memory. Don't need to but am considering it. What I have now: MB - Intel DX38BT (got my q6600 clocked to 3.0 but the board it a bitch OC with so I left it at 3.0) CPU - Q6600@3.0 (I know it will go higher but...
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    Considering an upgrade

    Current System: Crappy Ultra ATX full tower case Crappy Ultra PSU Intel DX38BT motherboard Q6600@3GHz VisionTek 4850 8GB memory, some g.skill from newegg I beleive 2x 640GB WD blacks striped and short-stroked. OS partition and Data partition. 1x 500GB drive for backup of pictures/documents. HP...
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    How many servers before a domain pays off

    If you had a number of Windows servers used for various services, after how many would it pay off to put them in a domain? Creating and managing a domain and it's associated controllers has a cost, and using a domain pays off with reduced maintenance on admin accounts and the use of group...
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    Antec ISK 310-150

    The Antec ISK 310-150 is showing up at a number of places for sale. Anyone planning on purchasing one?
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    MS Technet Subscription - $251.28

    Use coupon code TNWIN7L to get 28% off a full online one year subscription to TechNet Plus Direct. Retail is $349, with this coupon the price comes to $251.28. Link
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    MS Technet Subscription - $251.28

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    New HTPC'er - First build sanity check

    My popcorn hour A-110 has served me well, but it's time to add a blu ray player to the home. So I am selling my two A-110's (sold one for $200 already) and some other equipment to fund my first HTPC. If there was a good blu ray player that played the files off my file share, I'd go with it...
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    Running an OS drive on the secondary controller

    So I'm looking to built a new system and two of my goals are: Large, preferably 6 drive, storage volume (using the cheapest 2TB drives I can find) SSD for the OS drive, maybe two of them I'm looking at the X58/P55 platforms and a lot of them come with ICH10R controllers with 6 sata ports...
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    Time to Upgrade

    I've been using my Hitachi CM823F for far too long now. Bought it in 2001, and it has served me well through two good desktops, and still works quite well and looks as great as I ever remember it looking (except for the times my wife turns the brightness to 0). But reading about all these nice...
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    Switch from Hero to Droid?

    So I bought an HTC Hero from Sprint a couple weeks ago, and have been loving it. It's my first smartphone and I love the social networking integration HTC has done. Push gmail, FB and Twitter, contact integration, browser, all very nice to me. But there are something things that could be...
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    Samsung Moment coming to Sprint Nov 1

    Article Android Qwerty 3.2 camera w/autofocus/flash 800Mhz cpu $179 on 2/yr contract All of the sudden the hero is less attractive.
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    My employer is providing me with the CCNA ICND1 and ICND2 courses and books. Yay! It's spread over several months though...
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    Network Diagram Question

    Has anyone here got some good examples for drawing systems that are multi homed? For example, a proxy with an interface in a "public" dmz, and interface in a "private" dmz, and an interface to a management network. I do have one drawn out, but it is overly complicated and I'm curious to see...
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    Sharing large videos over the net

    I have some videos I took with some friends that amount to several gigs worth.... the other friends have the same... (vids from iraq, partying upon returning, etc) I'd like us to share the data.... Am thinking about setting up a bittorrent tracker. Has anyone here tried this? Suggestions...
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    PSU fan died yesterday

    My Ultra LSP-650 fan went out yesterday. Noticed because the house spelled like burnt plastic. It was still on and working but obviously hot. Shut the computer down for safety and placed a call to Ultra for a warranty replacement. I really don't like any of the Ultra products I have. But...
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    Palm Pre $99 after MIR has the Palm Pre for $99 after a MIR MIR terms. Basically you can't claim the MIR until your 4th bill shows your account paid in full (to date) and you have to make the claim between 120 and 180 days of subscribing. So the MIR terms suck, but if you were going to buy this anyway...
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    HTC Hero Reviewed by Engadget

    Engadget posted a less than stellar review of the HTC Hero. Sounds like the main gripe is that the performance and that it may be due either to the new senseUI or the large number of apps loaded into mem, or both.
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    What's your favorite phone on Verizon

    My wife and I want to switch to Verizon (from att) because pretty much all of our family is with Verizon and the mobile-mobile would be good for all parties involved. There is no other pressing need... att has good coverage in our area and we share 550 (or is it 450?) minutes for ~$60/mo after...
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    Received my quota warning from Comcast

    Comcast called to inform me that I exceeded their 250GB quota and that if I do it again they will shut my service off for 12 months. He had the balls to offer a commercial dedicated line with a $10k install and $1,500/mo. I said "Sign me up for that quick!". Wish FIOS was out here, I would...
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    Anyone here using XSLT?

    Just wondering if anyone here has had any experience with using XSLT to make old websites available as web 2.0 services, or maybe some other xml to/from html use case. If so, how did it go... what environment did you use to host the XSLT, etc?
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    ICH9R performance question

    I am planning on adding 3-4 drives to my ICH9r in raid 5. I currently have 2 drives in raid 0. I am not concerned about the performance of the raid 5, but don't want it to slow down my raid 0. Do you think that the IO of having another large array on the controller will slow down my raid 0?
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    Basic raid migration question

    If I buy this, install it in my desktop, the sometime later buy a Norco 4020 case with new MB and OS, can I move the card + 8 drives to the new system with the array intact? Thanks.
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    1394 firewire question

    I've got a PCI card with an internal 1394 connector that looks like this (ie not pins on a mobo for a panel, just a connector like you'd use for a miniDV). The case has one of these (has the internal 1394 connector for a pin configuration, not what I have on the PCI card). Is there a way...
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    Need additional storage - suggestions please

    I plan to build on my media collection with HD content (Blu Ray rips and TV show recordings). Right now I have a 1TB array for most of my SD content which has been find, but now it's not enough. Of course I'd love to buy a norco 4020 with a hardware raid 16x controller and 16 drives on raid...
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    Old system as a storage server

    I have a need for a storage server and am thinking of using Frost in sig for it. The MB does not have pci-x slots, only PCI. Are there decent raid controllers for this need, or should I upgrade the MB for this server? I don't need to do any transcoding as I have plans to build an HTPC with...
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    Short TV Stand?

    My Samsung LN46A650 is setup in the cut-out above my fireplace. The cut-out is 48" wide, and the TV is 44.5" wide, so there is not much room on the sides. In fact, with an xbox 360 standing vertically, there is like 1/8" on each side of the TV. That means I cannot add anything else to the...
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    Lovin' the new striped array

    Bought two WD6401AALS and set to raid 0 on ICH9. I'm very happy with this. Big boost from a 7200.10. These drives sound more like rain drops than grinding on the old one. I changed the sata setting in the bios (Intel DX38BT) from ide to raid and windows wouldn't boot on the non-raid drive...
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    Something similar to IBM Access Connections

    Does anybody here know if HP has something similar to IBM Access Connections for HP laptops? I always hated IBM Access Connections, but now I am in a situation where I could really use some software that gives me two different tcp/ip configuration profile at the ctrl-alt-del screen. One for...
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    Upgraded to 8GB

    Just upgraded yut to 8GB from 2gb. Much better performance :) Haven't run memtest, but it booted without needing to change voltages or timings or anything else from my current OC. Now to load up some VM's.
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    Host windows with Ubuntu

    Currently I have windows xp installed on my laptop with one large partition. I know how to partition the drive and install Ubuntu with a dual boot configuration. What I want to do though is install Ubuntu, boot to it, and then load my current windows install as a virtual OS with VMware or...
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    Is this a decent deal on an APC server rack? I'm thinking of buying it and installing it in my garage. I'll put all my network equipment in it and a few servers. Also, what is the typical way to run power to these? I'm going to wire it's own circuit and was thinking of 220 but...
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    Software to render a man cave

    So I am starting up a project to renovate my garage into a man cave in including a mini gym, a 42u server rack, a wall mount LCD, shelving, work bench and a few other items. I'm looking for some good inexpensive software to render the garage for planning. Any suggestions?
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    Comcast upgrades speeds in Seattle Area

    Not sure if this is just my neighborhood or the whole Seattle area, but I just got an email today from Comcast advertising their DOCSIS 3.0 speeds: 22/5 50/10 Unfortunately you're still stuck with 250GB monthly limit which sucks. My plan was 8/1 I believe, and they upgraded it to 12/2...
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    Move h.264 from mkv to mp4

    Have any of you have to move your h.264 videos from mkv to mp4? What tools are you using to do this? I tried using handbrake, but it seemed to be transcoding the video, which I'm not sure is necessary. With a q6600@3Ghz, I was getting about 10 fps for a 1080p stream. Seems slow to me.
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    Best xbox 360 pro deals I can find ($299 with $60 game credit)

    Target - Buy a 360 pro of any kind, get a $60 store gift card. Amazon - Buy a 360 pro holiday bundle, get a $60 game credit on a future purchase. Newegg - Buy a 360 pro holiday bundle, get $50 off your next purchase. Sams Club - Buy a 360 pro holiday bundle with Guitar Hero 3 w/Guitar...
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    $50 newegg store credit for purchasing an xbox 360 pro for $299

    link Best deal I've seen out there so far on an xbox other than maybe best buy's deal which adds two more games to the bundle. None of the games am I interested in so I suppose I'll wait.