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  1. DFenz

    Indiana Jones videogame teased by Bethesda

    Looks like it will be developed by MachineGames, Todd Howard is the Executive Producer Could it be an Xbox/PC Exclusive since Microsoft acquired the studio? No concrete info out at this point other than something is in the works.
  2. DFenz

    Buy a new 6700k or "upgrade"?

    My 6700k is going downhill from running it at 4.8ghz 1.4v for an extended period of time. I used to run it at 4.9ghz when I was on water at something around 1.45v. The last few weeks I noticed instability creeping up and yesterday I had to up the voltage to get it stable and ended up doing a...
  3. DFenz

    New AMD GPUs in 2018 Looks like some new 7nm workstation cards are coming in 2018, supposedly 25% faster than Nvidias Turing in compute. Gaming cards probably in 2019. Though I never know what to expect with WCCFtech articles...
  4. DFenz

    Humble Software Bundle: VEGAS Pro Creative Freedom Pay What You Want: Soundpool: Stranger Synths Music Maker 80s Edition MAGIX Photo Manager Deluxe Beat the Average: Xara Photo & Graphic Designer MAGIX Photostory Deluxe Music Maker Hip Hop Beat Producer $20: Xara Web Designer...
  5. DFenz

    Looking for a 23-25" high refreshrate display with G-Sync

    I was working on my brothers PC last weekend because he needed it cleaned out (dust) and reimaged and I noticed his display had lines through it and a massive black spot in the center where the lines intersected so I assume the panel is on its way out. It is a VG236H from like 2010. I asked...
  6. DFenz

    Rune: Ragnarok Announcement Trailer

    Looks like Human Head Studios has been working on a new Rune game. Wasn't expecting a sequel so many years later.
  7. DFenz

    Airflow case suggestions?

    My friend wants me to help him with a air cooled build with silence in mind, since I've been out of the loop awhile on cases targeted for air cooling performance I'm hoping to get some good input here. I tried talking him into water cooling since it is near silent but he doesn't seem interested...
  8. DFenz


    Been keeping an eye on this game over the last year since I'm Chivalry fan. They launched a kickstarter and met their goal so it is really gonna happen now. The developers already put 1.5 years of work into the game. Alpha starts in August 2017. Beta starts in January 2018. Target release...
  9. DFenz

    What is the simplest way for flushing a loop?

    I have some plasticizer in my loop, mainly sitting in the reservoir and some in the GPU block and probably the CPU block. I want to flush it as best as I can without tearing the entire system apart (I plan to tear it all apart sometime when a Volta Titan comes out). But would like to just...
  10. DFenz

    Extracting your Windows 10 Product Key After Updating

    If anyone is interested in extracting their Windows 10 product key after upgrading use the script below. This also works Windows Vista/7/8 as well. I thought it would be appropriate to post since your product key does change when you update from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. > open notepad >...
  11. DFenz

    FT-02 Exhaust Fan Replacement

    I'm looking to swap all my fans out in my FT-02, replacing the bottom 3 with the AP182's, also changing the fans on my NH-D14 to 2 NF-A15's. Anyways I was wondering if anyone knows if the NF-P14 that came with the NH-D14 will fit in the exhaust area of the case. I know I could tear everything...
  12. DFenz

    Sennheiser 35% off Sale

    I can't post in the deals forum. So I decided to post here. use promo code 35OFFSENN at til 12/31/14 I believe it works on everything, not 100% sure though.