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    A Doctor Built a Machine That Helps People Die

    Morbid, yes, but gives the individual time to reconsider. That is, unless the person is really, really intent on completing the act.
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    Is it possible to power sata hard disk through PCI-e?

    Damn ... I mean, they have the supply and we have the demand, so I suppose they can charge whatever they want, but that's just bad. For the record, the R710 I threw the GP700 into is running perfectly, and that USB 3.0 card I connected is working great as well. No complaints whatsoever :)
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    Apple Unveils New MacBook Pro With OLED 'Touch Bar'

    I think the TouchBar looks pretty slick. Looks like they weren't brave enough to remove the 3.5mm jack from the side, though, and I'm not really a fan of the apparent lack of dedicated charging port. The function keys are available on the absolute base 13" model, but you only get two...
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    Who's still running i5-2500K?

    I upgraded to a 2600k a couple months ago, but I'm giving the 2500k to my son. 6-year-old on Linux? Yep.
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    Will my smartphone work for Sip trunk?

    TL;DR: Install the Skype for Business client on your phone. If your company is using Skype for Business, they're trying to abstract the SIP trunks away from the end-users. You'll be logging in to Skype for Business using your Active Directory account, and the Skype for Business Front-End...
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    Program like Mighty Text?

    Yep, this is what I do with mine as well. Makes sending/receiving SMS indistinguishable from IMs.
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    Smallest ATX Chassis

    The smallest ATX case I've used is the NZXT S340, which is probably not that small at all in the grand scheme of things. That machine has a pair of MSI 960 GTXs in it, which aren't terribly huge but are certainly not tiny cards.
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    What is everyone playing now?

    Pokemon Go on my Nexus 6 :) ...though when I'm at home, I'm replaying Borderlands 2 because I never played through the DLC. Runs a lot better at 1080p on my GeForce 970 than it did on the Radeon 6950 ... though that 6950 is still good enough for most of what I do.
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    Is it possible to power sata hard disk through PCI-e?

    Nice :cool: Nothing a little double-sided tape won't fix :D
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    AMD moves Radeon 5000 and 6000 series to legacy status

    Eh, as long as my 6950 holds out until Mass Effect: Andromeda I'll be fine :)
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    VGA In Memoriam

    I'd love to see inexpensive laptops with dual HDMI, or with DisplayPorts that support MST. I encountered a Skylake-based Lenovo E560 not too long ago with HDMI and VGA outputs that were far enough apart to connect both without having to modify the VGA cable -- would absolutely love to see more...
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    10k rpm SAS drives dead?

    Dell shipped 1.2TB 10k RPM disks in the C6220 IIs, manufactured by Seagate (ST1200MM0007) or Hitachi (HUC101212CSS600). According to the C6320 spec sheets they're still shipping 2.5" 10k SAS drives in 600GB/1.2TB capacities, so there should still be some floating around on the market.
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    Is it possible to power sata hard disk through PCI-e?

    In conjunction with that GP700 cable, yes.
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    Is it possible to power sata hard disk through PCI-e?

    That little 4-pin connector at the front of the motherboard is the only power source that can be split, and that's using the GP700. There are no Molex connectors. Those would have to be on the motherboard or internal storage backplane. I posted a link to the motherboard - no Molex there. The...
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    Is it possible to power sata hard disk through PCI-e?

    TL;DR: There is no place to connect a splitter. Details: this is what a Dell PowerEdge R710 power supply looks like: The one on the right of the picture is what you see inside the server...
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    Is it possible to power sata hard disk through PCI-e?

    <edit> Shit, looks like someone linked to the exact GP700 page I linked to ... DOH
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    Google Exploring Fiber for Chicago and Los Angeles

    As long as the Chicago suburbs get it along with Chicago proper, I'm all for it. Screw Comcast, screw AT&T ... save us in Lombard, please!
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    Comcast Low Data Caps Hurt Competing Video Providers

    Does AT&T implement a data cap on Gigapower service? U-Verse recently rolled out in my neighborhood, but AT&T has a 250GB data cap on that. Comcast isn't enforcing their 300GB cap in my area at this time, so this effectively limits me to one ISP. I live 20 miles due west of downtown Chicago.
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    Comcast Low Data Caps Hurt Competing Video Providers

    I'm okay using an antenna to get local channels. What kills Sling for me is the lack of DVR functionality, and the inability to watch it on more than one device simultaneously.
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    HL3 Clue in Dota 2?

    Well now you've done it, it's probably been delayed another year because of this post.
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    You Can Now Review The TSA On Yelp

    Next week, we'll learn that Yelp "offered" to hide the negative reviews for some exorbitant amount of money, the TSA declined, and their rating tanked even further.
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    ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Maximus VIII Z170 Series

    Do these have M.2 slots? The Z170/Skylake reviews are giving me the upgrade itch for the first time since Sandy Bridge, and I'm really considering going Mini-ITX this time.
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    Play Half-Life On A Smart Watch

    Damn you, now it's delayed another month!
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    Seasonic Snow Silent 750W PSU LUCKY DRAW!

    Been running a Seasonic 650W PSU for 4 years now, and the thing has been flawless. Runs as well today as it did when I took it out of the box. Wouldn't mind upgrading it to a 750W, though :D
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    Another Phantom Console Surfaces On The Internet

    God ... my wife (girlfriend at the time, account purged years ago) won a GeForce 2 MX back in the day.
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    Mass Effect 3 Leaked Online

    I was able to preload on Friday. Took a bit for the preload to unlock on Origin, but I had the game installed by 1:30 that afternoon.
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    [H] Readers Against SOPA

    Forgot to mention that I signed that petition this morning already... But I'll get my wife to sign it when she gets home from work :)
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    [H] Readers Against SOPA

    I contacted all three of my congressmen today for the first, second, and third time - via phone, email, and Twitter. I retweeted and shared tons of links via (which means they hit Twitter and Facebook as well). I changed the image/message on both of my Skype accounts to bring family, friends...
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    Real World WipeOut Game Uses Controlled Quantum Levitation

    Bah, back in my day we called that F-Zero. </disgruntled old fart, apparently>
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    Apple SUCKS At Security

    Why does the guy say "secutiry"? That's pretty annoying.
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    Hitler Finds Out About Bulldozer Benchmarks

    I was looking through this thread to see if anyone else made a Prescott reference, and you beat me to it. I switched from a 3.4GHz Prescott to a 2.2GHz dual-core Opteron and was freaking thrilled -- cool, quiet, and fast enough for what I needed. Now I'm rocking an i5-2500K and perfectly happy...
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    Replacing MB...reinstall Win?

    I went from an AMD Opteron 180 in an Asus A8N-SLI to a Core2Duo E6850 in a Gigabyte P43 board without any issues, back in June of 2007. So, it is possible :D
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    Server Setup Guide

    Yeah, that's sort of what I was expecting. "No lights-out management? No 15k RPM SAS? No battery-backed RAID? Only two NICs? That case is huge!" Some points I noticed: The only reason to go with vanilla Windows Server 2008 (e.g. not R2) is if your CPU is 32-bit. Hyper-V does not...
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    $8K Elliptical Machine Office Desk

    Good ol' Lantec.
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    Dell XPS 15z

    I'm actually looking for a new laptop to replace my recently-dead (as in, an hour ago) 15" MacBook Pro and ... yes, the 15z looks pretty close.
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    What a Mac Malware Attack Looks Like

    The Apple "geniuses" are about to get really busy.
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    Apple Lied: Filed Patent for Mobile Device Tracking

    ... so when is Apple going to sue the government for listing patents on a website that is accessible to the public?
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    Santa's Alien! By Santa [PcCool Modding Team]

    This is freaking sweet ... makes me look at my plain old Lian-Li PC-V2000B in a different light :)
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    Student Uses Smart Phone To Beat Speeding Ticket

    I've been using MyTracks for a while now, but I usually only use it to track my bike rides :) Good to know that app is actually useful for other stuff.
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    My First Custom Rig (56k warning)

    Very pretty :) Makes me want to upgrade my aging desktop (C2D E6850, Gigabyte EP43-DS3L, 4GB DDR2, GeForce 8800 GTS w/512 MB ...) Came here from the front page ... and I don't remember my first build, because I have literally built thousands of machines since then (worked for a whiteboxer and...