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    The great video card dump of 2020 has begun!!!

    I'm increasingly glad I made the decision y'all helped me make - it's removed the stress/anxiety from trying to snag one on Thursday.
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    The great video card dump of 2020 has begun!!!

    Dropping in with an update to my situation. Best buy employee gave me the knowing nod when I asked specifically for the EVGA 2070. $569 price, roughly 615 after tax. They had an FE 2070 S, in stock at 499, and they had an MSI 2060 S card listed at 449, which made me chuckle. That said...
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    The great video card dump of 2020 has begun!!!

    I figured as much. As long I get confirmation that I am on the list, and I have a solid performing card as the stopgap, I won’t mind the wait. Probably allows me to appreciate the leap that much more. Even before it died, the nitro couldn’t play Horizon at native res with high enough frames to...
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    The great video card dump of 2020 has begun!!!

    Ok, just re-acclimated myself with the program. That settles it, Theres an Evga 2070 Super at my local Best Buy I can pick up today. I’ll have 14 days to NOT register it in case I’m able to pick up a 3080 on launch day.. so I can return without jacking it up warranty rights for the next person...
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    The great video card dump of 2020 has begun!!!

    Thanks for this. Just to clarify, if I were to spring for a 2070 Super, it doesnt lock me into the x70 lineup, does it? I would be able be able to step up to the 3080? That pretty much solves the problem right there. Its not a problem of the price tag, I've known I was upgrading this generation...
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    The great video card dump of 2020 has begun!!!

    That just isn't a realistic scenario until 3070 are easy to buy. Yeah it makes sense from a performance per dollar standpoint, but availability counts for something. As soon as 3080s and 3090s are on back order (which means after the first day) it wont be hard to continue selling Turing at 10-15...
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    The great video card dump of 2020 has begun!!!

    For sure. I guess I'm also pushing back against the notion that I'm a sucker because I still find a high end 2080 at a nice discount as a plus value for me. Maybe if I had a working card my calculus would be a little different. But I'm not trying to wait until November to be able to comfortably...
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    The great video card dump of 2020 has begun!!!

    I'm in a bit of a bind. Primary rig is down with the death of my Sapphire Nitro+ V56. I had been planning to ride it out with Vega until 3080 was in reliable stock. I'm uninterested in purchasing anything below a 2070 in performance, because, while yes, its better to wait, I also believe that...
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    Radeon RX Vega 56 is 279.99

    I bought a Sapphire Nitro+ V56 for 340 like a week and a half ago off of Amazon - Im so glad I went with the Sapphire, I picked up a reference cooler from my local microcenter to hear the difference and sweet googly moogly is the blower fan loud. Im using it in an eGPU set up with a MBP15, so...
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    AMD Could Do DLSS Alternative with Radeon VII through DirectML API

    So much truth here. That said, I had been spec'ing out laptops to replace my aging Aorus, and have made the decision to switch out my entire setup. I'm moving very consciously away from Nvidia this cycle because I am tired of criticizing them, but caving and buying green anyway. I do enjoy the...
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    What was your first HOLY COW! moment with an actual video card?

    Bought a Radeon 9800 XT back in the ealry 2000's - I remember installing the Animusic demo and blowing my friends away with how amazing it looked on my 2048x1536 CRT monitor lol. My room was hot enough to heat the hallway outside of my bedroom lol. Good times
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    Warm? - Acer X34 Predator - $999 on Newegg

    Correct, 35 is AMVA. Still nice though. I have an xb321hk, Everytime I see one of these Im tempted. 4k Gsync is amazing, but sometimes I really wish I could appreciate 60+ fps.
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    FreeSync vs. G-Sync Delay Analysis

    THIS. This was a really big sticking point with me when I was making my purchasing decision a few months back. I opted to go to the G-Sync side because the more I read the more clear it became to me how tightly Nvidia controls the specifications that earn the G-Sync badge. It says nothing about...
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    Forza Horizon 3 - XB1 & PC

    Im really loking forward to FH# on PC, but if it lacks 21:9 support (like APEX does) its really going to put a damper on the enthusiasm for me.
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    EVGA GTX 950 SC (LP - 75W version) - $99.99 after MIR

    I love these little powerhouses. My only wish for them is that they took the next step and gave us a Low Profile edition so it can fit in the SFF 9010 or 9020s (and similar chassis). I have a 9010 with a i7-3770S and 2gb 750ti thats still kicking (and still rocking out out on 240w PSU...)...
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    Mushkin Previews $500 4TB SSD

    Even now, All I've found I need is 500GB for my main drive. My nas is humming along and provides all the extra space+redunancy I need, and I VPN into my home network to access it when Im not home. 500GB on the cheap would be perfect. For Steam games I only keep the ones I play regularly (COD...
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    35" Acer XZ350CU Curved Freesync monitor for $600 at newegg shellshocker

    Proud owner of a BenQ XR3501 here - 2560x1080 is good, even great for gaming resolution wise, I can drive most games at native res with a 970, and once my 1070 gets here it will obliterate this res with all eye candy on. For media consumption and gaming, the only thing its missing is GSync for...
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    Steam 2016 summer sale is here! runs from June 23rd to July 4th!

    Just picked up Volume, Tales of Symphonia, Audiosurf 2 and Ryse: Son of Rome. All for whopping total of 22 bucks. Yep, Steam sale working just fine for me. Probably going to pick up Tales of Zestira while its 20 bucks, The only other game I'm really hoping to see go on sale are Dragon Quest...
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    As Gamers Age, The Appeal Of Competition Drops The Most

    Thank you for giving me hope for my future. I'm 33, have 3 small children. My gaming typically happens at night after Ive put the maniacs to bed. I also have every other Monday off (9/80 work schedule) and I get a couple hours of plan in as long as I have nothing urgent that needs to be done...
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    Changing The Date To 1/1/1970 Will Brick Your iPhone, iPad Or iPod Touch

    This, so much this. I work for a county appraisal district supporting a software suite that isn't supported by anyone except us anymore (was launched in like '00). Everytime an OS upgrade happens, I have 5-6 power users per department I update first to let them test drive how the suite...
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    Post Your Workstations 2016

    Here the setup at my office Yes, I have a ShieldTV at my job. Because I can, and because reasons, thats why.;)
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    NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Wins Popular Science’s ‘Best of What’s New’ Award

    Had mine since mid September - I havent even bothered rooting it. It works fantasticly OOB, Gamestream is fantastic and lag in pretty much non existant (50 ft cat6 run). Install Kodi for a pleasantly themed HTPC experience, TVMC for the stuff I want to watch but dont care enough to download, and...
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    A Picture I Took 2015

    Franklin & Crawford Waterwall
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    Oculus Recommended Hardware Specs Revealed

    :D:D:D Two DOMINO's Mediums, at that.
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    President Announcing Free E-Books For Low-Income Kids

    And yet you still find it appropriate to specifically link Obama to the program, and not Clinton (who started Lifelink in 96) or Bush who oversaw its expansion to cover cellphones, lol. Furthermore, libraries in lower income neighborhoods are mostly underfunded dumps. not to mention an old...
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    New Surface 3 starting at $499

    I just did a preorder of a 128 Surface 3. I played with both the SP3 and the Surface, and I opted for the Surface. I have nearly two grand sunk into a editing/gaming rig already and cannot justify spending nearly $1000 on a tablet/hybrid that could never HOPE to replace my rig. The surface will...
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    Rockstar's GTA V pc sales?

    This. Red Dead was the ONLY reason I bought a PS3. Amazing game and tech for the time - and wouldve been fucking EPIC on PC. LA Noire actually wasnt that bad of a game to me. I thoroughly enjoyed the story - theres just no replay value. Although I havent played in a few years, I think I've...
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    Alienware 15 R2 (2015 edition) and Graphics Amplifier

    Awesome review! I currently own a 13 with the Graphics Amplifier and its actually really good. I went with the 1080p IPS screen, 16GB, 256GB m.2 custom build and found it kick ass. My only warning to buyers is if you want the amplifier, REALLY think it out because its only a so-so value once...
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    Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Developer Is Shutting Down

    This. I only logged about 15 hours before never playing it again. Which is a shame because I logged closed to 200 in BL2.
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    Grand Theft Auto V 4K System Requirements

    Why regret it? Even when not gaming I appreciate the smoother visual appearance when Im dicking about on the desktop. Plus I like the ability to do something in 3d should the notion strike me. I know Im below the ideal res at 1080p for truly "high end" gaming but 27 inches is a good screen size...
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    Your Porn Is Watching You

    My daughter(4) LOVES this show. I watch it with her on occasion and knowing that there is really a subset of porn dedicated to it makes me want to vomit and never let her watch it again, lol.
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    Need for Speed Rivals PC

    Yep, pretty much. Its a good deal if you just HAVE to play it - but Im kinda turned off by NFS series right now. Just isnt as fun as it used to be. Assetto Corsa and Project C.A.R.S for the win.
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    7 Reasons The PC Is Owning The PS4 And Xbox One

    I have a steam Library of 250 plus games, mostly purchased between 70-80 percent off over the past 5 years. I have not played them all - hell Ive never even fired up most of them, but in comparison to dropping 60 beans on a new console game, or even used game buys at 19-20 for good ones at...
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    Xbox One Instant On Is Costing Gamers $250M a Year

    This is so stupid. Just turn the thing off already. Are we really that lazy we that we cant be inconvenienced by 15 seconds of power up? If it isnt a server, turn it the hell off when your not using it. The end. My machine cold boots to windows splash screen in 13-14 seconds. Has anyone, ever...
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    Tennessee Sues the FCC to Stop City-Run Internet

    Brilliant! Expensive and should be goddamned unnecessary but well played nonetheless.
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    Using Bass To Douse A Fire

    Saw this video earlier to day. Dope!
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    RadioShack Customer Data Up For Sale In Auction

    Gold. F*cking gold. Points for you.
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    License Plate Scans Show Where You've Been

    No way. By acting as future police you are basically condemning a person to actions they havent commited yet? So now, a person going through a long patch of unemployment and money troubles, and decides to rob a store. Only on the way there, his conscience arrests him and instead of pulling...
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    License Plate Scans Show Where You've Been

    Heh, thats funny. Try shopping with a black person in an expensive clothing store and see how much of criminal the person following you around every damned corner makes you feel like, lol. In all seriousness, this is terrifying, and anyone who doesnt see the slippery slope needs to keep the...