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    q9300, once core runs 20c hotter

    alright, so I just got a q9300, yesterday to replace my E6750 at idle according to HW monitor, and speedfan cores 0,1,3 all run within 5c(32c-37c) of each other but core 2 runs almost 20c(51c) hotter, WTF :confused::confused: The heatsink is the intel stock for now, IT is seated properly...
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    warm: GBC-H20LI bluray drive $85 ymmv

    Did not see this posted here I went into bestbuy to get something else and noticed this, so I got one Its this one right here -->GBC-H20LI $85 + tax came to $91 for me on clearance YMMV This was @ the Pittsburgh Mills Store 15084 _
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    Lanboy hard drive trays

    So I have lost 2 of the hard drive trays to my lanboy (silver-window) and can not seem to find a place to get replacements, I looked on antec's site, but did not find anything, a google turned up nothing but reviews, :confused: etc........... any ideas/help :confused: thanks
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    Games that use Directx 9.0c crash computer

    Any game that needs directx 9.0c makes my computer bluse screen (auto restart off) Games that crash are NFSU:2 and Axis & Allies Demo This did not start happening until i did my 6 month format/reinstall i have all the same driver version as i had before the reinstall Every game that needed...