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    Cogage True Spirit mounting orientation Q

    That's interesting and seems logical. Although I imagine the performance difference is very small. What effect does vertical versus horizontal installation have on the fan bearings? I did some light searching and couldn't find out what type of fan came with the cooler. A support document...
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    OCZ Agility Series 60GB SSD - $134 AR FS

    I bought one of the Agility's the last sale, and it shipped with the latest firmware: 1.5, just so people know.
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    Hot? OCZ Agility 60GB $124 AR + FS

    In for one. I couldn't resist this price. I imagine that they will continue to fall in price, and it is amazing that Newegg hasn't already sold out. But I thought this was a deal I couldn't pass up. I don't even have a computer to put this in. Both my desktop and laptop are already switched...
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    10% bcb on dell

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    Windows 7 Folder Sharing

    Thank you, this saves me some time for checking that out.
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    Windows 7 Folder Sharing

    C:\users may be shared even if you do not turn on Public Folder Sharing. I believe it was turned on in my case when I enabled File and Printer Sharing. It is shared to the Everyone group. Some documentation appears to say that Windows7 restricts sharing of C:\Users to Homegroup computers...
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    Reccomend a book/website for Windows7 Networking

    I am going from WinXP to Win7 Home Premium. I mention this because I never learned the Vista way of doing things. I am looking for a resource to explain Win7 networking. I am interested in an explanation of personal file-sharing, how the built-in firewall works (including how to manually...
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    OCZ 120gb SSD $309 AR Free ship Newegg

    Code does not work for 60G Agility or 30G, 60G Vertex. It was not advertised that it would work, but I figured I would give it a shot.
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    OCZ 120gb SSD $309 AR Free ship Newegg

    1v, V1. Just to be clear, this is not a version number, correct? This is just part of the naming convention. There is no V2. Right? Seems like a hot deal on a GREAT drive.
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    Buying benefits SSD Vertex//X25-M G2

    What you're saying is contrary to all of the evidence. Yes, Intel is a big well known company. No, that has not been reflected in their general competency in the SSD space. Also, with OCZ you can run either the TRIM or GC firmware, and GC will work in RAID.
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    How to tell which hard drive is clicking?

    Very carefully, you can put a pen or something in your ear, and hold it to the drive. And then boot up if it is only making the sound on bootup. Or I imagine you could look at SMART parameters...?
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    Intel SSD is better at making OS feel snappy?

    It may have, but Intel had such poor documentation, we don't really know how it worked. OCZ gets points for transparency and engagement with the community. This links seems to say that the ICH7 will do 300mb/s which appears to be Sata2 speed...
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    How do i copy alot of files 130k+ 13TB

    Yeah, the problem with that many files is that without a per-file CRC check you don't have a good way of verifying if your data was copied properly. With millions of files, how are you going to notice if 100 didn't copy over?
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    Intel SSD is better at making OS feel snappy?

    OCZ actually supported TRIM before Intel. And OCZ had a Garbage Collection functionality, even before TRIM. I have a 60GB OCZ Agility in my Corei7 desktop and a 80GB Intel G2 in my laptop (with ICH7 Southbridge, which might be a limiting factor). I can tell you from gut feeling that my...
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    Intel SSD Firmware

    I don't think it is a matter of the Intel RAID drivers not supporting TRIM pass-through. I think it is the fact that RAID Controllers don't support RAID pass-through yet.
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    X25-M's firmware is....

    I believe you, but Intel firmware has been so unreliable, that I wouldn't push my luck by doing the firmware upgrade in a non-standard way.
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    Intel SSD Firmware

    What are you asking?
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    Even worth it to buy a low end ssd?

    The ratings on the drives are useless. USELESS. They are sequential transfer numbers, and do not reflect the small reads/writes that make up the bulk of daily use. Further, they are estimated, and best case numbers. Think of the estimated MPG on cars, but without the EPA keeping the...
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    Guide for SSD Tweaks?

    I'll just add, benchmarks are useful for making an initial decision which products are worthwhile. And then for determining if you have misconfiguration errors on your system, by noting substantial differences between your results and other users. But worrying about a couple tens of MB/s on...
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    Guide for SSD Tweaks?

    In the sports-car tuning scene, we'd call you guys dyno-queens. You are kvetching over a fluctuation in your top-end numbers that have nothing to do with real-world performance or experience. Top end benchmarks on SSD mean next to nothing.
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    How do i copy alot of files 130k+ 13TB

    Yeah, I was thinking maybe SyncToy. Although, I'm not 100% sure it does CRC checks on the files.
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    Intel SSD slow with C1E?

    What is C1E?
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    SSD / Win 7 / IDE mode (not AHCI): Does TRIM work?

    So, your question is whether Intel G2 Trim under Win7 works in IDE mode?
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    X25-M G2 160GB worth buying now?

    :shrug: if you take him at his word, then he is seeing performance on par with physical HDD under certain circumstances. That shouldn't happen with an SSD, regardless of how it is being used. I'm thinking that perhaps his erase-blocks aren't properly aligned, and he is seeing significant...
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    Linksys WRT54G-TM $17 (Dead Deal)

    I ordered on 03 Dec. and got a tracking number 04 Dec., but it is not active in UPS' system yet.
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    X25-M G2 160GB worth buying now?

    Ok, but you have no idea if he is set up properly.
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    Linksys WRT54G-TM $17 (Dead Deal)

    Are you referring to your post, where you put the Wikipedia link that I included in the second post in this thread? ;)
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    Linksys WRT54G-TM $17 (Dead Deal)

    Well, what the T-Mobile branding says to me is that these were used in some general consumers house, so I don't expect them to be messed around with too much... Also like to add my thanks to OP!
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    New Intel ssd firmware released - 02HD

    I installed this on my laptop, with a 945GM chipset. I didn't have to change BIOS modes (there aren't any SATA options in my BIOS anyways). I had previously had Win7 x64 installed on my machine, and it continues to function. Because there is disagreement over whether partially used blocks...
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    What's up with my new SSD?

    X-axis are on different scales in these pictures, so they are not useful for comparison purposes (one appears to start at zero GB, while the other appears to start at 0.2GB. I think the graph on the right is probably more accurate, because small "sequential" IO is essentially "random" IO, if...
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    Kingston phasing out V series

    They probably decided that the licensing costs that they have to pay to Intel aren't worth it.
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    Linksys WRT54G-TM $17 (Dead Deal)

    The link lists this as the 32MB RAM version, and wikipedia indicates that this is compatible with DD-WRT. Also, Customer reviews of the site are pretty dismal. But you can pay with PayPal...
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    Motorola Droid - $120 shipped w new verizonwireless account @ Dell

    You have NOTHING to back that assertion up with. Comparisons to wireline broadband networks are foolish. The infrastructure for those networks have largely been deployed for 20-30 years. The data infrastructure for mobile networks is under current buildout. Further, wireline transmission...
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    Motorola Droid - $120 shipped w new verizonwireless account @ Dell

    $40 for voice, another $30 for data. Same as the iPhone. You bitch at all iPhone users right? How much do you spend on your cable bill?
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    clevo M570RU-U 17" laptop barebones from OCZ on eBay $383 shipped - 10% bing cashback

    From the auction: Most commonly used CPU’s: Intel T7500, T7700, T8100, T8300, T9300, T9500, X9000 (800fsb maximum)
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    [H]ot: OCZ Agility 120GB $289 AR @ NewEgg

    Hrm, we've heard rumors about Bing cashback not working with MIR. (Cashback being disallowed when combined with other offers.) But I believe I've done it before, albeit at ZipZoomFly...
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    List of Win7 WinExplorer Search Filters

    :sigh: found it. Using boolean operators: Advanced Query Syntax (Search Filters) Although "content:" doesn't seem...
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    Motorola Droid - $120 shipped w new verizonwireless account @ Dell

    Love my droid. Such a powerful platform with such potential. Differences from iPhone? 1) App library is stored in pull-up menu, apps are not stored on desktop. Shortcut to apps can be placed on desktop. 2) Widgets on desktop. 3) Folders on desktop containing apps, or other content...
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    List of Win7 WinExplorer Search Filters

    I am looking for a list of permissible search filters for the WindowsExplorer search box in Win7. (It may be the same as Vista, I don't know, I've never used Vista.) For example, when you click on the search box (upper right hand corner of WinExp.), you get the options to restrict your...