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    Replacement motherboard

    Ok so about a year ago, some orange soda got spilled on my computer on the back of it while it was running, so it only got on the motherboard (i think and hope). I turned it off right away and tried to clean it up the best I could. The system wouldn't boot. Just shows the windows screen...
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    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ28 s $298.00

    The price of this camera dropped about 40 bux on newegg's site since earlier today, for anyone who is keeping an eye out. And if you bought it earlier today....that sucks, dude. You can find this camera a bit cheaper on some sites I've never heard of. We're talking like 10 or 15 bux...
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    Anyone ever lose interest in a game before it's released?

    This has happened to me a couple times recently. First it was with Burnout: Paradise. When I first saw it was coming out, I could hardly wait. Then it came out. I still haven't bought it yet. Then was Rainbow 6 Vegas 2. Same thing. Still haven't bought it. I think I might wait for PC...
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    First Intel build. Asus P5N-D Sli & e3110

    System is running great. Tons faster than my old x2 4400 on my asus a8n sli premium. However, I cannot seem to overclock this thing for nothing. The bios options are a bit unfamilar to me. The only "fsb" anything I can change is the thing that's set at 1333 and then I can change the memory...
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    e3110 Wolfdale Issue I'm Having...

    I was on an x2 4400 (system in sig) and I went to an ASUS P5N-D 775 sli motherboard Got an e3110 wolfdale processor Installed it...formated hard drive and did a fresh install of XP. Flashed bios to latest update for like an hour to get all the updates. Downloaded the...
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    Plantronics DSP 500 went replacement?

    I can find a set of DSP 500 headphones but they are more expensive than they should be, IMO. Can anyone recommend a newer model headphones (doesn't have to be plantronics) that are comparable?
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    Split into PS/XBOX forums?

    I suggest splitting the console forum into a "Playstion", "XBOX" and "Wii" threads. So much to weed through to get to what people are looking for. If I only want to read about 360 stuff, for example. In other news. Is there going to be a RB6 Vegas 2 demo? The game comes out next month...
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    How about Painkiller already? For 360?!

    Many of you are Painkiller fans. Many of you have perhaps never heard of the game. Well after many many delays for the XBOX version, it finally came out either just before or just after (I can't remember which) the release of the XBOX 360. I heard that there would be backward compatibility...
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    XP 32 only? Vista 64 only?

    So...all I do is game. With the occasional video editing and listening to music and web browsing. But mostly game. Mostly COD 4 right now. I'm currently running the rig in my sig. I'm soon upgrading to an e8400, gigabyte motherboard, 4 gigs ddr2 1066 (or ddr3 if I can find a good...
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    Need Purchase Advice

    I'm currently running the rig in my sig. x2 4400 socket 939, a8n sli motherboard, 8800GT video, antec 900 case (modded for cable hiding). I want to buy a decent system that is a decent sized upgrade from this. What I was thinking about : q6600 proc 680i sli mobo of some kind 4 gigs of...
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    Help with a game name (Atari)

    This game is from a long time ago and my description is going to be very vague and I'm giong to get alot of bad answers, no doubt. I apologize for this in advance. It was a sub game where you shot at other subs and at planes. It's not one of the more common "Sub Attack" games or whatever...
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    Vsync On = Mouse Lag

    I've seen a couple threads that attempted to address this issue, but those were all threads started on a different topic and the mouse lag issue was talked about but never resolved. So, anyone have a resolution for this? If I get 125fps + in a game, I'll run with vsync off and have no...
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    eVGA 8800GT superclocked instock at Dell...hoorah... Don't anyone order until mine says "shipped" though...hehe. Don't want a 2 month delay 'n whatnot... Because of all the delays with my XFX order, they upgraded me to next business...
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    COD 4 360

    I know there's a thread around here somewhere already but I couldn't find it. Just wanted to let people know that I've finally opened COD 4 for my 360. I bought the PC version and the 360 version on the same day and have played through the ranks on the PC multiplayer. 5 star since the end...
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    Logitech G5 Problems?

    I've been using my logitech G5 for several months. Just recently, I'll be in the middle of using it, and it'll freeze up for about a second, then it'll restart, but the DPI will be back to default (middle..whereas I use the higher setting). This is not a "sleep mode" or anything like that...
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    USB Headphones and Conflicts

    I've been using my DSP 500 headphones for nearly a year now. No problem at all until I go to use an XBOX 360 controller with my headphones on. I've been using the controller with regular soundcard speakers without problems. However, the other day I put on my headphones and went to play some...
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    Full Extended review of Sega Rally and Juiced 2 demos!!

    Sega Rally is ok. Sort of makes me think of Ridge Racer but on dirt and with better driving physics. Very arcade feel to it. Seems like it could be fun multiplayer. I might pick this game up. Juiced 2. Junk...just liked Juiced 1 was junk.
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    Which Wheel for 360?

    I'm currently using a Microsoft Sidewinder wheel for my PC. I've been using it for a number of years and I've tried using other wheels but I always go back to the Sidewinder wheel. I still think it's one of the best wheels ever made. I like how it goes back to center when you let go of it. I...
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    My new Antec 900

    Did some cutting...cable running. Still waiting for a blue IDE cable and blue sata cables. for now here's what I've got:
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    Antec 900 + Zalman 9700

    Just got my Antec 900 case. I was using an X-Blade case before. The Antec provides ALOT better air flow. I don't have a comparison shot of the system in the X-Blade...but it was idle at about 41-43 most of the time and loading around 56. Here's idle in the Antec 900. All air cooling.
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    Antec 900 200mm Top Fan

    Well I just got this case. Hooked everything up. Top fan isnt' spinning. Anyone got any ideas? Am I supposed to do something special to get the top fan to work? It jerks when i power on the system like it's thinking about starting..but I get nothing. If it has a light, it doesn't work...
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    AMD to Intel Upgrade. Need a little help.

    I figured there would be posts about this on the forums already, but for the life of me I couldn't seem to enter the right search terms to get good results. So here I go: I currently run a socket 939 motherboard with an x2 4400 and ddr ram. I plan to buy an e6600 cpu and new motherboard...
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    Wiress Computer to TV connection? Possible?

    Here's what someone I know wants to do. Problem is I don't konw if the technology to do this exists yet. Hopefully someone on the forums can help me out a bit here. 1) She wants to have a computer in a room hooked up to a monitor and everything normally. 2) She wants to have a...
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    Cheap games for the 360?

    I recently saw a list of older or games not as popular for the xbox 360 that were dropped in price. For example, COD 2 was like 20 bux and Moto GP 06 was like 16 bux and NFS: Carbon was around 20 bux. I forget where I saw this list though. THere were several other games listed on it. I'm not...
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    LG Flatron 19" Vsync Problem.

    Today, I bought the LG Flatron (L1932TQ) at Circuit City. I play most of my games with VSYNC turned on because they seem to run smoother like that. In FEAR Combat, with my CRT monitor, I can run up to 110 fps or so average FPS rate at 1600x1200 with a few things set on medium and shadows...
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    pc3200 prices..what's the deal?

    I thought that pc3200 ram was being outphased. With all the faster better ram coming out and being used in higher end systems, I figured that good pc3200 ram would be decently priced these days. Newegg currently has 2gb Corsair XMS ram for 313 bux still! I thought the most expensive 2gb...
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    My appreciation

    I've built a new gaming system comprised of nearly all parts purchased through the FS/FT forum. I haven't been a member for long, but it should be clear to anyone that these forums are the best place for buying and selling computer parts on the internet. And the Hot Deals forum keeps everyone...
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    4400 x2 install problem

    I'm using an ASUS A8n SLI motherboard with Corsair XMS 1 GB pc3200 ram. With my 3500+ amd processor, everything works fine. When I put in my new 4400 x2 processor, i get no video output and I get "system failed memory test" from the voice announcement. Anyone have any ideas?
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    7900 GTO Sli or 8800GTS?

    I'm trying to figure out which would be a better deal. I'm already in queue for the GTS step up through eVGA though I haven't received notification on receiving my invoice yet. I can still cancel. I paid 250 bux for my 7900 GTO through ZZF. If I can get another 7900 GTO and run SLI for 250...
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    HOT! Free 250g Seagate with purchase of FX-55 Add to cart. Choose the combo deal with the 250g hard drive. Free!!!!!!!! 199 for the fx55 AND 250 gig hard drive!!
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    Question about socket mounts

    I have an ASUS A8n SLI Premium socket 939 motherboard. I have an AMD 3500+ on it that I got OEM with no HSF so I put a coolermaster HSF (two prong clip). My question is about the mounts for the HSF. On this cooler, it has the two metal holes that fit around the two plastic black things that...
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    Video Card or CPU?

    I have 250 bux. I currently have a single 7900 GTO and a 3500+ AMD newcastle. Should I spend the 250 bux on another 7900 GTO or should I use the money on a new CPU? I'm running Socket 939. If you think I should get a new CPU, what CPU would you recommend?
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    x2 4200+ = 183 x2 3800 = 185??

    Can anyone please explain to me why the 3800+ would be going for less than the 4200+? I mean I don't know that much about AMD processors, but if i'ts the same type of processor, like an X2, the higher the number the better right? So what's going on here?
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    Prices Going up on Everything I Want on Newegg

    I was looking at buying the 3800+ x2 processor a few weeks ago when they were something like 145 bux on I do some shopping around. A couple days later, the same processor on is 175 bux. I'm like WTH. But ok. I can wait on the processor. Then I start looking at video...
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    Question about power requirements

    I've seen some video cards that say they require a power supply with 12v 22amps for single card and 12v 36 amps for two cards to run SLI. This is on the evga 7900gto. I've only ever seen a few power supplies that can run provide 36amps. I mean I looked through the power supplies on...
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    7900GS prices going UP? Get it while it's hot.

    So Newegg raises the price on the XFX 7900gs XT card and then they advertise it as a "smashing deal!!". Hehe....goofy newegg! I still love you though. My point is, the card was 209 bux yesterday and today it's 212. It's hilarious...well not really, that every time I wait for the price of a...
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    ASUS A8N SLi Premium - OEM version Questions

    I found the Asus A8N SLI premium oem version on newegg for nearly half the price of the retail version. Looks like a great deal. I don't plan to run SLI right away. My question is about what do I NEED that doesn't come with the OEM version of the motherboard? I've checked out the ASUS...