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    Amazon RED wii with super mario bros $200 + $75 amazon gc!!!!

    They have it at the stores too. They had white picture on the large 199.00 price board that says comes with a 75 dollar gift card.
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    Amazon RED wii with super mario bros $200 + $75 amazon gc!!!!

    I just went and picked up the Red Wii at Walmart and they are giving out a 75 dollar gift card!:eek::D:D
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    Constant Crash to desktop BFBC2

    I have had the same problem! I have a Q6600 at 3.42GHz and two 5770's. Anything higher than the 10.5a and BFBC2 blows; crashes to the desktop, black screens, and crossfire doesn't work. When I tried the 10.9 and the 10.8 driver series I would get faster frame rates with crossfire disabled. Good...
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    ATI CrossFireX Application Profile 10.8a Performance @ [H]

    My settings in CCC are the defaults except cranking the Catalyst AI to max. I run at a resolution of 1280X1024. I have the settings maxed out in BFC2. I could make changes and see no differences when I was runing the 10.8+10.8a profile. Would it be of any benefit for me to try the 10.8 driver...
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    ATI CrossFireX Application Profile 10.8a Performance @ [H]

    I will give you guys my experience. I just reloaded my OS, Windows 7 64-bit. I installed the 10.8 drivers, and used the 10.8a profile from hardocp. I then loaded BFBC2. It blew. Black screens, flashing crap, and of course a bunch of Crash to Desktops. I never experienced any of these before. I...
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    May BOINC Project: Leiden Classic

    I have added my workstation that has dual E5520's crunching for this. Just thought I could help :)
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    ESX disk write caching

    I have similiar issues with our storage team at my worksapce as well. We have 9 hosts in two clusters. We bought two cx480's, which have 150 400GB 10K FC drives on each one in each datacenter. We had EMC do the layout telling them what we needed. I argued for quite some time that having multiple...
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    Hot! WD 400gb External HD

    How do you kow it is SATA?
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    5PK Dual Port Intel GigE PCI-E NICs, $178 + shipping

    That is a very good find. It must be a typo or something on their part. On the same site, they have the single card listed for $195.44. On the wolf site you see the part number does not match what they say it is in the description OR the picture. The "mfr#" is actually a desktop adapter. Just an...
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    *HOT* Seagate 160GB 7200RPM Serial ATA hard drive $19.97 AR

    Is this thing limited to one household, one per person or something? I looked at the pdf file and I could not find where it specified.
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    Amd Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core CPU - Photoshop Test

    Dell GX620. 3.8GHz 2mB cache 4 X 512 Samsung DDR533 NV Quadro Card Maxtor DiamondMax 10 300gig It took 52 seconds
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    160GB Hitachi SATA 39.99 AR

    I got 4 in KC. I put them in a RAID 10 array on my Asus A8N Premium on the Nvidia controller. The drives are not loud at all. What they are is very quick. I am impressed. These are faster then my old Atlas 10KIII drives in a RAID 0 off of an LSI controller w/128mB of cache!!! :D
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    Someone help I have a unknown device in my Comp..

    I have that damned problem as well. I just reinstalled XP only thing different is that I am using an IDE drive to boot off of instead of the SATA drive. It did not do this before. I am suing 32bit XP Pro, installed the 6.66 driver rebooted then installed the 77.77 drivers. Everything works, it...
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    Just some more proof that she is stable. They will post at 2.8 and run windows but fail shortly after running prime95. IT is back to 2.6@stock voltage :) ;)
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    Let's Benchmark Our SMP Systems

    here this other relative computer computer performance Dhrystone 2.1 7091 11682 kDhryst. 60 percent Whetstone 1959 2522 MFLOPS 77 percent...
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    Let's Benchmark Our SMP Systems

    Sorry for the size, it is the wacky website I am using to host them. :rolleyes:
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    Let's Benchmark Our SMP Systems

    This is on an Asus PC-DL Deluxe with 1.6LV's running @ 12X200 (2600MHz) at stock voltage. :) 4 threads
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    This is on an Asus PC-DL, with 1.6 LV Xeons. No mods, stock voltage and the stock heatsinks that do not have fans on them. I added a 90mm Panaflo L1A on it and used AS3 on them as well. You will need a healthy power sipply as well, one with a strong 12 volt rail. I recommend and am using the...
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    Switch X800 XT PE for 6800 Ultra?

    Do they offer Raptor drives? I sure as hell would be ordering one instead of or additional to the seagate drive. ;)
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    2.8 LGA775 Retail CPU Overclock

    What the hell does that have to do with anything?
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    samsung 172x out?

    Here ya go for the 15" model
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    Post your "which mobo, which cpu" questions here!

    I have a Friend who has an Asus Board. It is the P4B533-E, which is based on the 845E chipset. Will it support Hyper-threading? He is wanting to throw in a 3.06GHz in it that has Hyper-Threading. Thanks for any help.:)
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    4x wd raptors raid 0 how fast is that?

    About the 64bit /33mhz bus, sure it is quicker then the 32bit/33mhz bus, BUT if the SATA bus is only 15mb what difference does it make? Now if you were talking 4 U320 SCSI drives, then the larger PCI bus would make a difference because of the SCSI bus running at 320mb.