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    eVGA 285 FTW at the 'Egg

    Pricey, but picked up a couple for a new build.
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    Fired up Need For Speed Most Wanted on the 360 again, man what a great game.
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    Apartment gaming and audio

    What's everyone doing? I 'm using Grado sr325 headphones and XFi plantinum setups on both my rigs. I was considering a speaker system but my neighbors are pretty nice and I want to keep it that way.
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    PS2 or Gamecube

    Now that the next-gen consoles are released, to buy a PS2 or Gamecube? Already have 2 Xboxs'
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    Dual core for gaming?

    I am upgrading my s754 gaming rig to s939. Should I use the Opty 165 dual core for gaming or the Opty 144 single core from my other rig? The 2nd computer is used for internet, iTunes, and other things not gaming-related. Thanks
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    Old Gamer

    Anyone else using tri/bi focal lenses for gaming and computer work. Just got mine this week, what a difference they make! Old r
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    7800 GTX to x1900xt

    Gonna be switching it out next week, best to do a reformat or would DriveCleaner Pro clean out the nVidia drivers? I've always reformatted in the past. but don't want to do this time if I don't have to. Thanks, r
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    CRT- Questions

    Monday I received a NEC/Mitsu FE2111sb CRT and absolutely luv it. I have read comments on the 2141. Is the max resolution the only difference between the 2? Also, having never owned a CRT screen so large, using NAVSET, does it take a period of adjusting to get crisp images? I find myself...