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    Warm? Olympus PEN E-PL1 Micro Four Thirds kit - $269 + FS at Newegg This isn't the best micro four thirds camera, nor the newest (a few years old now?) but it's definitely the cheapest and will blow away any regular handheld at twice it's cost when it comes to image quality. I...
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    M-Audio AV40 + Polk PSW10 sub a good idea? + Connection questions.

    I've been using a crappy Logitech 2.1 system that I bought for somewhere around $30 for way too long, and the terrible sound quality has been bothering me a bit, so I've been considering this combo. Would these monitors pair well with this sub? The AV40s seem like a great deal at around...
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    Looking for a high-volume 60mm fan, suggestions?

    I'm currently looking for a very high CFM 60mm fan to replace the regular stock fan that sits on top of the heatsink in an arcade cabinet that runs on a mATX board/case. Currently it has been having overheating issues which I think could be solved by simply replacing the fan. Noise isn't an...
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    Why is my wireless faster than my non wireless connectoin? Help please...

    I'm at a total loss here. My wireless connection to my notebook is about 1mbps faster than the one from my router via a cable to my comp. It's not the router, seeing as the connection speed stays the same whether it's hooked up through the router or not. It just doesn't make any sense...
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    Question about forwarding ports with my Netgear WGT624

    Let me start by saying that I've got no problems with forwarding ports for *one* PC connected to this router. But two? Three? I just don't understand how. In the port forwarding menu for the router, it simply will not let me forward the same port for two different machines. I'm new to...
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    So I took the plunge and ordered a new Inspiron 9300

    What the hell am I thinking? I *just* bought an i8600 4 months ago Shit. But I just couldn't pass this up. This thing is nothing short of amazing, and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Specs Pentium M 760 (2GHz/533MHz FSB) 17 inch True Life Wide Screen UXGA 60GB Ultra ATA...
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    Can anybody with an inspiron 8600 do me a huge favor OR 8600 display craps out wtf?

    I picked up a new i8600 the other day, customized it and it was delievered a couple days ago. Well, the fuckin display just decided to.. stop coming on! Go figure. Yeah, anyway, being me, I figure I'd pop it off and take a look myself before sending it back to Dell. This is what I found...
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    Program to make business cards with?

    Does anybody know a good, preferably cheap or free program that can be used to make business cards quick and easy? Thanks.
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    new mobo/cpu.. won't even post :mad:

    So I picked up a chaintech vnf3-250 and an athlon 64 3000+ and it won't even post :mad: I have no idea what to do, I'm thinking the cpu is dead but honestly I'm just sooooo fucking pissed right now about this - the last thing I want to do is have to rma one or the other. It powers on fine...
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    will my msi kt3 ultra-aru support a barton mobile 2600+ after a bios update?

    I was just curious about this, I wasn't gonna go ahead and buy the cpu yet, but since barton mobiles only run at 133fsb I was thinking I could just update my bios and throw one in, and it would work correctly? :confused: am i right, or would this not work at all?
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    DAoC - Who plays?

    Would have used the search feature, but unfortunately it's down :( I was just wondering who all plays here. List your chars/guild/server. I'll start: This is my main atm: My guild...