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    Mouse stops responding when video streams/heavy downloading

    Man, been a long time since i've been on here... Anyway, I recently got tired of the crappy wireless apple mouse and decided to pick up a logitech mouse that was more comfortable to use. I picked up a Logitech wireless mouse that operates wirelessly through a USB adaptor. I also have an...
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    3 hard drives, how to set jumpers?

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    Does my MBP C2D come with 1 stick of ram or 2?

    I've got 1 GB of ram from apple when i bought the computer. I would like to add another GB now, but i dont know if I've got 2x512 or 1x1gb. Short of opening up my laptop, is there anyway to tell?
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    Does iTunes and iPhoto store duplicate files once you import them in the program?

    So when I copied all of my music and pictures over from my windows machine I copied them in a folder labeled "albums" into the "music" folder on my hard drive. Once I opened iTunes and imported all of my music, another folder labeled "iTunes" popped up on my music folder on my hard drive that...
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    how do you create a folder in terminal? Or, how do I hide my porn from others?

    So I need to hide a certain folder full of certain questionable things from the prying eyes of any who decide to get on my computer... And I cant figure out how to do it on Mac OSX. (i'm a recent convert from the PC world). I'm following THIS GUIDE and it seems to me that creating a folder...
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    How much is my Dell 700m worth?

    Hey all, i'm looking to sell my Dell 700m, I just wanted a few opinions on how much you guys think I could get for it. From looking on ebay it seems 500-600 is going price. Here are the specs: Pentium M 725 1.6ghz 40GB HD 512MB Ram Integrated Graphics 12" screen Like new condition...
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    Need Help getting an ultra compact camera ver. what best fits my needs?

    Hello all, i'm a bit of a noob when it comes to camera technology. I've searched the forums and done a bit of researching, but am still undecided on what to go with. I've currently been using a sony cybershot dsc-p9, but it feels like a brick in my pocket and is kind of hard to travel with...
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    garageband.... Rocks my socks off

    So some of you may remember we bought my mom an imac. SHe loves it. Everytime i go over there i play with it some more... I got a chance to mess around with garageband after looking at some of the tutorials at I must say i had a lot of fun fooling with it for a couple of hours...
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    Thinking of selling or parting out my system, how much could I get?

    I'm thinking of going Apple sometime in the near future, which would make my current rig something i would not need. i'd like the extra money to go toward the mac. I'm thinking of selling my current computer, but i'm wondering how much is a decent asking price for the system if I ebay'ed it...
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    New iMac a good choice for my Mom... and for me?

    So my mom's PC that I built her 3-4 years back finally took a crap on her. I think the motherboard got fubared somehow during a lightning storm last night, anyway it wont turn on. With that said, I think we may be getting her a new computer. I have always been a PC advocate and have always...
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    PS2 and underscan on plasma tv's

    For some reason my PS 2 doesnt fill the screen up on my 43" plasma HDTV.. I've tried every setting with the both the tv and the ps2. Someone on another forum mentioned that the ps2's and most game consoles have built in underscan for conventional CRTs, which is causing the black bars on the...
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    How do I erase all personal info from my pda before selling it?

    I have my Compaq Ipaq h3955 up for sale on ebay and need to know how to erase all my personal information from the thing before i sell it. I wanna basically set it back to stock as it was when i first took it out of the box. anyone know how?
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    confused on what size bag i need for the dell 700m

    i want to order a nice messenger style carrying case for my 700m. My screen size is 12" but when i measure externally with the laptop closed it is 12" wide, 9 " top to bottoom and 14" inches diagonally. Do i need a bag that will fit a 14" laptop, or a 12" laptop?? The bag description says it...
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    Cant Overclock with new SATA HD??

    Just installed a 12GB SATA HD and now i cant overclock at all? SEe sig for what i was hitting with my old IDE Hard drives... Am i missing a setting in the bios? i can post, but when it says "detecting IDE drives" it just hangs... Any help?
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    HL2 Freezing at Fuzzy City Picture Loading screen, anyone else?

    as the title says, HL2 is just freezing at the Loading screen. The valve logo pops up and then it goes into loading and will just sit there forever... I cant figure out what the problem may be...
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    3 hard drives, how to set jumpers?

    3 hard drives, 1 SATA to be my main boot drive and 2 others running off the same IDE Cable to my motherboard for storage. How do i set the jumpers on the HDD So that it boots correctly and sees the SATA drive as the main drive. I know the SATA drive should be set to master, right? or do these...
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    Help me ID this Hauppauge Card!

    A family member gave me a TV Tuner card but i am having trouble finding out information on it on the internet and i'm new to all this. What i want to know is what software should i use with it and if it has Hardware decoding or not. I'll tell you what info i have. Hauppauge WinTV NTSC 44801...
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    best place to play poker online?

    Any suggestions for online poker rooms where i can play with real or play money?
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    decode this prime95 error message for me and need help with OC

    FATAL ERROR: Rounding was 0.5, expected less than 0.4 Hardware failure detected Heres the situation, at 250, 249 and 248mhz FSB Prime95 last anywhere from 1-15 minutes before giving me this message, no matter what the voltage is on the cpu, whether stock or upwards of 1.65v. Lower FSB than...
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    Compatability with swiftech mcs159-p chipset cooler and zalman heatsink on ic7 MB

    Anyone know if the Swiftech mcx159-P Northbridge Chipset Cooler is gonna fit next to my zalman heatsink on my motherboard? If not, any other suggestions? My stock NB heatsink/fan is about to crap out on me...
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    Need a NB Cooler that will clear my zalman heatsink on my ic7G-Max2 Motherboard.

    I believe my stock NB cooler fan is gonna die on me soon, i need a replacement that will clear my zalman fan. I've heard of swiftech and thermalright. I need something quiet as well. Any suggestions?
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    my intel 875p chipset cooler is making this whirring noise

    the stock cooler fam on my motherboard for my intel chipset is making this erratic whirring/buzzing noise and its buggin the hell out of me! the rest of the system is nice and quiet save for that damned whirring/buzzing noise of the fan. it stops when i put a pen in the fan to stop it... I...
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    Need a PSU to suit my needs. Suggestions?

    Specs in Sig, dont forget the overclock and add in 4 80mm fans on a coolermaster aerogate fanbus, a cold cathode and my 9800xt fan... I know to go with antec, fortran, superflower, enermax or sparkle... But how much power do i need? I'm running a generic 350w raidmax supply right now... ANd...
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    Taking my P4 past 1.6v dangerous?

    Specs in sig. The system will post but wont boot windows at 3.6ghz, about a 255FSB i believe. Is it dangerous to put the voltage past 1.6 on these p4's for stability, or should i give it a go? I think i've narrowed it down to the cpu and not the ram . agp/pci is locked at 66/33. btw, at...
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    Got my P4 2.8C to 3.5 GHZ, Wont go past, need advice

    Specs in SIg, @3.5 with stock voltage and Ram at 5:4, FSB for pci/agp is fixed. I want to hit an even 3.6 and would LOVE to hit 3.8, but i dont see it happening. At 3.6 she'll post but wont boot into windows, just restarts, i've tried upping the voltage to 1.6 but scared to go past that...
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    anyway to upgrade klipsch 4.1 to 5.1 speakers?

    I was pondering this the other day and i've had my klipsch 4.1 400w speakers for a long time now and i still love them. they're still a good sounding speaker set and i dont want to spend 500 dollars on a new speaker system when these are perfectly fine. What i'm wondering is, if there is some...
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    How do i take off old arctic silver paste?

    Got a new Heatsink and Arctic silver 5 coming soon, was wondering what the best way to get off the old paste was without damaging the cpu... Any advice? I"ve never done this before, so i'm not sure what i can use.. Water? soap? alcohol?
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    should i buy a new case? Will i get better cooling with a different case?

    i Currently have this Raidmax case: ANd have 2 of the side fans intake and one 60mm fan in the back for exhaust. my case temp is currently 91F!!! with an ambient temp of 71F degrees. the case is also in an open...
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    recommend me a small, quiet, well cooled case...

    Also has to look pretty good too. For ATX MB. Be nice if it had a window too.. Any suggestions?
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    which is better for overclock, keep memory at 1:1, or use another divider?

    I can get my cpu up to 3.2, possibly further with some better cooling, but my ram seems to be the limitation. she doesnt like to overclock 1:1 much past 216, and then one of my pci devices decides to bitch (probably the HD) because of the overclocked pci setting. I got the cpu up to 3.2 with a...
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    how these temps look? Bad, eh?

    Specs in sig, trying to Overclock this bitch, got her up to 3.0 ghz and she wont higher. It'll post, but wont boot windows. Anyway, MBM is showing my cpu temp at idl 127F and at load 158F (52 C/70 C) and my case temp is 96 F (35 C), ambient temp 72 in my house... These temps high? I'm...
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    difference between twin packs and individual sticks of ram?

    I noticed newegg sells twin packs of ram, i believe for dual channel capability motherboards, but they are usually more expensive buying them in these twin packages than if you bought the sticks seperately... What i was wondering is, if i wanna buy two seperate individual sticks of the same...
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    Motherboard refuses to boot, possible hardware failure?

    This is my father's computer, by the way, so i'll try to be as specific as possible. Here are the specs: Abit KR7A motherboard AMD athlonXP 1800+ I dont know what kind of Vid card, or sound card or ram, but i dont think it matters much.. Heres the problem, The computer will show...
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    Computer Randomly Reboots

    Cant' quite figure it out. Does it with Windows XP and Pro, Even on fresh installs of both. I believe it to be a hardware problem, but i cant quite figure out which component is the culprit. its almost like the reset button is pressed. Any suggestions? Also, it seems my RAM is fickle, i need...
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    Which TV Tuner Card?

    Hey everyone. I'm kidna new to this so i thought i'd look to the good ole' H for suggestions... I searched, and couldnt come up with a definitive answer.. Anyway... I'm looking at getting a TV tuner card just for watching TV on my computer.. Nothing for big HTPC purposes, just something...
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    Text size in internet explorer keeps reverting back to medium setting

    I cant seem to keep the text size in the view menu to larger. every time i open and close internet explorer it reverts back to medium. Is there any reason its doing this or is there any way to permanently change it? Also, is there any way to change this new vbulletin text size to be larger...
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    anyone hosting a ut2k4 server for the [H]?

    anyone care to throw up a dedicated server?