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  1. C 60% off headphones

    Those sneaky Amazonians know what I've been browsing. I just picked up an mp3 player and now I can get the Sennheiser CX300 I've been reading about for $19.99.
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    Puget Custom Computers – From start to finish

    I have yet to see a detailed account of anyone dealing with Puget Custom Computers (AKA Puget Systems) from start (consultation) to finish (final build product) so I'm going to do my best to attempt it. It’s a little long already, but when it’s all over I’ll think about adding cliff notes. My...
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    Windows install issue: SATA DVD to IDE HD

    This is my first time using an SATA optical drive and I've tried installing Windows three times. It acts like it's installing, does the reboot and then it says one of the files is missing and needs to be reinstalled. I guess the question is, Do you think the hard drive is bad or are the...
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    Audigy Install Problem

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    Replacement motherboard screws/standoffs

    I take special care not to lose important parts but for the life of me I cannot find the bag of screws that came with my Coolermaster Centurion 5 case. I went through hell last night trying to mount a motherboard with other screws I thought might work. What a mistake. The motherboard is...
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    Make a move: Skt 754 to Skt 939

    I'm debating making this move because I got in on the MicroCenter deal for the ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard. The switch would require me to purchase a 939 CPU and a PCI-E video card. To be honest my current system fits me just fine as I don't game often. Having this motherboard gives me...
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    DVD burner causing system shutdown

    I know it sounds crazy but I think my DVD burner is to blame. I could be wrong however. Sometimes all I have to do is touch the drive and my PC shuts down, no blue screen, just a shut down as if I were to choose it from the start menu. I have a few guesses: 1. the drive has become...
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    Pentium 4 Northwoods (forget Conroe)

    I'm into buying the old while everyone clamors for the new stuff but I have a semi-serious question/concern. I'm looking specifically at Skt 478 in this case. With all of the AMD price drops and the quite decent DDR2 prices it's difficult to resist upgrading to the latest gear. I'm...
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    Cooler Master Stacker at the Egg Pretty sweet with $40 Mail in Rebate. Tempting since I just jumpped into watercooling and realized how small my Centurion 5 is.
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    Newly watercooled member

    This is my first setup. I've been reading about WCing for months and found a killer deal on Ebay for a Swiftech Expert kit that I couldn't pass up. Finals were over last week and my friend helped me setup my kit last night. After leak testing for 11 hours outside the case I couldn't wait any...
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    Radiator cleaning

    I'm not sure how many of you venture over to the xtremesystems forums but I did. They have a noob WC guide and in it is a method of cleaning out a radiator. Long story short the author claims rads are dirty inside after they are made and he suggests flushig the rad with not only with...
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    Radiator Damage

    Found a deal I couldn't pass up on the older Swiftech Extreme Duty WC kit on Ebay. Advertised as unused. For the most part it looks like this is true despite the base of the Storm being in a crappier condition than a Storm I had previously that was flawless. But for now, that's besides the...
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    Possibly Raptor specific

    I recently installed an brand new, newest revision Raptor 74GB as my boot/program drive. Following the Windows splash screen with the loading bar, which is quite slow I might add, the screen goes black for at least 10 seconds before I get to the Windows login screen. This didn't happen...
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    Ease my paranoia

    First of all let me start by saying I'm very picky and particualr about the condition of anything I own. I bought a used Maze 4 GPU block and while the bottom is nice and shiny, there is about a one inch scratch that runs down the middle of the block. It's not all that deep but it's a...
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    Quick game recommendation

    My friend got me NFS:MW for christmas but I already had a copy. I haven't returned it yet but I'm guessing I'll get store credit for Gamestop/EB Games. What should I pick up? I also have BF2 already. Only games that come to my mind are COD2, Quake 4 (I've never played a Quake game...
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    Core download errors

    Is the system down? Can't get to the stanford folding site either.
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    Silly name mistake in Windowx XP Pro

    I just installed Windows XP Pro, previously had Home. I always get mixed up during install when asked what I want to name the PC and such. Currently, my user folder under C:\Documents and Settings is named after a choice I made during install. I really don't care for this name now that I...
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    Matched pair issues

    My PC was having issues as described here: I have yet to run memtest because I still have yet to figure out burning an ISO. Anyway, I have a 512X2 matched pair of Kingston HyperX (KHX3200AK2/1G) that will be two years old in February. Up...
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    PC won't boot into windows

    Recently, my PC has been restarting randomly. The odd part is it usually happens when I'm just browsing the internet. Until last night I haven't had any issues when gaming (BF2 and NFS:MW). The one BSOD I saw and the "system has recoverd from a serious error" messages pointed to driver issues so...
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    Windows fails to load/boot?

    Recently, my PC has been restarting randomly. The odd part is it usually happens when I'm just browsing the internet. Until last night I haven't had any issues when gaming (BF2 and NFS:MW). The one BSOD I saw and the "system has recoverd from a serious error" messages pointed to driver issues...
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    No Danger Den love?

    I've been considering trying out watercooling for ages now and when I first started reading/researching (at least a year ago) Danger Den seemed like a popular name. However reading through this particular forum it doesn't seem like they get much attention. The reason I ask is because of the...
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    Older Swiftech Kit?

    I don't think this kit is old but I just wasn't sure because it has one of the older CPU block. What are your thoughts on this setup for a total WC noob?
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    6800 Ultra stock heatsinks

    I was wondering if the stock coolers on the 6800Ultra AGP and PCI-E are exactly the same?
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    Wacky issue: Typing on one PC shows up on another networked PC

    My PC is connected directly to our cable modem. My dads PC is connected to the wireless router via a USB dongle. Even as I type right now my text is showing up on his screen or effecting whatever program he is using, this also happend when I was using Word. This is obviously a huge problem...
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    New XP-90 User

    I have this beauty sitting on my 3700+ Clawhammer, stock everything. According to Speedfan I'm sitting at 43C idle (browsing, IM, music). Seems high to me, only thing I can think of is I need more thermal paste (I used a tiny dab of AS5). Also, my mobo is the Chaintech VNF3-250 and I wasn't...
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    I'm at a loss: Windows install

    I've been trying since yesterday to get Windows to install on a SATA drive. I finally got a floppy hooked up and installed the necessary drivers after pressing F6 and it seemed like it worked. Windows goes through the entire install process. It does seem slow but it completes. But when it...
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    A few questions.

    I haven't been folding for quite some time now do to various PC issues. Question before I decide to start again: Where do you install F@H and where do you put the work file so that nothing gets messed up? (I'm referring to HD fragmentation that I've heard about in the past).
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    Wireless connection drops

    My dads PC is connected to the wireless network via a USB adapter. Connection works fine for browsing, trillian, etc but whenever I try to download a file (save to disk) the damn connection freezes and drops. What's the deal?
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    Partitioning a 250GB HD

    I know it's mostly personal preference but I figured I'd ask anyway. My previous 250GB drive that seems to have died was partitioned into 4 primray partitions. C for windows, E for programs and games, F for mp3s, and G for media and random stuff. Should I consider another method? Maybe...
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    ATTN: Skt 754 Club/Crew

    I know this isn't the motherboard form but I figured you guys could help me out. I had the Socket 754 Shuttle model SN85G4 until the mobo committed suicide. Now I'm just looking for the best ATX Socket 754 motherboard on the market that is readily avaliable. I know the DFI is popular but I...
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    Especially random question

    I have a hard drive that I think is defective. First one of the partitions "disappeared" then it got a lovely CRC error. The drive has windows on it but it will no longer boot thanks to a System32 error of some sort. To make matters even more fun, the PC the drive was in has a dead mobo...
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    Audigy Install Problem

    Bought a used Audigy 2 soundcard. Its in the only PCI slot avalaible in my Shuttle and Windows XP detects a new PCI input device. However when I go to install the drivers I get the following error: What could be the reason for this? I have already disabled onboard sound in the BIOS...
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    Firefox: Images not loading

    The status bar at the bottom says it's loading and such but often times only a few pics load or none at all. I know they should be there becasue others can see them, I just get a blank space. What gives?
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    My Shuttle SN85G4V3 Setup

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    My Myspace Ad for Folding (thanks to MN Scout)

    Yes it's just Myspace but I figure it's a start. I used the PDF poster that MN Scout created. Now if only I could figure out how to create an image where the links actually worked, DOH.
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    Oh snap, I think it's a first for me

    600 pointer just dropped 11pm Pacific time, check it
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    Don't believe in a cure for cancer

    Is there a reason to keep folding?
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    Noobish Format Question

    I have a drive with windows installed on it. I'm going to move the drive to a new system. I don't care to save the current install but will format and start over. Question is: Do I format the drive in the current PC or do I just put the hard drive in the new machine and use the Windows XP...
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    I'm confused again: Windows stuff

    I built myself a new system, midtower. I've decided I made a mistake and that Shuttle truly is better. I bought a new copy of XP Home for the new system. If I want to swap my hardware, including hard drive out of the tower and into the Shuttle can I use the same copy of Windows? I'm looking...
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    99 Cent Shipping on EVERYTHING at NEWEGG

    99 Cent shipping through April 4th They just can't leave us alone, so hard to resist the stuff I've been wanting now!!!