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    Cisco VLAN/VTP Issues?

    A little background on my infrastructure: I have 3 VMware ESX Servers, each with a 2 channel port group setup as a trunk on a 2-member 3570G stack. There is a VTP server upstream on a core switch, however we allow only a certain number of VLANs through the upstream trunk to the core switches...
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    Thoughts on network segmentation...

    Please share your thoughts and advice on the following network. I just inherited a class c network (public IP addresses), split into three segments. The subnets are configured as follows: x.x.70.0/25 - Server Network x.x.70.64/25 - VPN Network x.x.70.128/24 - User Network This...
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    IPSEC VPN Tunnel and Multiple WAN Interfaces

    I have a Cisco 1800 router with a T1 serial interface and another interface setup with a cable modem. I have setup the cable modem interface as the backup and the T1 as the primary. I am using an SLA to rollover to backup interface in case of failure of the primary. I also setup a route map...
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    Magic of VSS... How does this work?

    I put this question before Microsoft today, however I didn't receive an answer that made sense... imagine that. Here is the scenario: **You have enabled Volume Shadow Copy Service 1. What happens when you first enable this service? Does it start tracking changes to the file system...
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    Running Config on Cisco 3750G for Review/Analysis

    I have attached my running configuration for my Cisco 3750G. A quick description of the configuration: I have several hosts and three iSCSI storage appliances that I want to isolate from my public LAN. However, I want to be able to access the management interface from my Public LAN. At the...
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    Questions on Cisco IOS Switch Config for the Novice

    Here is a sample of a configuration done by a "Cisco Engineer:" interface GigabitEthernet0/7 switchport access vlan 343 switchport mode access switchport nonegotiate snmp trap mac-notification change added snmp trap mac-notification change removed no cdp enable spanning-tree...
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    Setting MTU on Cisco 3750G Stack

    I am currently setting up an independent network for my SAN traffic. One of the recommendations from the manufacturer was to enable jumbo frames. On the 3750G it appears as though this must be done globally. I entered into priv exec mode and entered "system mtu jumbo 9000." After that I...
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    Connecting Cisco 3750 to Routed Network for Management

    Cisco novice here. I have two Cisco 3750s (stacked), and just performed an express setup to assign an IP address for management. Now I need to connect this switch to my primary network for management purposes only (not trying to cascade my primary network switch). I want the 3750's to be...
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    Quick Windows 2008 AD Setup

    I need to build an AD to store 85-100 user accounts/passwords for 2-3 file servers I am setting up. Further, my clients are on public IP addresses that are DHCP-assigned. They would like to use remote desktop, however their IP address shifts time to time when the lease expires. So I need to...
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    Connect two networks over Internet with VPN?

    I am just starting to put together some ideas for an upcoming project. Basically I have a site with 16 client computers, connected to the internet with two DSL modems. I purchased the Linksys RV016 router to load balance between the two lines. This site will be accessing a server in a remote...
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    WDDM Quadro & GeForce Question

    I have a Dell 755 with an x16 slot and an x1 slot. I populated the x1 slot with a NVIDIA Quadro thinking I could have 4 heads with the Intel onboard. However, the new Windows driver model specifies that the VGA adapters must use the same driver... so that is out the window. I have a...
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    Middle of the road 24" LCD

    Just started looking for a standard 24" monitor. Any recommendations? I started reading through the past threads... seems like BenQ might be a good start.
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    Gigabyte G45 Build Woes

    Just put together my G45 HTPC... the computer hard locks a few moments after post. I have enough time to get into the BIOS and check the system temp. CPU is reporting 45C, thermal shutdown? The video also drops out when the computer hard locks. Any ideas?
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    Central UPS Recommendation

    I hope I am posting in the right place. I am looking for some advice regarding central UPS infrastructures. I manage about 25 physical servers spanning 60-70 units. Right now I have a UPS for every 2 servers... on average. The infrastructure was slowly built without future expansion in...
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    Multiple networks, simple configuration?

    Without a network administration background, I am having a little trouble figuring out the most reliable method to reconfigure the following network. I recently inherited this network, I would have done things differently. Network 1 - DSL Gateway with NAT to Router/Firewall...
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    Quick DNS Delegation Question

    I work at a University within a research department. I am in the process or setting up an AD for my clients/servers. I need the DNS administrator for the parent zone to delegate a part of the DNS namespace. Here are my thoughts as to how that would work with glue records: ; NS record...
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    SATA RAID Contollers - The Weakest Link...

    You have a 16-port SATA RAID controller and 16 SATA300 drives in RAID0 (this is only an example to understand a concept). What is going to be the max theoritical speed of the array (MBps), or in other words what is going to be the limiting factor: the SATA300 standard, the controller, the bus...
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    Novell Question - Effective Rights

    Anyone know how to generate a report on a specific user object that will show what directories and files they have access to?
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    Tape Library and FIxed Slots

    Anyone know why tape libraries have fixed slots? I recently inherited a Quantum Scaler 50 with two fixed slots..
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    VMware ESX... Ideal Setup

    I recently stepped into a position where the previous administrator was in the process of setting up a VMware ESX infrastructure. My experience with VMware products is limited to VMware Server and VMware Workstation. Two identical servers were purchased with 2TB of storage (RAID 5) and 4 NICs...
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    Wireless VLAN - Not sure?

    As many of you may know I have been deploying Cisco Aironet wireless nodes. I have configured the node with WPA2 Enterprise using the built-in RADIUS server with LEAP authentication. Now I have another hurdle to jump.... separating the wireless network from the internal network. The equipment...
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    WLAN Security and HIPAA

    I am in the process of deploying wireless nodes for independent health care practices (as some of you may know from my previous posts). I need to implement security mechanisms to satisfy the HIPAA guidelines, which to me says I need encryption (WPA/WPA2) with authentication (RADIUS?). The...
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    Access Share on Novell Server from Windows

    I am sure someone has come accross this before. I have a Windows server that runs scheduled backups that dump onto a Novell Server. I access the server using the UNC path and supply a username/pass and save the password in the Windows "Stored user names and passwords." The password manager...
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    Cisco Aironet 1130AG Series - RADIUS

    I am currently setting up a number of wireless access points at a few medical sites I support and would like to use RADIUS authentication. However, I have not done my homework on RADIUS implementation and thought Hard Forum might be a good place to get started. Can the Cisco Aironet function...
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    CIsco Aironet 1130AG Series - WEP to WPA2

    I just started working with Cisco Aironet APs... they are a little more complex than the standard SOHO Linksys AP. I am using the Web GUI to get things up and running (I will go back and learn how to setup with ISO and the CLI), the Express Security doesn't allow you to setup WPA, it wants you...
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    Windows Server 2003 - Active Directory Deployment

    I am in the process of planning an AD deployment. This AD will support at most 50 users. How many servers should be dedicated to hosting the AD? I will be creating a new forest...
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    DNS Puzzle

    Here is something that makes no sense to me: (hiding actual dns names per request of the owner) has the following name server entry: How can this possibly work? I can provide more details if needed. I am in the process of obtaining a...
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    UNIX/Linux CHOWN - Looking for a solution

    I am currently taking a UNIX/Linux course (which assumes prior knowledge that I don't have)... and we were presented with a case study. Apparently a non-technical person had root access to a AIX system and ran the following command: chown -R plead:user *. This command was run accidently on the...
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    SAS vs SATA on PERC 5/i Dell Server

    I am currently debating on a storage array for a Dell PowerEdge 2950. The server is going to be running Windows Server Enterprise 64-bit, which will server two basic functions: File storage and terminal services (about 60 clinets), maybe a SQL Database in the distant future. I have two...
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    Purevideo and H.264 Hardware Acceleration

    I have a Core 2 6300, 2GB of DDR2-800, and a XFX 8800 GTS graphics card. When I attempt to playback H.264 encoded movies my system is unable to keep up, as a result action scenes are really jumpy and anytime of seeking will offset the video/audio streams. I understand the 8800 GTS can assist...
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    P5K Deluxe or P5B Deluxe

    Well as many have mention here and on other hardware related forums, the new P35 "Bearlake" chip is not under NDA anymore. I need a replacement board for my Core 2 system, and was thinking with the P5B Premium or the new P5K Deluxe. Any suggestions or recommendations? I have not found any...
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    Something simple for you ASP.NET 2.0 people

    I have a label control that I am trying to populate from a record in a SQL database. I have a query designed to limit the results to one unique record. I have no idea how to do this without adding one of those data controls. I want to do this programmically... Any idea where to start?
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    Motherboard issues? ASUS P5B - Deluxe

    Maybe a motherboard issue here... I just wanted to get some opinions before I start trail and error troubleshooting. My media center consists of 12HD's, Asus P5B Deluxe, Core 2 E6300, Crucial Ballistix 2GB Kit (DDR2-800), Enermax Liberty 620-watt PSU, and a Highpoint RAID controller. After a...
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    Power Supply Issue? Enermax Liberty 620watt

    Maybe a power supply issue here... I just wanted to get some opinions before I start trail and error troubleshooting. My media center consists of 12HD's, Asus P5B Deluxe, Core 2 E6300, Crucial Ballistix 2GB Kit (DDR2-800), Enermax Liberty 620-watt PSU, and a Highpoint RAID controller. After a...
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    eVGA 8800 GTS Problems

    I have a 8800 GTS and a 7600 GS.... I used the newest forceware (modified so I can run both video cards). Anything that is 3d accelerated jumps (pauses the mouse every 2 seconds) .... The 3d logo in the nvidia control panel does the same thing, it will spin pause, spin pause... etc. Any ideas...
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    Asus P5B Delxue 2 Video Cards Not Working

    I recently purchased a 8800 GTS to drive my new Westinghouse 37" LCD, and a 7600GS to drive my 2 20" LCD's. I got the 8800 GTS up and running with the newest forceware for Windows XP. I attempted to install my 7600GS in the other x16 slot and I got into windows installed the foreware for the...
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    SLI with Asus P5B Deluxe

    I currenlty have a 7800 GT and a Asus P5B Deluxe. I can get my hands on another 7800 GT for cheap. The P5B has dual x16 slots, does anyone know if running the card in SLI is possible? Furthermore what else would I need to enable the SLI other than the cards?
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    Monitor POLL - 2407wfp, 3007wfp, LVM-37W3

    I am about to purchase a new display for my Core 2 Duo rig. Currently have two 20" LCD's setup... just not enough. I need more... I have been following the Westinghouse thread and started looking at two Dell LCDs: The 2407wfp and the 3007wfp. I do everything from programming to gaming on my...
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    p4 versions

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    Memory OC question on Asus P5B Deluxe w/ E6300

    I have an Asus P5B deluxe (newest bios revision, not sure of number... 814 maybe), E6300, and 1GB of Crucial Ballistix DDR2-800 with 4-4-4-12 timings. I am having some inconsistent OC results. I can OC to 399, however once I goto 400 the bios is reporting speeds based on 328MHz FSB (somewhere...