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    Computer freezing randomly for past year

    I made this thread last year: I've run memtest86+ for almost 24 hours without a problem over the course of several nights. When the problem occurs the screen freezes until the display decides to turn off. All the connected devices stop...
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    New computer freezing every couple days in chrome

    The freezing has only happened in chrome. Everything locks up but the display continues to show. It often happens when I walk away and come back or when im scrolling or moving my mouse around the screen. It never happens after I do some action like click a link or start a video. How do I attempt...
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    GTX 470 SOC stuttering without fps drop (single gpu microstutter?)

    Fraps shows my framerate at a near constant rate which is around 30-40 fps based on the map and location but when I turn the camera around, the game physically looks like its under 10 fps but fraps does not show the framerate dipping. My computer has a bunch of problems at the moment so it's...
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    Power supply whining

    I posted this in SFF but I really want a quick answer in case I could cause serious damage to my computer. This is the 600w power supply by Silverstone for their SG07 MITX case. It doesn't occur when using windows normally. While running Furmark, the sound fluxuates based on how much of...
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    SG07 PSU whine

    I got my SG07 in mid July and was using a 4850 until my GTX 470 SOC got back from an RMA. Just this past week I noticed the system was making more noise while I was playing games. I use a headset almost all of the time so it was only noticable when I took them off. I opened it up today and tried...
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    Gigabyte GTX 470 SO kernel crashing outside of games

    I recently picked this up second hand. I don't know much about the history of this card. I replaced my 4850 crossfire setup with the GTX 470 , installed the latest drivers (275.33). So far, I've never seen it crash in game. I've been able to play Crysis Warhead, Starcraft 2, and Arkham Asylum...
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    3rd Build - This time SFF

    1. What will you be doing with this PC? Primarily gaming. 2. What's your budget? < $900 is my goal 3. Where do you live? Boston/Maine 4. What exact parts do you need for that budget? CPU, RAM, MOBO, Harddrive, Case, Power Supply, DVD Drive. 5. If reusing any parts, what parts will you be...
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    MSSQL Trigger Help

    I have a table with two integers representing rooms and buildings. I want to create a trigger for on insert and update to make check if there are 100 rooms in the building. If 100 already exist, I want to rollback the update. I think I can figure the condition out but I'm not sure about the...
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    How to make my java function efficient (stack overflow)

    Heres my function, its breaking on line 30: return this.factorhelper(n, (i + 1), acc); I'm a unexperienced java programmer, I have some ideas such as getting rid of the accumulator in factorhelper and just use boolean and not but thought some of you might have much better ones. Update #1: I...
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    Sylvania Blu-Ray Player $89.99 Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day
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    nvm delete this please

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    P45, Gigabyte, Asus, MSI

    Of these three, which do you recomend? I believe all these are crossfire 8x8, how much will that detract from the 16x16 I had with my x48 board. GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail $134.99 - $20.00 MIR $114.99 Open Box: MSI P45 Platinum LGA 775...
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    Advice on a dr pepper spill through top fan

    I'm in college and I found out today that very recently my computer experienced something unpleasant. It's a computer I expected to last at least one more year but you can see the specs in my sig. I won't be back at my home for another week but I'm wondering what I can do. My thoughts were...
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    How to raise max volume in Bootcamp

    This at least works for the unibody macbook pro. If a lot of people want this, I'll upload it on a better site. You have to remove the old drivers and then install these ones.
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    2.8 ghz MBP (trouble with recording live eyetv)

    I have an eyetv hybrid, when using timeshift on analog (buffers about 2gigs of video so you can rewind etc) the picture is pretty pixelated. I'm assuming its just using the cpu but to be sure I switched to the 9600gt and the result was the same. Should my mbp be able to handle it easily or is it...
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    $156,000 of Software

    My town wants to spend 156,000 for a five-year lease/purchase which due to interest comes out to 192,500 over five years. Does this seem ridiculous? What software could it be and does a town really need it to do the things stated?
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    Battleforge Free (Includes no points)

    The full version of BattleForge is now available. It is the same as the normal retail but it no longer includes points. The retail version is being phased out and their focusing on gaining all money from selling points. I'm surprised no ones posted it yet. edit: Yesterday douglatins posted...
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    Poor 4850 and 4850 Crossfire performance in Burnout Paradise

    I just got Burnout Paradise and I started play single player. Instantly I noticed that my pc seems handicapped. With one card, I get 40-50 in closed areas, and 20's in areas where the city is open and you can see far away. With two cards, exact same performance. My settings are the High...
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    Hosting a non-dedicated server for TF2

    I just want to play with one or just a few other people on my computer. I want to host my map. I have all the port forward and firewalls set. From what I can remember, I think there's a command I need to enter in the console in order to allow non-lanners to play. Is that the case and is that why...
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    3 Unrecognized PCI Devices

    I have two 4850's, those are both installed, I have a X-fi platninum. Recently I moved the platinum from one slot to another. Those seem to be all installed, sound is coming through the soundcard, video cards I haven't tested much but CCC says the cards are in crossfire. Here's the devices it...
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    Two 4850's idle at different speeds

    I bought two last summer. One of them fried and I just got it back. I noticed that the card I just got back idles at stock speeds (625/993) compared to the one that I haven't had an issue with which idles at (500/750). Can anyone explain to me why this is and what I can do to get the second card...
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    Poor performance of the card that survived

    I had crossfire 4850. One of them stopped working, with possible burning due to a bad smell that came out of the case. The card still however turns on and the fan spins, and it lights up a little but I don't get any signal from it. The other card, seems to work fine other than the fact that I...
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    Believe I fried the Video Card and Soundcard need help

    This morning I booted up my computer. I think I walked away while it started. I came back and I logged in and I can't remember exactly what happened but eventually the monitor lost an input from the computer and I believe the computer shut off on its own. I had the computer on for at the most, 5...
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    Ipod Touch 2g Backlight Issue

    I noticed not long after I got the Ipod these spots on the edge of the screen. It's not your typical backlight bleeding however. Most backlight bleeding is only annoying when there is no signal source. This screen has basically no bleeding when the screen is black, and it is very apparent in...
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    Does apple cheap out with the iPods?

    Last iPod I bought was a 3g, I guess I'll pick up a iTouch 16gb but it seems like Apple doesn't put as much quality into selling their product. First of all, the old boxes are interesting and unique, I still have it in my closet. The new one is closer to the crappy plastic containers that have...
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    Mass Effect Glitches

    This game is the glitchiest piece of software I've ever purchased. I haven't gone a day without having to restart the computer in order to be able to play it again. I get all sorts of problems but the biggest one I have right now is playing the game and getting a black screen, and every couple...
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    Have Team Fortress 2 (Buy Orange Box) Question

    Can I gift my old copy of Team Fortress 2? According to this website;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;&#9829;4502-TPJL-2656, it doesn't seem likely though at the same time, it doesn't make any sense why they would limit it to just the...
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    Reinstalling Gateway with Operating System Disc

    I have a MX 7527 laptop with Media Center 2005. After the operating system was reinstalled, it basically gave me a crippled system. I can't connect to the internet through a ethernet cable or wireless. Under network connections, all I have is a 1394 connection which shows that its connected, and...
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    Very Random Hard Crash 4850

    I've overclocked my 4850's to 660/1050 and I have had them lock up before and artifact however, there have been two instances when I had the cards on normal speeds and everything and when I started a game, there was a hard crash with artifacts and then no signal. This occurred I believe when I...
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    4850 and odd AA experiences

    I posted this in a different thread but it didn't really receive much attention. All these are at 1280 x 1024 from the Crysis Benchmark I also remember testing the Lost Coast demo, and even with the highest AA on, it still seemed rather poor. However, with Crysis it almost seems like once I...
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    Gigabyte x48 DS4 Bios Upgrade + other question

    I just noticed that there was a F2 version of the bios. I have a e8400, is it worth it to update the bios? If it's not broken don't fix it? Also, a question for anyone that owns a DS4, I've had it for a month and this isn't a problem or anything but with the giant heat sink in the middle of...
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    What could cause a change in fps?

    I don't know what I was doing on June 30th, but I eventually did something good. This is the Crysis Benchmark. I was overclocking one of the 4850's and I eventually stuck with 660-1050, and these are the results that I got. I marked these both as a single 660-1050 oc. I'm 90% sure the second...
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    Crossfire 4850 Vs. Wc3 FT

    It turns out Wc3 doesn't like crossfire at all. It seems to give off this horrible stuttering issue. I would say its micro stuttering if I couldn't say it was macro stuttering. It also caused the FRAPS fps to flicker. However, I've never noticed anything that apparent in any other game. Anyone...
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    Blinking disc Image popping up on Crysis Benchmark

    It's possibly related to the CCC since I noticed it after overclocking my cards, it doesn't show up in the game but I wanted to know what it meant. There's a blue and green one, and they blink often, but at random intervals, sometimes they pop up together at the same time. Here's a picture of...
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    Keyboard stops working during bootup

    My keyboard, which is not wireless, will work during the motherboard options. Bios works fine, and the F-Lock light is lit up during that time, but after that screen is over, the keyboard stops working until windows has fully loaded, which means that I have no ability to press a key so that it...
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    Gigabyte x48 DS4 ram issue

    When I install ram in slots 1 and 3, the computer doesn't boot, it tries to but resets after a couple seconds and keeps on trying until I turn it off. When I install it in slots 2 and 4, it works. When I install the ram in slots 1 and 2, it works but its in a single channel. Now that I type...
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    Any windows key grabber that I can choose what harddrive to check for?

    NVM, I'm just gonna buy vista, I did get close to fixing it however with this... But I couldn't find the DigitalProductID
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    Crossfire 4850, Low 3dmark06 Score

    I just installed a brand new system and while it was working a lot better than my 7800gs, I felt that it should have been better, I finally tested it with 3dmark06 and I got a score of 11589. Here's the link. On both the cpu tests, I never got above one frame a second, for most of the time...
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    Best X38/X48 Motherboard I've been trying to read tons of reviews but I think asking you guys which you believe is the best would be the most helpful. Some issues that I would like avoided are, good layout in which...
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    Just recieved my A-17

    So far, its working great, temps are a lot better than my old case which I can't tell you the name of. The case is extremely light. Much better cable management than my old case, and I rushed it because it was getting late. If I feel the air that's being pushed out of the back of the case, it...