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    Warm? XFX 7850 Core Edition $163 AR

    Didn't see this posted anywhere yet. Seems a decent me even though I hate rebates.
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    Need a cooler for ASRock Z77E-ITX

    As the title says I'm about to pull the trigger on an SFF gaming system to include the Coolermaster 120 using a ASRock Z77E-ITX for some oc of my i5 2500k. I have been searching for and failing to find most of the big dogs that are recommending in older threads. I don't want to go back to water...
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    Power consumption question

    Does a 4850 Crossfire setup use as much power as a 6850 Crossfire setup...with all the other variables being the same? Got any links with this info...thanks I have an extra 6850 and am wondering if it would be okay to use it...just for shits and grins :)
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    MSI P67A-GD65 Wont Go To Sleep

    Everything else has been running great with 2500k 4.5Ghz oc. Problem is the keyboard/mouse and monitor go in sleep mode but fans are still powered up. Tried just about all the settings that I can think of in bios and even "googled" and tried some of those ideas. Didn't see anything specific to...
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    Leaving Water going back to Air for Sandy Bridge

    Been on water for a long long time but with the reduced power requirements of the new products (Sandy Bridge) I'm moving away from water :eek: So...I know the lower power requirements mean less heat which means these will run cooler than i7 9XX ....right? Even stock cooler provides much oc...
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    Been away from AMD for a

    Looking for a short term upgrade to something that's equivalent or better than a Q6600 @ 3.0Ghz. Looking for mb that uses DDR2 and of course a chip. Trying to minimize the help my kid out....his C2D E6400 just ain't cutting it for games...thanks
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    Recommen me a card to replace 4850 XFire

    One of my 4850's is flaking out on me...want to switch to a single card that wont break the bank and that will be part of my new build in a few months...any recommendation?
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    Does this converter/adapter exist

    Does a 90 degree 24 pin atx connector/adapter would make wire management so much easier. V/R
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    Cheaper than Most..ATCS 840 at $229.99

    Been looking for a decent deal on this case for my w/c price I have found so far...a substantial savings over the Eggs@ $311.36 $239.99 free ship additional $10 using coupons available here...
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    CODWaW screen corruption

    Finally got the game...installed no problem...started playing and I get this strange checkerboard thing all my other games play fine(COD4,Grid) tried changing settings....but no change...can anyone help...and yes I do have the latest drivers :) thanks for any help vr Rip
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    Difference in temps with different rads question

    I see all these charts and graphs talking about million different things it seems when it comes to rads...and I'm farking confused...but my fundamental questions are.... How much difference in temps can be expected between the most expensive Feser 3 fan rad down to the least expensive 3 fan...
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    Triple Rad/Fan Push Pull question

    I'm sure this has been asked but my skills with the search have produced sucky results with many here goes I currently use the setup in my sig and while performance is sufficient I know it could be I'm moving to a triple fan rad with push pull fans...of course I want...
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    Pics and Info on WC 4850 CF using MCW or similar

    Like the title says...thinking of extending my main loop to a CF setup using MCW60 and heat sinks instead of a full block coverage...what I'm looking for are pics of a similar setup and any additional info...thanks
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    Switching To Diamond 4850 CF

    As the title says...really close to pulling the trigger on a Diamond 4850 CF setup to replace my 8800GT...Would be interested in the Pros or Cons of such a setup..pretty sure psu can handle the added requirements or I will main concern is heat and noise..any advice/experience on both...
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    E6400 Conroe @ 3.2Ghz To E8400 worth it?

    Money burning a hole in my pocket..cant SLI with IP35E-Pro :( so I'm thinking of going from E6400 oc to 3.2Ghz to an E8400 with at least 3.6Ghz oc (maybe)..will the extra speed be worth the $200 or is my oc 6400 still competitive...I use my box mainly for DivX/Xvid/DVD ripping plus bragging :) I...
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    Will Intel Ever Support SLI?

    Sure would be nice to be able to experience 8800GT in SLI on an Intel board....have the nimrods at Nvidia and Intel made any progress on native Intel support...or will it forever be a pipe dream?
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    Another which m/b would best..but there's more

    I always hated to respond to threads like this when it seems the same question has been asked a thousand times..but here goes since I really don't know which direction to go.. My venerable P5W DH Deluxe seems to be going to the trash heap slowly but surely(right now more surely than slowly :) )...
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    P5W DH Deluxe SATA Configuration Help

    I'm using RAID 0 on ICHR7 SATA 1 and 3 but am also running another SATA HDD on SATA 4...I just recently obtained a Lite On SATA DVD burner and I'm not sure where to plug into for the best performance..right now I have it on the JMicron but the performance sucks...I have tried it on the ASUS EZ...
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    Want a new Wireless Router..but question

    Looking for a wireless/wired router..but I want one where I can control how much bandwidth a particular wired port uses at any given time..I currently have a WRT54G with HyprWrite 2.0 bios and all that I have tried has failed..anyone ever heard of or is there a product that does what I want...
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    P5W DH and AI Booster

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    Time to start anew..advice please

    I currently run my w/c (what you see in my sig) in an external box which has served me well..however the urge to upgrade (or downgrade) has led me to think about changing my old reliable Hydor L30 and big fat heater core setup to a more svelte and hopefully more attractive is the...
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    P5W DH and AI Booster

    I seem to be stuck at 3Ghz with my E6400 and am wondering if anyone is getting better oc's using AI Booster vice would be nice if I could get 400Mhz from my Patriot RAM but I could live with the 375Mhz if I had to :p but thats what oc is all about isn't it? Thanks Rip
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    For my new rig

    Not realizing that my new P5W DH wouldn't like my old Enermax EG365P I spent 2 days looking for a quality psu recommended by this forum in my locality with no luck!!! So I ordered This one from the egg...I plan to oc my E6400 and will be running 850XT and I hope I have a little future proof...
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    Anyone bought from these guys?

    Not sure where to put this so here goes Has anyone done bizness with these guys...Antares Digital There prices seem reasonable and they have the P5W DH in stock for a lot less than ZZF and cheaper than the Egg...anyone have good bad experiences with them...already looked at bizrate and...
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    OC Conroe what RAM?

    Since all forms of Conroe discussions are happening in here I decided to post here :rolleyes: I intend to oc a 6300 or 6400 on a P5W DH Deluxe and am hella confused on DDR2 RAM..I see prices from $180 to almost $500 for what looks like awesome shet...however I would like to keep my RAM cost...
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    Want to switch from Celly 1.8

    Got a laptop with a celly 1.8 and I want to have a little fun with it so I want to switch to a faster chip...I know the celly has x18 multi. My question is since the bus is locked at 100mhz...if I install a 2.4ghz would it default to the correct I making sense here? Thanks
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    Wireless network PC and Mac

    I need to setup up a wireless network but there's a Mac iBook involved and I have zero experience with mac's...I plan on using a Linksys WRT54g router along with 2 WMP54g pci cards and I'm not sure what to use for the ibook since it only has USB and Firewire ports....I see there are usb...
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    Slow Video

    Just built 2 systems this weekend specs are as follows...A64 3200 on a MSI K8N Neo2 with 1gig DDR, SATA drive and a BFG 6800GT (AGP)...second system is a A64 3000 on a MSI K8N Neo4 with 1gig DDR, SATA drive and Powercolor X800XL PCIe Video card...wanted to see if there would be any improvement...
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    Where is the thread with funny computer pics?

    I know I was perusing that thread last night but I cannot for the life of me find it today!! Can someone please help? There were hundreds of posts in it...and yes I tried a search but nothing even remotely similar shows up...thanks Mod Edit - That thread wandered way, far off topic and was...
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    SFF Case

    Where can I buy an empty SFF a reasonable price? Really would like one for a watercooling project....
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    Abit AI7 Raid Set up help please

    AI7 RAID Setup help please I have been trying for 2 days to set this up and I'm out of ideas...I searched and followed as many guides as possible but still end up with the same problem..all help will be appreciated I have 2 160gig SATA drives connected to the SATA ports on the m/b..and I...
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    Socket 939

    Planning a new system to replace my P4 water cooled monster...and figured I'd switch back to AMD since they now own the performance crown...and was I shocked!!! :eek: The prices for the socket 939's are way too high for me....$490 just to get in the game!!! Are these prices gonna come down...