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    Somebody asked me to install Windows 7, 64 bit on their brand new PC. i5, asus p7p55d-e In BIOS there is a setting: Configure SATA as IDE I wonder whether I should leave it as it is. I think it might be a better idea to set it as AHCI? Thanks!
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    Hot swappable SATA or not?

    I recently got some sort of external sata caddy. It says if my motherboard supports hot swappable SATA, I can just put a HD in and remove it whenever I want to. The motherboard is quite old Gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939 It has onluy 2 SATA slots, so I bought PCI card with 2 additional SATA slots and...
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    Portable USB HD

    Hi All. I was about to buy WD passport 500G when I noticed that they released a new edition and accordingly to the majority of the reviews on
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    2 Identical USB Wireless mice.

    I bought Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for my wife's laptop. Then I bought a netbook and I thought of buying another VX nano for the netbook. The question is could they interfere with each other? Say, my wife is using a laptop's mouse but the pointer moves...
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    AutoCAD 2008 System Requirements

    Hi! I would like to know real life system requirement for AutoCAD 2008 System Requirements. Not the System Requirements from AutoCAD website. Anyone who is supporting the s/w or using it? I know that the min is 1G RAM and Video card 128M. But how much do you need in reality for comfortable...
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    creating admin group in Windows Server 2003 domain

    I would like to create a new group. Each time I create a new user in this group the user automatically receives all admin rights in the doman. Is it possible? Ta!
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    Good keyboard

    I would like to buy a good keyboard that would be for everything, gaming, photoshop, typing, multimedia (basic - volume, forward/backward,stop, play). Considering two: Razer Lycosa Logitech G15 Keyboard Gamers Version2
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    PSU about to die

    I have Antec Sonata II with low-noise SmartPower 2.0 450W which is about to die. I have quite old system, so I don't anything too powerful, yet quality and silence are important. Rough system's specs: CPU: AMD Atlon (venice) 3500+ MB: Gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939 nvidia nForce3 250Gb RAM: 2x1G...
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    I would like to buy a good new mouse. I have a 20" lcd, 1600x1200 res. Mostly I need it for editing pics in photoshop and playing UT2004. After doing some research, wireless mice have been excluded... So far: Microsoft Habu Logitech G5...
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    Logitech Quickcam Pro 5000 vs Microsoft LifeCam VX-6000

    I need a good quality webcam for skype. My parents want to see me from time to time :) I don't want to buy anything cheap with a poor video quality but also I don't want anything too expensive like logitech ultra. I am now deciding which one of the two webcams above I should choose? Any ideas...
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    Installing Visual Studio 2005 Pro Ed.

    Somebody asked me to install Visual Studio 2005 Pro Ed. on one of laptops. About half an year ago I installed a previous version -> 2003 on a similar laptop. There were 6 CDs in ver. 2003. 3 with Visual Studio and 3 MSDN. In ver. 2005 there are 5 CDs (out of 100+ kit), 3 MSDN and 2 Vis. Studio...
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    New DVD Drive

    I would like to buy a new DVD drive. Quality is no.1. I thought about PX-760A/PX-760SA IDE vs. SATA? Should I go for IDE or SATA? Is this plextor drive any good? Are there known issues with it? or maybe I should go for 3 times cheaper drive such as...
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    Ghost problems

    I am trying to install 2 OSs on one HD then make an image and then restore from this image. First of all I install WinXP Pro SP2, during setup I tell it to use only 1/2 of the HD. After the installation is complete and I have finished to install all the necessary drivers and programs, I go to...
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    I wonder what is DVI? I mean I know there are 2 connectors on the back of LCD. One is VGA another DVI. Today I received a new video card (x850 agp), it also has 2 connectors. Is there any difference between using old VGA cable or new DVI? What should I know about DVI connection? I always...
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    [AGP] X850 Pro 256MB GDDR3 vs Geforce 6800 512MB GDDR2

    1. Connect3d X850 Pro 256MB GDDR3 DVI VIVO AGP - £110 ~ 187$ Core Clock Speed 507 MHz RAMDAC Clock Speed 400 MHz Video Memory Installed ( Max ) 256 MB - GDDR3 SDRAM 2. ASUS N6800/TD/512M Geforce 6800 512MB 128-bit GDDR2 AGP 4X/8X TVO DVI VGA - £120 ~ 204$ Core Clock Speed 350 MHz...
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    New minotor, now LCD.

    I have CRT LG Flatron 915FT plus. It is 4 years old and I have noticed it is too dark for digi photography. I would like to buy a new LCD, 20.1" not wide screen, with a native res. 1600x1200. I want to process RAW pictures from my new digi camera and once a week play FPS. However, processing...
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    wireless mouse for laptop

    Hello. I need a wireless mouse for laptop but it should be a normal sized mouse, not mini. There are many different wireless mice out there, however I need a mouse that would communicate with laptop via a something similar to a USB stick - because it is for laptop and it should be portable. I...
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    Network boot disk

    What is it? If you want to do an unattended installation of winxp and you put xp files (i386 folder) on your share point and save there unattend.txt file, then you go to your target PC, and launch it with network boot disk and start the installation process... What is this disk? Where do...
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    Wallpaper/Screenshot from origimal DVD

    I wonder whether it is possible to capture high quality screenshots from original DVD and makes Wallpapers for my Desktop? If it ispossible, what software would you suggest? Thank you in advance. A.
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    Job Interview

    Hi guys. I do not know where is the best forum here, to post this topic, so I have decided to do it in General Hardware. Hope Admin and Moderators will not find it offensive and do not delete it. Hope dies last, as some say... I have received a letter with an invitation to the interview...
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    Linsys WRT54GS, needs software firewall?

    I have just installed Linsys WRT54GS router and connected my 2 computers to it. Desktop is cabled and laptop is wireless. Both of them behind the NAT. There is also some kind of firewall on the router, but not many options are available. Anyway, I have got the following question. Do I need...
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    Acer 1672WLMi vs. 1522WLMi

    I am going to buy a laptop for my wife and me. I have decided it would be one of those two: 1672WLMi or 1522WLMi. What can you tell me about these models. Which one is better? The only difference between them that I can see, besides amd vs. intel, is that 1522(amd) version has cardreader...
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    Hi citizens of [H]. What defragmenter do you use to keep your hard driver tidy and in shape? Do you use a native defragmenter that comes with Windows? Why? Do you think it knows how to defragment its mother's environment better than others? Or do you use third party defragmenter? Yes...
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    interview for IT tech pos.

    Hiyas. I have got a question. If you are to be interviewed for IT tecnician position (helpdesk in college) and you are asked a question on the interview: You have got 50 faults. With which one would start first? Would should be the answer...?
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    Nothing on the screen

    Hi guys. A friend of mine brought his pc to me. I built it for him 11 months ago. It worked all that time without a fault. A few days ago he switches his pc on, power and harddrive leds come on, dvd-rw led blinks once too, led on the monitor turns green ...for 5 seconds, then monitor goes...