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    Are You Getting an iPad?

    I got one today, completely worth it. It isn't a laptop replacement, but it's going to serve many a useful purpose. Of course it wasn't made to be a replacement, that's just what the haters have made it out to be. I figure the next generation one will be far superior, but i might as well...
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    Expand Vista (C:) Partition Free?

    I did try to do it within Vista's own disk management, but it wouldn't let me resize the system partition. I'm sure if i fucked with it long enough i could have got it done, but Acronis took care of it in 5 minutes.
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    Expand Vista (C:) Partition Free?

    Ok we're in business.........thanks bud! Acronis worked great for what i needed to do. Such a simple task, such a pita.......welcome to computer i guess eh.
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    Expand Vista (C:) Partition Free?

    Hmmm, that's not going to work because i have a lot of programs on the D: drive so that would eliminate all the paths and at that point i might as well reformat the entire thing. I don't understand how Vista is using 18GB without a single program on it. I think my pagefile is 2GB iirc. I...
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    Expand Vista (C:) Partition Free?

    Been running Vista on my laptop for about 2 years now and never had any problems with disk space. Today i got around to doing updates on it and i've run out of disc space. I have absolutely nothing on the C drive except Windows, i have all programs on another partition. I need to take back...
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    Post your workstation 2008 !

    The only change since 07' is i now have a Logitech remote to replace the current 3 pictured, not really worthy of a new pic.
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    Post Your Workstation 2007

    Nice. Could use some wire management though ;)
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    Any Lans in Colorado?

    Just moved to Westminster, anything going on? I'm up for some beer and computers :D
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    What games have you pulled all-nighters playing?

    Many nights playing RTCW MP. So many i can't even count. Only SP game that kept me up all night was Doom 3.
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    Wal Mart Acer Laptop

    Probably on a recovery partition?
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    Very [H]ot! Acer Notebook from Walmart $348

    Make sure you call, all the stores in Denver claim to be in stock but they are all actually sold out.
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    Looking for my first laptop.

    Check out the Dell XPS 1330. I'm not a huge Sony fan, they make nice stuff, but it's always overpriced imo.
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    Audio Editing Software? (Advice)

    My sister was asking me about audio editing software, and since i've never done audio editing here i am asking for your advice. Looking for a simple interface, can be free or can be bought. She is a HS teacher, and this is for the dance team, so we're not talking professional stuff here, just...
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    *Official* AVCHD Camcorder's Thread

    I have a Sony and use Sony Vegas to edit and it works great. There is more software available than listed by the above poster, i've tried 4 different editing software packages for this format, and while all worked, Sony Vegas worked best for my needs. Not to mention once you output an avi file...
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    Any regrets going to Laptops from Desktop?

    I pretty much use my notebook for everything i do on a computer, and prefer it over a desktop. The sole reason i keep a PC around is for: movies, music, and above all, storage (mainly for those first two items). The main benefits for me are: I don't need to sit in a chair, confined to one...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Westy 37" AMD Opteron System Sony SR-5 HD Camcorder Dell 1405 Xbox 360 Z-5500's Comcast HD box Only Ikea is side table, not Ikea whore ;) Baseballs signed by Padres :D
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    audio from Westy 37w3 to z5500

    Yup. from the back of the comcast box to the speakers, and away you go.
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    audio from Westy 37w3 to z5500

    It's surround sound if the programing is in 5.1 sound, which most HD channels are. I'm no audio expert, but when sound comes out of all 5 speakers, that's surround enough for me.
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    audio from Westy 37w3 to z5500

    All you need is a coax digital cable from Best Buy, cost you like 10 bucks. Looks like an RCA cable, but it's just a single one. Goes from the cable box to the back of the Z5500 volume thingy for lack of a better name.
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    windows vista and the defualt browser.

    I have the same problem, so i'm curious as well.
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    Post Your Workstation 2007

    It's a bonsai tree from Wal-Mart. Was like $5.99, doesn't need much water, and no direct sunlight. I think it's kinnda cool :p And if you were refering to me, the only thing from Ikea is the side table, everything else is not.
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    I just retired my Emachines M6810...

    I bought the M6805 the week it came out. Awe the memories this brings back. I sold mine to my buddy about a year ago, and he just retired it about a month ago. Screen flicker was really bad, battery couldn't hold a charge, and it was showing its age. Those laptops were some nice machines for the...
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    Post Your Workstation 2007

    I posted my setup, it has since been lost when the database rolled back. I'll post it again. I've had the camera about a month now, and i really like it. Been using Vegas for my editing, just waiting for Premier to come out with support for the format (which i read was coming). Anyways...
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    The Lian Li Gallery

    It comes with one CD/DVD driver cover, and the floppy cover.
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    Post Your Workstation 2007

    Yeah, the whole AVCHD has kind of been a pain. I only know of 3 programs that can edit it directly right now, which almost caused me to avoid it, but after a bit of reading it sounded like the format was catching on, and more software will become available. I've been using Sony Vegas to edit the...
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    Post Your Workstation 2007

    Justaddboost: How do you like the SR-5? What are you using to edit the AVCHD? I got the same camera about 2 weeks ago before my vacation and it's been a pretty solid camera so far. My biggest complaint is Sony selling a $1000 camera and not including a mini HDMI cable, i've only seen 2 places...
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    40 Gigabit Grandma

    Not only that, but a hard drive can't take 40GB of data in a second and store it for any length of time.
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    HDMI Cable Question

    I just got a Sony HD camcorder, and the cheap bastards didn't even include an HDMI cable with it. So i ordered one not even thinking twice about it (my first experience with HDMI) and when i get the cable i realize that the Sony uses a "Mini HDMI" cable (type C i think they call it). Well i look...
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    Help me eliminate mobsync.exe (Vista)

    No one eh? I can't find anything online, probably the reason no one here knows :( I guess i will bow down to mobsync.exe and let it run for no good reason... And also, when i close the lid to my laptop, the program restarts itself. Not after sleeping, or hibernating or anything like that...
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    Help me eliminate mobsync.exe (Vista)

    Thanks, but no such luck. I also used autoruns to looks for the item, and it doesn't even appear. This thing is worse than a virus and it's a g'damn Windows file :mad: It's not obtrusive or anything like that, but it starts without permission, can't be exited, only killed in task...
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    Help me eliminate mobsync.exe (Vista)

    It's not located in msconfig, nor services.msc I can't delete or move the file, not in safe mode, not in Windows, not as the administrator.
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    Help me eliminate mobsync.exe (Vista)

    Well i'm currently not using Windows Defender either :p But even so, would it kill a Windows file like that? This is part of the operating system, but i don't have any idea how to tell it i don't want anything synced. I should mention, it even starts in safe mode. As the admin i can't...
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    Help me eliminate mobsync.exe (Vista)

    No one eh? I can't even close the thing, it has to be killed through task manager. Come'on folks it's annoying.
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    Help me eliminate mobsync.exe (Vista)

    Yeah, no such services. And it isn't a resource hog, just an annoyance i would like to get rid of, if possible.
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    Help me eliminate mobsync.exe (Vista)

    When i click it, it takes me to the Windows sync center, i'm not syncing anything, nor do i have the need to. This is new as of Vegas 7, go figure. I don't think i've ever had a problem like this killing/getting rid of a program, but this one refuses to go away, and Google is no help to me so...
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    Help me eliminate mobsync.exe (Vista)

    Ever since i installed Vegas 7, at startup i get the Windows sync program running. It's trying to sync with mysql which i'm not using, it was installed as a result of Vegas. When i uninstall it, i get an error starting up Vegas, so while it solves one thing, it creates another annoyance. I found...
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    List Your Firefox Extensions

    Nope, it will remain constant. It won't change with the seasons and holidays and all that :(
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    List Your Firefox Extensions

    Thanks. Google being my home page, it's been awsome to have it look a little different. I also use the gray theme for youtube and google video, just adds a little flavor to some otherwise boring sites.
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    List Your Firefox Extensions

    Since this seems to be your mission, edited.
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    List Your Firefox Extensions

    I didn't mention it, or give instructions. I don't see the problem with a screenshot?