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    Help deciding on new TV!

    Hi everyone, I'm torn between the OLED 4k LG 55 in 55EF9500 versus the LED 4k Samsung 65" UN65JS8500FXZA. Primary purpose is gaming and movies. Please discuss! And curved or flat? Thanks! All constructive comments helpful!
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    Asus Laptop Headphones Issue

    Hi all, I have an Asus laptop where when I plug headphones into the auduo port, I get no aidiot from the headphones. I have tested several sets of earbuds. I have updated the realtek audio drivers, I have removed all audio drivers and rebooted. Before I uninstalled the drivers, the headphones...
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    Win 8.1 Video App dropping streams every 15 minutes

    Hey all. I don't often have to post a tech support question but this one has me stumped. I use the Win 8.1 Video app to stream video over my network to my xbox one from my Surface 1 Pro. The problem is that it keeps dropping back to the surface almost exactly every 15 minutes. It doesn't seem to...
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    CPU Heatsink/Fan Intel Slot Compatibility Question

    I see a lot of fans/heatsinks that say they are compatible with LGA1156, but mine is LGA1155, are they interchangeable? Only reason I ask is because both stock heatsink/fans from my older 1156 and my newer 1155 look identical in both size and plug locations.
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    Win 8 & Robocopy over network

    Hi all. I have a batch file I wrote that copies my important files over to a networked computer. I have been successfully using this file for awhile. I updated both machines to windows 8 recently. Note, the batch script was working fine with the source being win 8 and the destination being win...
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    Windows 8 Apps over 2 machines

    I have several paid apps on my laptop. I installed Windows 8 on my desktop, both are connected to my live account. I go into the store on my desktop and select "Apps installed on [My Laptop]" but none of my paid apps are there? Anyone have any idea on how to get your apps on another machine?
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    Post Blue Screen Issues

    I posted this in the video card forums with no response... maybe someone might know something looking in this forum: So I encountered a bit of a strange issue yesterday on my laptop. (Specs in the signature). I got a blue screen of death on Win 7 64-bit. (I thought they got rid of that btw?)...
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    Firefox/IE missing GUI issues???

    So I encountered a bit of a strange issue yesterday on my laptop. (Specs in the signature). I got a blue screen of death on Win 7 64-bit. (I thought they got rid of that btw?) But anyhow, it would blue screen on "Restart with Most Recent Working Configuration" and trying Safe Mode. Windows did...
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    3 Monitor Setup

    I have 3 LCD monitors and an nVidia GeForce 580GTX. Is there a way that I can do 3 independent monitors? (Not cloned). My GeForce has 2 DVI ports and an HDMI... See sig for setup.
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    Can you power an 8 pin PCIe power connector with a 6 pin?

    I just got a 580GTX and it requires a 6pin and an 8pin connector. I only have 2 6 pin connectors coming from my power supply. Will it work if I connect the 6 pin to the 8 pin?
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    580 GTX and Corsair 620W Power

    I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out if a PNY 580GTX will work with a Corsair HX620W power supply. I know I have the 12v rail and the max power rating but the connectors is what has me worried. The 580 is expecting a 6 port and 8 port power connection. I currently have an 8800GTX (see main...
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    Running a .exe on Windows CE.

    I'm trying to install an .exe file on Windows CE 6.0 and when I double click on the executable, nothing happens. Is there something specific that needs to be done on the CE OS to run an exe?
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    Alternate method to verify if Windows XP Firewall is active

    I'm trying to verify if Windows firewall is active or not on my work machine. It is Windows XP Pro. The screen is grayed out and I do not have access to it. In the grayed out area the "On" radio button is selected, but since it is grayed out I don't know if I can trust that. Is there an...
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    Using remote desktop with a non-local machine

    I'm trying to set up a non-local remote desktop session and I'm kind of unsure how to do it. I could always do it with my local machines on my network but never could get it to work outside the network. Both machines are Win7. I had the receiving computer allow incoming remote desktop...
  15. T Firefox redirect?

    Has anyone else encountered this? Every once in awhile when I type in into firefox it auto-redirects me to another site. The site is usually different every time, but sometimes it is I was thinking it's a history issue or a small little redirect code that I picked up...
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    Anyone know how to remove cd drive from Asus G71?

    Does anyone know how to do it or a decent guide? Thanks
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    NIC always reports "Cable Disconnected"

    I accidentally let the primary internet connection hit the VM connection I have. Now no matter what I do (disable the NIC and restarting it, windows repair, disabling the connection and enabling it) it still says "A network cable is unplugged". The cable 100% alive to an internet connection, I...
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    Laptop optical drives

    Are these all standard? Well the normal ones (not the super thin ones or anything). I'm looking to replace the one I have on my laptop w a Blu Ray one (reusing the drive tray header from my laptop now). So basically is the form factor (not the connection [i know sata/ide etc]) the same for the...
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    HDD No longer detected??? Plz help!

    I turned on my computer today and the 2nd hard drive, is no longer detected by windows at all. It's just gone. I'm running windows on a primary SSD and this is my back up 500Gb standard platter drive. It's a sata drive, I tried a different sata port on the mobo and a different sata cord to no...
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    HP Wireless Printer Network Issues

    My wireless printer keeps disconnecting from my protected network running out of a Linksys WRT310N router. I believe the issue is that the HP printer does not store the WPA2 passcode and that the router has a limited lease time on a single connection where a device must reconnect using the...
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    Win 7 Extreme Computer Slow Down Help Plz!

    I'm experiencing an issue. I have an Asus G71gx laptop. I'm running Win7 x64 on it. The issue is randomly after a period of time the processor load will increase a huge amount, such that the mouse is very unresponsive. I can move it but it stutters across the screen and will stop for a second or...
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    Getting the full 300Mbps on a Linksys N Gigabit Router

    I seem to be limited to 130Mbps... It's a WRT310N.
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    Need Suggestions for a new Audio Receiver for my Surround Sound

    Ok right now I have a 770W 7.1 Pioneer Receiver with kickass JBL speakers. The channels keep cutting out here and there during games. I brought it in to get repaired, apparently it was the solders in the back where the wires connect in. This issue is occurring again. I figured I should probably...
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    Task Manager and Processor CPU History Graphs

    Ok, here's the thing. Usually these graphs show your processor cores as well as an extra one extra for each hyperthread. For example my desktop with the new i7 shows 8 graphs because it has 4 hyperthreaded cores. My laptop on the other hand has a hyperthreaded core 2 duo P8700. The history...
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    Alienware Area-51m 7700 LCD Issue, please help

    Hey, I'm getting a single red line vertically down the right side of my lcd. A blue one is starting to form a little to the left of the first one. I am unsure of whether or not the problem lies with the lcd cable or the lcd itself. Tested it with an external monitor, so it is not the graphics...
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    First capture card. Plz help deciding

    I want to get a capture card to record my xbox 360 games. Sorta like RvB. Any help on deciding what card to get? I really have no idea about these.
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    What is Intels next line of processors going to be?

    Just wondering also a link to any info would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Upgrading to Quad or stay at Dual?

    U guys can see my main rig in my sig, but i am going to SLi it with another 8800GTX and add 2 more gigs of ram. Is it worth an upgrade to a quad core from my core 2 duo or is it just a waste of money... which i think it is?
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    New processor in Alienware Area51m 7700 Laptop?

    I was thinking about putting my Intel Core 2 Duo in my Alienware 7700m laptop. They keep saying the motherboard won't support it but i really don't see why not as it is LGA775 chip and a desktop processor sized slot... What do u guys think about it?
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    My G.Skill DDR800 is CPUZing at 400mhz why???

    this is the ram: specs are on my tag as my main rig running Vista Ultimate 32bit
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    680i status monitor voltages... plz help!

    I'm not sure what some of these mean... also how these looking voltage wise and why are some red/yellow? CPU (Green) 1.325V Memory (Yellow) 1.85V FSB (Green) 1.2V HT(SPP-MCP) <--??? What is this? (Red) 1.45V PCI-e (yellow) 1.35V nForce(Green) 1.5V AUX(Green) 1.5V
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    My new setup: Comments welcome.

    Well The time has come and I've finally put out the serious amounts of cash to upgrade my entertainment setup... Let me know what you guys think.... Old Setup: New Setup!
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    How should I go about expanding wireless network reception?

    I have a Belkin wireless b/g router which is in my attic where my room is. It gets decent signal everywhere in the house except the kitchen. The kitchen seems to be a dead zone for all my wireless devices even my xbox 360 controller. I want to get wireless access to my back yard, which is on the...
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    Disabling nVidia Firewall

    Several of my programs are having issues with the nVidia firewall. I believe it came with my 680i motherboard. Does anyone know how to disable it?
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    Turning off nVidia Firewall on nForce 680i

    I was wondering how to disable the nVidia firewall on my computer. It's interfering with several of my programs. Thanks for any help!
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    Retriving my data from laptop harddrive

    I'm trying to get my data off of my laptop hard drive via a IDE to USB cable. My other computer detects it and I can access the files but my profile in Documents & Settings/ Username says access denied. Is there anywhere on this computer where I can put in the username and password or get around...
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    EVGA nForce 680i Installation Question

    I set up everything correctly except the connection from the case to the motherboard. I am not sure which 10pin connector to connect the power button to. Also do I need just the power button or also the other things like power LED, HDD LED etc connected for it to work? The motherboard is...
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    SATA with IDE?

    Is it possible to connect one SATA drive to a computer as well as an IDE drive?
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    First Computer Build - Power Rig

    - EVGA LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard - BUFFALO Firestix 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) - PNY GeForce 8800GTX 768MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video Card - Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz LGA 775 Processor - CORSAIR CMPSU-620HX ATX12V v2.2 and...
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    Linksys Wireless-B and Vista

    I'm using a Linksys Wireless B router and trying to connect it wirelessly with a windows Vista laptop. The laptop is not detecting a wireless signal. But this desktop is connected via the ethernet portion of the router. Any special drivers needed for Vista or something? I'm not real sure how to...