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    Buy AMD sell Intel

    I should have sold at $30 and re-purchased at <$20. Oh well.
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    GeForce Partner Program Impacts Consumer Choice

    evernessince at TechPowerUP noticed potential signs of the GPP: Edited for credit.
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    Small/Medium Business Printer Solution.. Quality Color MFP Choices?

    Find the total usage on your 3 Dell 1815's via System Data Report (Menu>Reports>System Data). Determine how many total pages printed per year (Total Pages / Years Owned). Calculate total cost spent on supplies: (Pages Printed x $.025 per page [calculated off oem toner/maintenance kit prices])...
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    Samsung 840 Pro 256GB - $220 shipped

    What they said. Of course NCIX just had the same price which is where I ordered it from. Should've known Newegg would've reduced theirs shortly after which would've allowed me to purchase it from Amazon.
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    notebook vs desktop

    Since I don't take much time to play games anymore, my notebook is what gets my attention. Portability wins all.
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    Can Circuit City Techs Legally Peruse Your Files?

    I've turned 1 person in for child porn. Was in the process of backing up his favorites and noticed some of them had references to 'pedophilia' and '13 yr old', etc. Immediately stopped, called the cops, detective came to the store. Asked me how I came across them and explained the situation...
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    SimpleTech (2-Pack Boxed) 1GB Bonzai Xpress USB 2.0 Flash Drive - $0 AR!

    FAI, these work as Vista ReadyBoost drives. Tested mine on a machine today.
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    HOT: Onkyo HT-S790S HT System as little as $309.99

    Circuit City has the Onkyo HT-S790S Home Theater System on sale for 399.99 By using a 10&#37; off 199 coupon from Ebay (YMMV) the price becomes 359.99. They also list a...
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    Gateway NX860XL @ [H] Consumer

    Actually, she would've been on to something, had you actually had a problem of the optical drives showing exclamation marks on them in the Device Manager, or not showing up in My Computer. In a case where uninstalling the optical drives themselves doesn't work, removing the upper and lower...
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    EVGA 8800GTX @ Circuitcity $599

    our house payment is 230$ a month. That doesn't include insurance which occurs like every other month or something.
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    Recommend me an ASUS A8N-E northbridge fan

    I purchased this one, though it wouldn't fit on my Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe because of the NV Silencer on my 7800GT. Not sure if it would've fit had I had the stock cooler on, but maybe it will fit on the A8N-E? Edit: Well, maybe not after looking at the picture, I don't know, this chipset...
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    1 25cm fan + 1 25cm fan=XCLIO A380 case

    I realize mounting the harddrive cage perpendicular like that helps with removal of the harddrives themselves, but I almost feel that 25cm fan is wasted because of it...
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    Trying to make a choice on a case.

    Aurora, twin 12cm radiator with no modding necessary, ports for water tubing if desired, and full tower for water cooling storage and wire routing.
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    PC Cassette Deck/Player

    Probably not, considering you can just hook up an external professional tape deck to your sound card and mix that way. Though I'm sure most use cd's now.
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    Wow.. Gateway tech support..

    Might want to reword that first part from what I've heard.
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    What to do with 4 2.4ghz Xeon's

    Except what good does 300+ Xeons do for you if you just donate them right to the students anyway? How does that benefit the school it was donated for? Would've made more sense to ebay them and use the money to benefit the school/class than to just turn around and give them to students who...
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    Help me decide!

    Thanx, I found a decent deal on a 500gb WD SE16 that I'm going with. 500GB SATA 2 w/16mb cache, 7200RPM, 125GB platters for 230$ with Free shipping is pretty good right now! Thanx everyone!
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    Help me decide!

    Well, see, I'm seeing differences. I see reviews where general usage and XP startup could be faster with RAID 0, gaming load times have decreased for certain games, with very minimal to no performance hit. So thats why I wonder. I don't really have any important documents on my computer at...
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    Help me decide!

    Which harddrive/harddrives setup do I do? I use my computer mostly for gaming, web surfing, torrenting (mostly large files), DVD copying. BTW, most of my gaming is either FPS or racing simulations. 1 - WD4000KD WD 400GB SE16 2 - T7K250 Hitachi 250GB Sata 2 drives in RAID 0 2 - WD2500KS...
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    Hard drives stuck in PIO Mode

    Give it a shot, worked for me: That is if you haven't already edited these exact keys.
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    Old Gateway Tower Case

    Front=Intake Back = Exhaust Top = Exhaust Front will house hopefully at least one 120. I don't think I can get a 120 in the back, so I will probably do 1 80mm there, and 1 80mm up top. The harddrive will go above the psu. I don't like where the harddrive is now either. Looks flimsy.
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    Old Gateway Tower Case

    Depending on how it looks, maybe the hardware in my current A-Top Xblade case (My current rig). Otherwise, probably the hardware listed for the second computer. Black is good. Gold trim on the windows, maaaaybe. I was thinking a metallic white, but not sure on accent color!
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    Old Gateway Tower Case

    Yes, that is the original hardware. AFAIK it all still works :). But that won't be the hardware going in lol :D . Both the removable MOBO tray and making the case panels come off in pieces sound like great ideas! Thanx for the ideas, much appreciated! CS
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    Old Gateway Tower Case

    Lots of good ideas here, thanx guys! So far it sounds like paint, window mod with window modded harddrive (if i'm feeling lucky!), CCFL behind front panel, blowhole in top, cutout for push in I/O piece, and as big of fans as I can get to fit! This will all be a while from now though as we...
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    Old Gateway Tower Case

    I just got a used Gateway Tower Case. This thing is fairly old, P5-200 old. Give me some idea's please! Nothing too hard either. :rolleyes: I was thinking paint, fan openings (of course), maybe a window.....but any ideas are appreciated!
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    a8n-sli an overclocking dud?

    From what I understand you want to be using the NV SATA ports as the Silicon Image ones are on the PCI bus. I was having glitches so I switched over. What are the current settings you are running at, list them all! Confusedsoul
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    The built in defrag for Windows XP was created by Microsoft and Executive Software. Just go into defragmenter, click help>about, and you will notice that this appears: Windows Disk Defragmenter Copyright (c) 2001 Microsoft Corp. and Executive Software International, Inc. There are more...