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    Rails not fitting rack?

    I had the same issue with a rackmount PE 2900 in our APC racks at work. I just left the back mesh door off.
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    Can anyone help me with my IBM Intellistation A-Pro? (putting quad in a dual box)

    Yeah you can :p Mobo just has to support it
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    Feedback from Techs that work in data centers

    We've got some Nortel QIP software that's garbage. We're looking for something better at the moment as well. The only good things about our current setup is: Web based, and uses logins so you can only mess up your own deligated subnet, not every one's.
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    HP MSA60 Hard Drive Cages

    I don't think they're ^^ the right drive sleds. He needs the newer kind with a slightly different handle on the front.
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    Help me find an utterly reliable chipset/board/OS combo

    440BX + Slot1 pIII + Intel Pro 100 = Happy :D
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    Big Box

    I've got a free quad Intel, 16Gb of RAM at work if need anything run on it.
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    Dell Poweredge 2500SC how much is it worth?

    ebay says less than $200. You'd probably get ~$150 on a forum for it.
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    20% off Certification Exams at MeasureUp

    ^guys, this was posted in Sept 05' and the poster hasn't been back since May of 06'. Don't think he'll be answering your questions ;)
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    20% off Certification Exams at MeasureUp

    MS Voucher still works. :D
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    What are some good PATA Raid cards? (Proven Old timers?)

    My server's use DFS to replicate to each other. The storage arrays are all RAID 1 or 5 and they're backed up to a DLT autoloader. I don't use anything 'lower level' than that like Ghost.
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    What are some good PATA Raid cards? (Proven Old timers?)

    I love my 3Ware 7500's. I have 2 of the 7504 (4 ports), a 7508 and my friend is running the 7512. Haven't had a controller failure years of operation.
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    Raid/scsi card for P3 dually?

    I've got a couple to AMI 493's in my dualies. Also known as Dell Perc3/ DC's. Dual U160, should be under $80
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    best way to get lots of IDE ports?

    Ahh opps, someone must have bought up the 7500's he used to have. They are terribly old cards, and do not support drives above 137Gb
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    best way to get lots of IDE ports?

    A guy on Ars currently has a bunch of 3Ware cards up FS, some 8 & 12 port'ers under $200.
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    RAID10 slower than RAID5 on SAS system?

    Could the PERC's cache be messing up the reporting of the RAID 5 numbers, aka pulling results from it instead of the drives themselves?
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    Datacenters in New Jersey

    There is a nice one at 3701 Market St in Philadelphia. That's the closest one to NJ i know of. My company has 11 racks there we'll be clearing out by years end. [edit] 2 NJ DC's:
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    Which File system for >2TB ?

    NTFS can do it if you convert to Dynamic Disks. A 'normal' NTFS partition can only do 2Tb.
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    Domino / Lotus Notes incoming mail question

    'Nother Domino + Postini admin here. We use SAV for Domino internally as well for profanity / attachment size limits. If you have Domino Admin installed, bring that up. Switch to the server you want to check (SMTP I guess?) Go to the 'Server' Tab. Then Statistics. You should see a list of...
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    Lotus Notes Spam filtering......for the AS400?

    We've got Domino on Windows here. for external spam filtering, Symantec A/V & Filter for Domino on the Server side. I don't know if that's an option on a as/400.
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    Looking for SMS 2003 Packager/Administrator in Eastern PA area

    Heh, Wow that's odd. I'm in Allentown doing almost exactly what you're asking for. However I'm moving back down to philly in 3-4 weeks.
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    Help...short in adapter killed drive

    If the BIOS doesn't see the drive you're usually SOL. Is there any damage to the PCB, like burn marks or an exploded circuit?
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    moving scsi array to another controller

    PERC4's should be smart enough to read (import?) the config off the drives. I don't a machine i can take down right now to give you the exact steps to do it. If you still need the info Monday i will.
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    Rack Mounted Surge Protectors/UPS?

    You want some of these. I've got a few from them, good stuff.
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    Anyone with Tyan Connections This guy? I don't see an actual release other than being on the bottom of "What's new."
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    ? 4proc system w/ 1failed

    My friend had a quad PPro Proliant that would 'fail' all 4 processors, but run without any issues. 'Twas a quirky box. Some of the old Xeon-based Proliants could 'fail' a processor as well until you ran SmartStart and re-enabled it. If you do pull the chip, you may need a Slot2 terminator in...
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    compaq prolient 2500 LCD unit help

    If you've installed the latest 'ROMPaq' there should be an 'intergrated LCD display' program (i think). It won't show up under Windows, and i don't know of any other way of accessing it through software. [edit] And it's not the floppy port. Just physically identical. Make sure you have it...
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    [Poll] Wich OS do you run your fileserver on?

    Server 2003 R2 for Shadow Copy, File Screening and the new DFS changes. I've been having a bunch of fun with it :)
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    Help me recover my Laptop HDD

    Yep, pull that black piece off the end (carefully!) and the part unhappy_mage linked to will work for you. It's a 44pin to 40pin + power adapter. You can then plug your laptop harddrive into a desktop. I do it almost everyday at work.
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    Selling your old IDE drives?

    My DBAN floppy at work is labeled: "Bootable Hot Drive Sex" I'm just waiting for someone to come across it. :) A regular 'format' is still very recoverable with the right tools. You'll def. want one of the programs listed so far.
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    Who's in the 16+ GB club?

    8Gb (maxed) in a NetServer 6000R at home. Why? Not sure.. because I had it laying around?
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    Norton Corp 10, server temp file 3gigs?

    I don't have a "symantec\temp" on my SAV servers. What exactly is the path? I've got Progam Files\SAV, Progam Files\Symantec and Progam Files\Symantec_Client_Security but no 'temp'
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    Exchange computer OU question

    DumpSec from Sysinterals can tell you LastLogonTime. Also if you're running WSUS the server can tell you the last time a machine checked in. If they don't help i think i have a .vbs script somewhere that checks for machine activity. Also note, machines in the 'Computer' OU are not getting...
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    RAID-0 proved ineffective at boosting desktop application/game performance

    Silly kids and their double digit access times / high cpu utilization :p Old Atlas 10k IV's in RAID 1 off a LSI U320 controller.
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    Processor Help

    Is this just a file server, or will you be converting/ripping/encoding files?
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    quad xeon problem

    Since my first idea got shot down :) : On the 'motherboard' by the 'system riser' (is that what it's called? has the SCSI/VGA/Mouse/Serial/Front LCD Connector) there should be a bunch of LED's in the row. If there was something wrong with a CPU/VRM/Terminator it should tell you there. The...
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    quad xeon problem

    Are these pII 450's? Server 2003 won't more than 1 cpu on certain steppings of the pII's. Looks like you've encountered that. Re-install Server 2000.
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    Hard Drive Boo Boo

    Towards the bottom of this page: is an ATA pin out list. There is a *small* chance the pin you broke didn't do anything important. I have used small bits of paper clips (snipped off to the right lengthm, about 5-6mm and stuck one end in the...
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    The karma sutra worm

    I was hoping for an exciting day of yelling at users but so far nothing :(
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    OEM --Dual Monitor workstation for business?

    My Dell Precision 450 and 670's at work can do dual head spanning. NVidia Quadro's in both.