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    7600K on a Z370?

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    AiO vs air, a few questions

    What about the noise? In a mostly quiet PC can we hear the pump? Depends on model I guess? H75 vs NH-U9S for example. I'm afraid a continuous pump noise can be more annoying than air flow you almost don't hear unless RPM goes high because of temp. Also I know AiO are sealed but after 5 years...
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    NCASE M1 and RGB Lightning

    While I never was a huge fan of LED lightning everywhere (fans, sticks, stripes) I can see a potential with Aura Sync because you have total control and everything can be in sync so you can go all disco or prefer a gentle relaxing lightning from all your compatible devices. Knowing how...
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    ROG Strix Z270i Gaming reviews around the web

    Feel free to add review you'll find about this board in this thread. I'll keep this first post for [H] review if it happens. March 15th, there it is, [H] review!
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    Who's still running i5-2500K?

    What will be you next CPU? Is it out yet and you're close to buy or you are waiting for the next generation? For my current needs my i5-2500K still get the job done but I plan on updating my setup in the next year so it could be 3 months or 9 months from now and was curious about people in the...
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    mini-ITX Corsair Graphite 380T I switched to microATX a long time ago and was tempted at mini-ITX but I was not able to find something that would fit a decent video card, and there was the power supply problem too. I see this one can fit a full lenght video...
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    GTX 660Ti TDP shows 170W, just like the GTX 670!

    The GTX 680 shows 195W TDP. Then came the GTX 670 with 170W. In this leaked presentation, MSI shows the 660Ti with 170W TDP (190W for OC version). Had hope for much lower, like 145-150W. Oh well, we will know tomorrow. :D
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    Win7, how to make ext USB drive to sleep?

    This sounds simple but I can't find how to do it. Let me explain... I use a sync tools to backup files from main HD to a second HD. Worked perfectly for years. That second HD is now full and instead of using a new HD, I plugged in a 500GB FreeAgent USB drive that was collecting dust. The...
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    The quest for the most quiet 560 Ti ever!

    I'm looking for nothing else than the most quiet 560 Ti on the market (@full load, of course). Let me first tell you a short story. After my usual looking around to buy what I believe could be among the best, I gave a go to the HAWK but what a mistake, so hot and loud! Yes my card had a...
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    New cards from NVIDIA, when?

    It's been a few weeks that I'm looking at the 560 Ti and after last month computer upgrade, I would be ready for a graphic card upgrade. The fact we will get Batman Arkham City for free also weight in for an imminent buy. Just curious when NVIDIA should start discussing new GPU. I know the...
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    Does only Corsair make XMP DDR3?

    I like NE search and this is the string I use: You'll see I choose 2x4GB, 1.5v and the XMP string. I only get Corsair results. Just...
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    Does Corsair A70 (and/or) NH-U12P SE2 fit in Lian Li PC-V354?

    Can't believe I spent 4 hours (and counting) surfing here and there to find a heatsink that fits my needs. In fact, my problem is that I'm a bit worried with the vertical mount of the motherboard with this case and I was looking for a good heatsink that blow air on side (not on CPU) and will...
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    Should I keep current gc for PhysX?

    You can see my actual setup below. In the coming weeks I plan to build a new rig with probably the new Z68 μATX ASUS GENE-Z. I plan on getting a 560 Ti and was wondering if I should keep the 8800GTS 512 for PhysX. I know not a lot of games use it yet but when they do, this would free...
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    What memory to get?

    Could be a dumb question... but I ask anyway. The fact is I'm thinking of building a new rig and even if I somewhat keep reading news about motherboard and such every week, I'm not up to date on everything. I'm currently jus starting to focus more on building a new setup but I thought I would...
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    Will a XP-120 fit on a Abit F-I90HD?

    And this will be in a Lanbox case in which I know it's ok for the height. What's the original E4300 heatsink height so I can compare just by looking into the case? I know I have to order the LGA775 bracket but which fan do you recommend? Not a killer one, a silent one with either 4 pins or...
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    F-I90HD new beta bios 13

    Seam@abitUK wrote on abit-usa forums : The issue has been reported. either go back to version 11 or there is a new beta 13. The temp problem only affects certian CPUs thats why it wasn't noticed right away.Anyone know where we can take a look at those beta from abit? I see nothing on...
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    F-I90HD & 8800GTS owners

    I don't know if they are all the same but can anyone let me know if there were able to use the SATA1 with their card and what brand it is? According to this picture it is close to fit, I don't know if he gave it a try 1st or not. Now, since SATA port are numbered 1-3-2-4 (from right to left...
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    LANBOX owners

    I got the windowed one with a RaptorX. I find the HD noisy when it seeks, resonating in the case. Anyone else noticed this and found a solution? I don't know why they have not included rubber enclosed screw? Would have helped a bit.
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. v1.0001 discussion

    Many players here so I'm curious to read what you have to say. I'm on hold to play because I,m currently building a new setup so yet I only took a quick look at it but glad I didn't go furthur since the saved games of v1.0000 does not wotk in v1.0001 So what else is different that the 66...
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    IDE round cable

    Is there any IDE round cable with only 1 end (master) and are very short like 8-10"? In my SFF I'd like it clean and 18" with both end (master and slave) would be useless.
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    E4300 and iTAT

    Idle = 44-45 iTAT 100% load = 75-76 I know that is quite high but when will both core really deal with 100% load for a long period? Should I worry? This is with stock cooler and modest oc of 300FSB (so 2.7GHz). I can go higher but no need. Do I really need to replace heatsink?
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    Original Intel C2D heatsink installation

    My question is about the thermal paste. I know many of you will have removed the 3 stripes and put Artic Silver or similar but for those who kept the original 3 stripes how well does it work? I have a doubt about how well it works. I found the 3 stripes a little thick and when that not all the...
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    Quick question: is this normal?

    Just got a Corsair HX520W and computer case but the motherboard will come in tomorrow. So meanwhile I decided to start installing it and wanted to test the fans (from case, not PS) so I plugged the fans and turned power on but nothing. Is it because there is no load or there is no motherboard...
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    New to mATX, a few questions

    Was looking for a case with a windw that will also show the RaptorX then I saw Thermaltake LANBox that I like BUT only accept mATX, no ATX. So I read a bit here and from what I understand, there is no real marvel in the mATX world. Most come with integrated video? I'd like an...
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    Case with window and RaptorX

    1st was looking at a clearcoated black case with window but found not many then I found Thermaltake LANBox which thought was cool looking and has the ability to show the RaptorX in action but then found it only accept mATX and I see there is no real enthusiast/gaming board in mATX. Or am I...
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    You own a Thermaltake LANBox?

    Maybe you've seen my other thread where I was looking for a black w/clearcoat case with window? Browsing here and there I came across TT LANBox. Nice looking! I was planning to get a RaptorX but I have not seen a case with a window where you can see the HD works. With this case you can! I...
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    Need expert overclockers advice

    I'm just a bit confused on FSB vs memory speed and performance we get. I'm not a noob in oc but it's been a long time when I last oc and it is my setup you see below. Since then it seems there is more options to look at then before. Let's take the E4300 for exemple since it may be what I'll...
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    Looking 4 a black case w/ clear coat & window

    I would like to find a case with a window and has a piano black finish (black with a clear coat) like the Sonata. Does anyone know if it exist or I should get a dremel and cut my Sonata?
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    Dust free case

    My Sonata is currently under the desk and until now I never intended to actually display the component of it to any visitors. I will build a new setup soon and this time I'm thinking if I should go that way. While not essential I think it may look cool nonetheless with all that is available...
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    Antec Sonata III

    Hi all, With last upgrade I bought a Sonata (1st model) and I'm running the same setup since then. Later I saw the Sonata II but wasn't excited. I'm getting ready for an upgrade and I was wishing to see a new Sonata at this CES so I could pass all my setup to someone else. I was right...