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    Thin ITX display Problem LG

    A few days ago I took a thin itx system, which is an all in one with the ability to upgrade components. My model is an LG-BC 22AM33NB got it used but guaranteed from once installed the various components, once lit, colorful vertical lines appear. detachment if the...
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    side monitor and dual support

    i've recently bought a viewsonic vp2772 and now i'm looking for a vertical side monitor ...maybe touch, any ideas ? and for these two display i'm looking for a dual support anywone use the herman miller flo ? it can support a 27" display ( hm website show the limit on 24" and 20lb , but...
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    LG 27EA83D or dell...or others ? 27 inch for photo etc

    i'm looking for a new 27" display and my budget is 600-700€ i've found good info about dell u2713h and LG 27EA83D which are not comparable like eizo and nec but...still good. what is the best for you ? sometimes i play games and watch film...but primary use is for editing photo and cad...
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    Monitor ARM for dell U2711

    ...i'm looking for a dell u2711 and i want to have it on a free movement arm... the humanscale M2 works fine or i must take the M8 version or the Ergotron MX ?
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    Micro atx mainboard with 890FX...exist ?

    Ther's a motherboard in the micro atx format with the amd 890fx chipset ?
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    Dfi JR P45 & Q9550

    ...they work good or there are any type of problems ?? overclock it's possible ??
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    Setup with a 24" and a vertical 19" lcd on an ergotron support ??

    Anywone have a setup with a 24" and a vertical 19" lcd on and ergotron support ??:)
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    Nexus Psile...nobody have this case ?

    I'm looking for a Nexus Psile for parent's pc... nobody have this case and can post some photos ?:D
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    Silverstone TJ09 and "BTX" profile...

    It's possible to reverse the mb tray of this case lika a mb BTX ?:) on the manual there isn't ...but with a mod ? like the tj07 ?:confused:
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    Lian Li PC-767 ....

    Nobody have this case ? i'm looking for it but i have found onl two review if there are owners of this case, can you post more photo ? and another question...lian li Bezel are compatible ?
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    Lian Li PC-A01

    Hi , i'm from Italy , i'm here to find many info & photo about Lian Li PC-A01... Are here nobody who have this case ?