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    Win8 to win7?

    I just got my Toshiba Satelite p875/s7310 replaced(1st one lasted less then 60 days) the only issue i have is the new one came with Win8 on it,,,cant stand this os already,i have win7,and know how to install it fine,just wondering if anyone knows if there gonna be any issues with laptop specific...
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    SoF3 Payback

    Is it me? I bought this game being a fan of the series,took me all of 5 hrs to complete,now I cant help but feel like i was bent over a table and took it dry. MY GOD this game is bad,I was really shocked that they took such a great series (Dbl Helix was some fun times),and ruined it What are...
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    MSI K8N Neo2 F Bios Questions

    ill make this as short as new to the 939 socket..and this k8n neo2 F...theres a few thing in bios i dont understand..and the manuall only tells you how to change them...not what they actually do 1st:spectrum spread...atm its disabled..i cannot enable it( i dont know y)whats this...
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    MSI-K7N2 and S.M.A.R.T

    Im curious if anyones using this feature with thier mother board..and if so...what kind of resources is it using...i suppose i could just enable it...but im curious if anyones used it