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    2 bitcoins a week

    LOL 860 x 3090s
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    Second video card not showing up (3090 + 3070)

    Adding cards . you may want to uninstall GPU drivers and Afterburner and reload. Then maybe mess around with Device manager Then maybe switch card locations - reinstall
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    Any luck installing a 3000 Ryzen on an X370?

    Have a 3600 on a Asus 450 MB when overclocking in Bios past 4.2 It does some massive ram Freq. downclocking and big CAS upclocking. Have never seen such - like this - weird but benchmarks do still increase - Duh
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    Radeon VII Owner's Club!

    Just wish I had done all four sides - The pads were to level up to the waterblock so it would make contact. EK makes some nice pads over stock amd stuff did a simple heating pad test with my trusty laser temp gun. This was the second time I set the block and it helped junction temps that's all...
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    Asus b450 Plus Gaming

    Asus b450 Plus Gaming
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    Radeon VII Owner's Club!

    Not my first rodeo - fingernail polish - have done cooling peltier plate and phase change ))
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    Radeon VII Owner's Club!

    Just a wild guess - SMD I will have to look that up. seems to have improved temps from the first time I set the block ))
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    Radeon VII Owner's Club!

    Hi all just logged in to see if anyone was having issues with the last couple of driver updates. Mine has been doing a lot of driver resets. so dropped back to 10.5.2 seems to be doing mo better in the last few hours. Saw some temperature post so I thought I would throw mine in at idle - EK...
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    Asus M3A32-MVP question on new build

    Have a Sata HD & DVD player - was wondering which to plug in to the motherboard sata plugs red and or black. Also are there any adjustments in the bios I need to make sure of. Having a tough time geting to boot to CD. Thanks much for any info on subject.
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    Vista Performance Rating with more than 4GB of ram

    Wondering whats a good program for testing ram for errors under vista 64bit?
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    Upgrading to Vista64x from 32x

    Thanks Much
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    Upgrading to Vista64x from 32x

    Is There the remote possability that I could put in a Vista 64-Bit Ultimate disk and just upgrade my windows home 32 bit xp ?
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    X38 mobo and 2 1650PRO CF or P35 mobo and 3850
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    How is the 8.1 ATi driver working for you?

    Thats about right on Fmark Just tried a 3rd card on a X38 DFI CCC sees it but does not recognize it in the overdrive screen. Decided to stop because it looks like it RACES the third card and the temps on the back of the card climb very fast :eek:compared to the top 2 cards when trying to...
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    How is the 8.1 ATi driver working for you?

    Had the same problem and a reflash of the bios did the trick .It was on a X38 board. Even though the little crossfire box is checked it ain't always so. Futuremark will tell you for sure. Have a couple of questions Will this new driver support CrossfireX (3 or 4 cards) ? What would be...
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    8 Pin power plug question

    Silverstone 1000 has 4 - 6 pin and 4 - 8 pin. 2 - 8 pin are labled for v cards the other 2 are just 8 pin. Oh yea it has a 4 pin also Anyway are all 8 pins the same ?
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    8 Pin power plug question

    Have 2 - 8 pin plugs on the power supply for mother board. My question can you use one of them on a 8 pin plug on a ATI 2900xt. In otherwords are all 8 pin plugs the same voltage?
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    Questioning my idle temperatures - c2d 6400 in p180b

    For starters lap the heatsink, you will be suprised at what you see when you start lapping thermalright sinks. (have done 2 of them). I add a old northbridge sink to the top of the mounting bracket ( Ceramique between cpu sink and bracket) many will wedge in tight with little modding. :)
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    Networking questions

    Thanks again Think I will try the wireless first. I hate shovels
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    Networking questions

    Hay thanks thats good news, have about 150 ft to go. Can you tell the difference in Ping / respose time when gaming between a wireless desktop vs the same desktop hooked to a router directly? Thanks
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    Networking questions

    Trying to get DSL service in my shop. Was wondering what the maximum distance from a router (in my house) you can run cable without loosing signal. Also if I was to go wireless how that might effect gaming on a desktop for multi player shooter type games vs direct DSL ? Thanks
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    2900XT Ain't That Bad...

    So far I like the 2900s in crossfire got these on a DFI ICFX 3200 using Catalyst
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    Need help overclocking X2 3600+ Brisbane

    There are plenty of how to guides around you just half to look. Thats a perfect cpu to start with. Its all the other junk - you have to worry about :D
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    freezone mod in a nzxt zero case

    well i have just spent the last 10 min. trying to figure out how to post a pic.and it does not seem to be getting through to me. yes i seem to be some challenged - on this subject:eek:
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    freezone mod in a nzxt zero case

    Its hard to say - with the stock block seveal months ago I had it on a quad core. It seemed past 3300 mhz it wasn't much better than good air. Dusted it off last week and added the 2 blocks on the Biostar. Just checked- at 3000mhz it Idels at 25C and a 8m super pi averages about 34 to 37C. This...
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    freezone mod in a nzxt zero case

    I didn't use a reservoir. I just carefully refilled the hoses as best I could,Had a little air in the loop but it comes with some air in the loop from the factory. I wouldn't mess with the pelts/sinks.( you might want to try is to insulate the blue pelt covers where they get cold maybe)
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    freezone mod in a nzxt zero case

    Been there done that it really doesn't help much. What does seem to make a big difference is changing out the heat sink (DDen) . Have it cooling a Biostar 550 N. bridge and a Brisbane 4000 at 3100+ MHz prime stable, with what seems to be better than water cooling temps. Checked out the inside...
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    Radeon HD 2900 XT: Flop or Not?
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    I am very confused

    You may want to go to the hardware store and pick up some small bolts, nuts, washers & springs maybe and bolt the Infinity down real snug while out of the case for starters. hate those plastic tie downs:)
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    Has AMD busted itself trying to beat Intel? Looks like more insiders are buying more than selling ?
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    AMD's numbers are in... $611 million loss

    Nows the time to buy AMD stock and CPUs Resist the Dark Side
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    Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme

    Have had one for a couple of weeks - have gotten some really nice temps at 3600mhz. Added thermal paste between the hold down bracket and main sink and slipped a NB sink on top of the bracket held tight by the bottom cooling fin. They all heat up to about the same temps so I guess its helping...
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    Crossfire "bridge" question had a pair in crossfire - without the harness. was very disapointed in the difference in 1 card and crossfire If I remember right my X850xt was faster.
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    Best CPU fan for cooling a quad core?

    Thermalright HR-01-K8 CPU Works pretty good and you can get all that heat out of your case with the duct Use a push fan on the sink and a pull fan on the case back wall.
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    OCing for 680i - Step by Step - Please Correct if Incorrect

    You may want to leave you voltages on auto except for ram for starters just to see -the 680i are very good at adjusting to the load + (lower temps). Maybe start out with the ram linked (auto then sync.) and keep notes on you progress and ratios (cpuz) then try unlinked / ram timmings.
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    680i Multipliers, 10x Stable, 8x no boot

    mybe reset the bios and or reflash it. Theres not much reason why the 680i will not boot at stock everythig at 8x
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    Connecting a motherboard/power supply together wit no case. nice to have handy
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    Thermalright XP-120 Installation

    You may want to take the motherboard out of the case when you try it the first time. The hooks can be hard to get to in a case . Just keep good preasure on top of the sink to keep it from rocking when you start hooking the 4 hooks. I think it comes with a special bracket for 939 MBs
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    Motherboard beeping under heavy CPU load.

    Thanks for the tip - Tryed it -- still beeps the same even better now sometimes when it beeps while playing a 2142 my right MOVE button seems to get stuck and you start going in circles for about 5 seconds.oh boy what next I think Ill turn it back on and maybe that will clear up. LOL
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    Motherboard beeping under heavy CPU load.

    Have the same thing on evga 680i with overclocked games, .. Wish I could locate the little sucker- maybe I could smother it or something. :D