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    $1000-1400 Build

    I want to build a PC that is in the $1000 to $1400 range. Right now I do not have anything I can reuse. So I need your recommendations on a pre-built PC or a custom built one and recommend me the parts for it. EDIT: I forgot to add that this PC will not be used for gaming a lot but I will...
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    X-Clear Acrylic Computer Case

    Has anyone ever bought one of these? They look pretty awesome
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    2x 2900XT Crossfire vs 2x Ultra 8800?

    Right now I'm building a second rig and I want to know which is better 2 2900XT Crossfire or 2 Ultra 8800 (performance wise).
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    Postal III - Comic Con gameplay - HD Version They moved the game to third person :) Apparently standing around and rotating the camera is the primary gameplay. :D