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    SAMSUNG 4TB USB 3 External $119 @Newegg

    Newegg has the SAMSUNG D3 Station 4TB USB 3.0 external drive for $129.00, and promo code EMCPBWB225 gives you another $10 off. It has a three-year warranty. Plus free shipping. Ends on 8/19.
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    Autotune missing?

    I'm using Catalyst 12.4 on an XFX Double D 7770, and just noticed there is no Autotune button in the Graphics Overdrive section of the Control Center. It doesn't matter whether "Enable Graphics Overdrive" is checked or not. So, is Autotune gone from 12.4, or am I doing something wrong, or...
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    Windows 7 Explorer crashing

    Every now and then, when I click on Power Options in the Control Panel, I get the message "Windows Explorer has stopped working." Explorer then restarts and sometimes I can re-click and things are fine, or it may fail two or three times in a row. It may go weeks between occurrences, or...
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    Which Catalyst for 4890?

    Just got a Sapphire 4890 and wonder if there's a specific Catalyst version that's best for this card or if I should just go with the latest 12.4 version?
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    Radeon 4890 vs 4850

    I just found a 4890 on craigslist for $20 and I'm gonna buy it to replace the 4850 in an older Phenom II quad system. It's a lot faster on the benchmarks I found, but in real life, can I expect to see significant performance improvements?
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    Heatsinks useful if RAM not overclocked?

    I just picked up 8GB of DDR2 800 ECC for next to nothing. It's going in an HTPC and won't be overclocked. It's bare ram with no coolers/heatsinks. Is there any value in putting aftermarket heatsinks on this ram?
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    Fan Bracket?

    A few years ago, I recall seeing a versatile rectangular fan bracket that was affixed to the PCI card slot screws. It could hold fans of different sizes in different orientations parallel or perpendicular to the motherboard. The fans could be positioned anywhere along the bracket, so you could...
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    Opteron 175 or Athlon 4400+?

    I've got both of these Socket 939 processors and am trying to decide which one to use in a new, retro build. They appear identical--dual-core, 2.2GHz speed, 2X1MB L2 cache, etc. The Opteron 175 is a Denmark core, E6 stepping. The 4400+ is a Toledo core and also E6 stepping. Any reason to...
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    Which CPU for Windows Home Server box?

    I'm running WHS version 1 on a home-built system using an old Socket 939 board with an Athlon X2 3800. The system is only used for file storage and automatic back-ups of five desktops and laptops. No media storage or streaming, etc. I was going through some old components yesterday and came...
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    7600GS Passive PCI-E $49.99 AR Free Shipping

    At, XFX 7600GS passive cooling PCI-E for $49.00 after two rebates and Google checkout: Here's the math: $109.00 less $20.00 through Google checkout=$89.00. $89.00 less $25.00 XFX rebate less $15.00 XFX...