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  1. Welsper

    'See what you missed' email

    Why did I suddenly receive this email? I know I never opted in to it. Not mad, just curious.
  2. Welsper

    Homepage left/right scroll

    I don't think I should be able to do this... (Running at 1440p, Firefox 57)(To be clear, I can scroll the homepage (and any article page) left and right a significant distance)
  3. Welsper

    Blank articles on Front Page

    Whenever I go to and click an article to read, the article doesn't show up Example: (This is the GTA5 article on the front page)
  4. Welsper

    Front Page/Article text formatting issues

    Seeing some text glitches in the front page article blurbs/the articles themselves ex from the xbox scorpio article There were others, but I can't find them right now.
  5. Welsper

    Thread reply e-mail notification

    Hi guys, would it be possible to change the colors in the e-mails sent out on watched thread reply? Reading the links to (for example) unwatch a thread at the bottom of the e-mail is kinda difficult with the grey color. I'm not 100% sure if this is a Thunderbird setting, or something you guys...
  6. Welsper

    Links opening in new tab

    Old forum behavior was that links opened in the same tab as the thread they came from, new behavior after the switch is, as subject states, links open in new tabs, is there a way to revert this change? It's somewhat easier for me to just hit the back button on my mouse than it is to hit ctrl+w...
  7. Welsper

    Click on thread, get dropped at a random position in the thread

    When I click on the text link for a forum thread, I get dropped at a random position in the thread, instead of the OP, as I'd expect, am I missing something? Is this a feature that I have enabled/disabled accidentally (like it's trying to drop me where I last was in the thread)? Ex I went to...
  8. Welsper

    Favicon gone

    Like the subject says, the favicon is missing, or, at least not showing up for me, using firefox 45b5
  9. Welsper

    Not getting mail from [H]

    I'm not getting notifications that people have replied to threads I've sub'd to, I'm not sure if this is on my end or what, exactly.
  10. Welsper

    ads on the forum

    Similar to my last thread... But I got the URL this time...
  11. Welsper

    ads on the forum

    Not 100% sure if this is something that y'all want as an advert...
  12. Welsper

    Unusual characters at the end of review URLs?

    I realize that this might not be the 100% most appropriate place for it, but it's the best I could think of...When I visit a review, there are some random characters appended to the end of the URL after a pound (#) sign, ex...
  13. Welsper

    Tower-style case to hold 10-12 HDDs?

    Looking for a new case for my server, I'd like to be able to have 10-12 3.5" HDDs in it internally, I'd also like it to not be a rackmount-style as well. If it were to be one, I'd like to be able to put it on it's side (Space is limited in the horizontal, but not so much vertical). Currently, I...
  14. Welsper

    In need of more SATA ports

    Hey guys, I have a slight problem, I seem to have built myself into a corner with my fileserver. I used my old gaming system's case, a Coolermaster Cavalier 3 , which only has drive bays for 3 hard drives, those're all full, so I bought a 3tb WD drive in October, shortly before the price hike...
  15. Welsper

    HDD production should increase to ~80% of of pre-flood levels in q1 2012
  16. Welsper

    Is this an ad that [H] really should be displaying?

    Saw this, thought I'd chime in about it
  17. Welsper

    New laptop HDD + imaging

    I have a laptop which I'd like to upgrade the harddrive in, I'd like to image the drive so I don't have to worry about reinstalling or anything like that. Anyway, this is the drive I'm planning on getting: The drive I currently...
  18. Welsper

    Well, they've finally gone and done it, Seagate released a 3tb external drive Niiice. Want. :eek:
  19. Welsper


    Was trying to get a rig set up for folding (old-ish P3 laptop), and I weas digging through my networking parts to find an adapter for it's PCMCIA ethernet card....and look what I found :( and This blows...ideas how to fix? Edit: Fixed it...kinda, the nic works's just...
  20. Welsper

    Dell PSU Question...

    I use my former computer (Dell Dimension 4500) as a fileserver/test computer. Recently, the PSU has been making a buzzing sound, which I traced to the fan on the back of it; I am wondering if I can replace the PSU with a standard Cooler Master unit I had from a previous build (350w for the CM...
  21. Welsper

    Got a new monitor, need some Protips®

    Just got a brand new (relative, anyway...its from 2002) monitor, a Sony HMD-A240, 17", 1024x768 native, 1280x1024 max resolution, I'm planning on using it as a secondary monitor alongside my Viewsonic G75F+ so I can finally join the dualie club. I need two things, though, drivers for it (else...
  22. Welsper

    Right...chipset fan died on my mobo...

    I've got an MSI K8N Neo 4 motherboard, which I've heard have had spotty reliability with their chipset I was cleaning my case, and I saw that mine was not functioning, when I started the computer, it would only spin about a half turn, and then yeah, I guess it's...
  23. Welsper

    Strange problem with MSI motherboard, any help appreciated!

    Hi guys, I figure the [H]ardOCP crowd would be the best to ask for this, I have a MSI motherboard running an Athlon 64 3500+ processor, I'm using the cool & quiet mode in the bios (where it clocks it down to ~1000Mhz and then varies the speed accordingly), it used to work fine, but now MSI's...
  24. Welsper

    Bit of a computer problem...BSOD?

    I've just built myself a lovely machine, but it gives me a bit of grief from time to time... Here's my specs: AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Clawhammer 2Gb Wintec PC2700 MSI K8N Neo4 Motherboard Rosewill nVidia 6600GT graphics 1x WD Raptor SATA HDD 34.4Gb 1x Seagate Barracuda IDE HDD 160Gb...