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    PDU w/ssh?

    APC Switched rack PDU's. You can do telnet or SSH, web, and they support SNMP. Not sure whether you can power cycle via remote command - you may have to login and use their menu to do it. You could certainly script either the web or ssh menus though.
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    Looking for a solid router that'll last at least 10 years w/o problems

    Is the issue downtime or performance? You could build your own pair and use a IP fail-over solution in case one dies. Equipment will always fail, a standby (hot or cold) router will be there should something go wrong.
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    Opinions on Fortinet?

    From my experience with them at where I work (A/V + Antispam) - they seem more geared towards office environments. I'll second the UI being clunky - the CLI is pretty much worthless and I'm unimpressed with the VDOM functionality. They have a ton of documentation if you're looking to read up but...
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    Good high-level programming language

    Python is absolutely wonderful, I work in it constantly from smallish scripts to distributed applications. It's not always the best tool for the job, but I am a huge fan of using it for prototypes.
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    question about security when using a virtual machine

    Just wondering - how does VMWare handle the networking ? I know under Linux (xen) if you do network bridging you can inspect other virtual systems packets.
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    Guy builds computer with Intel 486, claims it can withstand digg/ slashdot effect

    While impressive the effort put into the project, I think calling the site dynamic content is a bit much. Very cool project even if it can or can't handle the actual /. load... I'm surprised he was able to get that much stuff into 16mb of ram
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    Easiest (and cost effective) way of duplicating 50+ hard drives

    As a sidenote, are they sata disks? If they are, could you use hot-swapping enclosures to put disks in/out without having to reboot. Might speed up time if you have to do disk-disk
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    Testing network stability?

    When in doubt, tcpdump/wireshark.
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    Change website IP address

    Change the DNS server to point to the new IP address is what it sounds like you mean to do. Unless you hard coded the address into your site, which sounds like a bad idea to me.
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    Testing network stability?
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    Best price/performance PCI RAID for linux?

    Gentoo offers a lot of flexibility but requires a lot more time to stand up. Ubuntu pretty much works "out of the box" but will probably have a lot more bloat. All Linux systems should come with cron for scheduling, but you could probably easily script something to run every week pulling your...
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    Best price/performance PCI RAID for linux?

    Is this a DAS backup, or are you putting this on the network? At 100mbit you'll cap out at ~10 megabytes per second, and on gigabit about 100ish megabytes per second (assuming the protocol supports it). As you can see from the speeds listed above, from the two raid configs posted the raid speeds...
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    Best price/performance PCI RAID for linux?

    If you are trying to compare IDE/SATA, SATA has a lot of benefits (hot swap, seems to be the direction everyone is going). SATA might not be available on older gear though, so you would have to drop in an SATA card. A hardware raid card does not come cheap, unless you mean a card that just has...
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    Stacker 830/832 Airflow

    I've got 4x Panaflo 120's on the side volt metered to stay pretty slow, 2x front 80mm's in my hot swap cages, rear and top scythe 120's at full speed. Not a lot of gear in my rig by current standards but disk temperatures have always been very acceptable (mid 30's to low 40's).
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    SSH Brute Forcing and Reporting It

    Only allow authentication via public key encryption. That increases the brute force space to satisfactory levels.
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    What exactly are you trying to do? In general I believe it is unwise to attempt doing encryption yourself - for example there are dozens of documents on how to package RSA encryption into a secure, usable format. Been a while since I've delved through this, but some good reading...
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    The Only Way To Play

    I worked for this research group on a different project before it moved to UCSD. Pictures do NOT do this thing justice. The bezels are hardly noticeable when you are at a "proper" distance to the display. Also, your 103", 110", or 200' screens will not have the resolution of this display. It has...
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    Anyone at the Lustre user group conference in Sonoma?

    I didn't even know they had anywhere to host conferences in Sonoma that didn't involve wine drinking. Is this a yearly conference?
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    Anyone at the Lustre user group conference in Sonoma?

    Was this in Sonoma, California?
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    6TB RAID 5 w/ nVidia mobo - possible?

    Try a software raid and boot off different disks (which I hope you are doing anyways). Last I checked a lot of BIOS's can't handle GPT booting, so you should have separate O/S disks.
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    SSL security

    Given a webpage of with HTML requesting a login and a password (ie, basic form action) What is the difference between: That webpage pointing to a https form action That webpage pointing to a http form action Additionally, what is the difference between: That webpage served from https...
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    RAID Card in 2nd SLI slot?

    My experience with my a8n sli premiums was that non-video adapters in the primary PCI-E slot resulted in a non-posting system. Moving the adapter to the second/third slot resulted in a posting system. I've got the 1220 working beautifully in the second slot of my a8n32, though some days I wish I...
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    World of Warcraft Screenshots here!

    Fix't. :cool:
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    World of Warcraft Screenshots here!

    Not a photoshop (aside from the obvious blanking out):
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    Opinions on Sun systems

    As fyi, Sun wanted to charge us about $680 for a missing 146gb disk. My suggestion if you do end up getting Sun, get the one WITH everything ;)
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    Opinions on Sun systems

    SPARC has the whole uber-BIOS with eeprom and all the other nifty configurations integrated beautifully. The x86 implementation tries to go there, but fails miserably as x86 can't really support it. Basically, they added in a middle layer to try to emulate the entire eeprom/boot settings system...
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    Opinions on Sun systems

    I die a little on the inside every time I have to use Solaris on x86... if you are going Sun/x86 I hope you have alternative O/S options. Not surprising with the price difference as the already noted disks/2x power supplys are not cheap. What do you plan on doing with the systems? 1gb/core also...
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    Gentoo Users Assemble!

    Neato, thanks for that. I should probably try doing it with my el-cheapo Gentoo cluster when I get a chance.
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    Gentoo Users Assemble!

    Something that I know I haven't played with (ever), but is supposedly there somewhere in portage - is the binary support. I'm a bit interested in how it functions, as compiling from source is great but nothing beats binary releases for clustered systems. It would be pretty neat if you could send...
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    Gentoo Users Assemble!

    It was a strict SELinux policy with the standard hardened profile (Grsec/ssp/other goodies). root was nothing more than another user, and I have good faith that you would not have been able to attain the sysadm role (the "real" root). That system also functioned as a squid proxy and a portage...
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    Gentoo Users Assemble!

    For any project where I have a real choice, I prefer Gentoo. I've yet to discover any other Linux distribution with the flexibility that Gentoo has. It's the only distribution I've found to seamlessly move from Server, to workstation, back to server, to hardened server, to workstation, etc :)...
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    Very high traffic media server, solving the I/O issue... help!

    Just as a double check - have you upgraded the system, aka is it the latest? In particular, have you tried upgrading the kernel. Also, is there anything in the logs that stands out?
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    Tech shows/conventions

    Yes. I would describe it as a alcohol fueled hacker-event with good intentions, and is definitely worth going to if you are in the tech industry or interested in any of the many subjects covered at Defcon. Last year I brought my Ubuntu laptop to DefCon, and didn't do a clean format for it...
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    32-core 4.7 GHz Power6 system

    Very cool - though that thing probably generates a ton of heat.
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    32-core 4.7 GHz Power6 system

    Where can you get 1U quad-cpu quad-cores? Or are you talking about blades?
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    Mirroring storage over WAN

    I've been looking for a similar solution for a while and haven't really come up with anything - there is some commercial stuff out there and I think Network Appliances has a feature that does pretty much exactly this, but it's most likely very expensive. My suggestion is to break out shared...
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    2 different connection on same PC?

    If you know that you are always going to download off the same subnet of rapidshare systems, you could have a routing table that basically looked like: via gw LAN_gw default via gw WLAN_gw Not super pretty, but would work. If theres a lot of subnets/ips for rapidshare it...
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    How do you label your cable?

    Yes. Very, very cool and just what I was looking for! The Rhino PRO appears to be pretty affordable to compared to what I was looking at.
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    How do you label your cable?

    That is correct. I can't plug something into just anything and expect it to work.
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    How do you label your cable?

    I want to label in multiple situations, including: server <--> switch switch <---> switch switch <---> patch panel console port / serial <---> console server If I run a cable from the patch panel to the switch - the patch panel may have a label for that port, but what about on the switch...