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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    Let me preface this a bit. I'm not too familiar with modern video cards since I was running AMD 7950's in trifire for years. I got a killer deal on a Vega Frontier Edition after the mining boom but just haven't had the time to run any games on the system until recently. Now that I have, the...
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    Windows 10 network sharing settings

    This is a pretty dumb question but nothing I've found has worked so far. What settings do you need to access public folders on windows 7 computers from windows 10? They are in the same workgroup and I can see the other computers from the windows 10 machine. It just can't access them and the...
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    Monitor calibration tool recommendation

    I bought an x-rite colormunki a couple years ago and works reasonable well for a single monitor or laptop. I'm running a triple now and it doesn't really work well for this type of setup since it does everything in the icc profile instead of on the monitor level. What's the go to tool for...
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    Asus Z9PE-D9 WS fan amperage

    So I've been searching for the max specs for the Asus Z9PE-D9 WS fan amperage with no avail. Looks like most of the consumer mobos are 1 amp, but it's not stated in the user's manual. Anyone have a clue what this server board is rated for? Thanks for the help.
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    IE11 php download depsite being local files

    I have an odd problem with IE11 that manifested itself recently. I have been coding a new website that uses php pages. The files are stored locally yet in IE11 once the files is opened in does not display and a download prompt appears. I don't have any problems with previewing the files website...
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    Looking for a new multiplayer FPS

    I few years ago used to play cod4 online and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hoping to get back into the community, I recently installed Black ops 2 and I've been extremely disappointed. The maps aren't that good, the hit blocks and the team leveling system seem screwy. I them moved onto Arma 3 and...
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    Air cooling trifire 7950's

    Since the bottom has dropped out of the bitcoin market and the value of used ati video cards have plummeted I decided to pick up a few extra cards for some experimentation. I threw in a third card into my main rig and have been enjoying the extra performance of trifire. The problem that I am...
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    Dual CP workstation

    Hi, I'm looking to purchasing the parts for a new workstation. I was going to upgrade my Q9450 in the near future, but when the voltage regulators blew up it's time was cut short. The system will mainly be used for heavy photo editing, graphic design and print work. Although I have been working...
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    4 dimms causing system instability

    Lately I have been having some major instability problems with my pc, they seemed to be getting progressively worse until it culminated in the system being unable to boot into the bios. After clearing the bios and reseating the ram and any other components it was able to boot again...
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    Marvell Yukon Lacking Ethernet Conductivity

    I am having a strange problem with the onboard nic on my Toshiba Satellite laptop. It has a Marvell Yukon 88e8039 controller and for some strange reason it has lost all internet conductivity. I have reinstalled the drivers and reset the tcp/ip stack with no avail. The intel wireless card still...
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    dynamic load with jquery

    Hello, I am working on a website which dynamically loads content in order to swap between three slideshows. I am using this jquery script to run the slideshow. This code dynamically loads the three slideshows. $(document).ready(function() {...
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    LSI HBA recognition issues

    Hello, I recently purchased an LSI 9211-8i HBA to add more hard drives to to my computer. Yet for some reason, I cannot seem to get this card to be recognized by windows. I am running it in a pcie x16 slot on my Abit ix38 quad gt which has a Intel X38 chipset. When the card is installed its...
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    Raid arrays for the beginner

    I need some help venturing into the world of raid arrays. I am a photographer and due to the volume of images I take per year my hard drives fill relatively quickly. I currently have two 1.5TB Seagate Barracuda's as storage drives and my OS is on pair of 500GB Seagate Barracuda's in raid 0. The...
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    HTML div centering

    This is going to be a stupid question, but I am stumped as to how I might vertically and horizontally center the css box I have created. My website is in desperate need of an update, but I do not have much experience with css scripting. Basically, I want the 955x600 pixel box to float in the...
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    In need of some HTML coding help

    Hello, I am currently working on a website for my photographic business but I have ran into a few problems. But first, here is the URL to my site What is bugging me is the the centering of the portfolio page compared to the others. Because it is longer, a scroll bar...
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    I cannot uninstall ntune.

    Hello everyone, I recently found that ntune that I could not uninstall ntune on my computer. I have no idea why. The same error pops up while in safemode. Anyone have an idea how to get rid of it? Specs are in my sig.
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    Ati 5870: Which brand?

    I'm wondering what is a good brand for a Ati 5870. I'm looking at the Sapphire Vapor X and and XFX card. Which one is better?
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    Lian Li V2000B Powder Coating Question

    Hello, I am thinking about powder coating the inside of my Lian Li V2000. While researching I found this. This interested me and I was asking around at my school to see if anyone have a powder...
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    Vista X64 boot problems

    Hello everyone, I am having some problems with my Vista ultimate X64 setup. Last night it crashed and I could not get to to boot back up. I ended up having to reset my motherboard's BIOS. This allowed me to boot into safe mode, which is always a good sign but that is when that ended. The crash...
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    Looking for new pc speakers

    Tonight my Logitech Z-5300's amps died in a big cloud of smoke. So I am on the hunt for some new speakers. I realize that Logitech speakers have really boomy bass. While that that does not bother me, I would like something that would have better if not excellent sound quality and still have that...
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    4870X2 or wait?

    That is my question, should I purchase a 4870X2 or wait for the next gen cards? Currently I have a 1680x1050 monitor which I know is a bit of a waste on this card. But I only update my computer one in a while, so if I end up paying a bit more upfront I am okay with that. My rigs specs are in my...
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    Project: Ligneous

    My latest mod. I was bored with this old Gateway tower I was using for a server. So after finding some oak and taking the tower apart and figuring out a mounting method this mod begun. I happen to really enjoy working with wood. It is easy to use, yet has its own quirks. I love the contrast...
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    Q9450 Overclock

    I just don't understand this. My Q9450 will run 7.5M X 467FSB no problem, it is 11+ hours prime95 stable. But if I use 8M X 450FSB it will crash within ten minutes; Even with much higher voltages. (1.4Vcore, 1.4VTT voltage). Does anyone know how I can hit 3.6Ghz stable without having the raise...
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    Photoshop CS4 activation problems.

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows how to disable a registered copy of Master Suite? I had it installed on both my laptop and my desktop. One hard drive on my main system was corrupted and it would not allow my to boot, no matter what I tried. So I ended up reinstalling the operating...
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    Raid 0

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if I could take my two current Seagate 500GB hard drives and use them in Raid 0 for better performance. I currently have only programs games and the OS on one of the drives the other is just sitting there doing nothing. All of my data is on my other two 1.5Tb...
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    Seagate 1.5TB hard drives

    I noticed the low prices on these massive Seagates, but I read that they are having firmware issues. Has this been resolved yet? Its just that I have a lot of valuable information on my drives and I can not afford to lose it. No I can't afford the new WD 2TB drives...:(
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    Thinking about purchasing a Das Keyboard Professional

    I'm thinking about ordering a das keyboard to replace my current G15. But first I have a couple question about it. First of all, how well will this thing hold up? Is it worth paying $120 for a mechanical keyboard versus $70 for a traditional membrane keyboard? This is the one I'm looking at...
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    Replacing logitech Z5300 surrounds

    Is it possible to replace the surround speakers on a logitech Z5300's with better sounding speakers? Will this put to much drain on the amp? Are the stock speakers 8ohm?
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    OC'ing Q9450 with Abit IX38 QuadGT

    I have been able to get 3.4GHz stable, I can boot at 3.6Ghz without crashing but it is not prime 95 stable. Temps are under 70C with realtemp, lapped TRUE with 38mm H1 panaflo. Specs of rig in my sig. My voltage settings CPU core voltage VID 1.25V CPU core voltage offset 0.05V Target CPU...
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    CS3 or wait for CS4?

    If anyone could shine a light on this subject I'd be very happy. What are the differences between CS3 and CS4? I know CS4 isn't released yet, but I'm just wondering if I should purchase CS3 now or just wait. I will be getting the student package. I'll mostly be using photoshop, dreamweaver...
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    WMP 11 crashes...Help needed.

    Every time I start WMP 11 i crashes about a second after it loads. I tried a repair install but it wouldn't allow me to do it, it pops up with a error that says that its not the newest WMP 11. Yet I just downloaded it. Any help is appreciated. Problem signature: Problem Event Name...
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    Coretemp + Intel Q9450

    I just bought one of these CPUs, I checked coretemp and it said that it was running a 67C under full load. Is that true, or is it just coretemp reading it wrong? I'm running the latest coretemp, and have a lapped thermalright 120 Extreme on the CPU. The base isn't even warm while under 100% load.
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    Best gamepad for PC?

    I've always loved the GTA series. So I bought GTA SA for PC and found out that its not really a keyboard and mouse game. What is the best gamepad for the PC? I've been looking at Xbox 360 controller, but I'm not sure how well it will hold up. My budget its about $60 tops. I appreciate any help. :)
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    680i to X38?

    My Abit IN9 32X MAX nuked itself a few weeks ago. I RMA'ed it and I got a email saying that my board is not made anymore and there is no replacement in the shop. They offered a Abit IX Quad GT, I accepted it. How much a difference will this board make? Will my CPU OC better than the 3.5GHz I had...
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    Note for all TRUE owners.

    I just wanted to tell anyone that owns or is going to own a TRUE. Get a 38mm thick fan I just received the H1 Panaflo (see the link below). It cut 5C off my temps, well worth the $16 IMO. I had a high speed Yate Loon (80CFM 40dB) on it before but it hardly pushed any air through the fins. So...
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    TRUE fan choices.

    I currently have a yate loon high speed mounted on my TRUE but I've noticed that hardly any air passes through the fins. So I'm looking for a new fan for it. I have Scythe S-Flex 1600RPM fans for the standard case fans, and I'm looking at this one for the TRUE. Panaflo M1 Medium 120 x 38mm Fan...
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    X-Fi Fatal1ty with Vista Ultimate X64?

    Ok with my christmas money I bought a X-Fi. I downloaded the latest drivers from Creative's website. I had no problems with the install. Music seems fuzzy sounding, and under any load I get crackling/popping sounds from the speakers. The high notes are sort of muted, not as high as they should...
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    Is lapping worth it?

    I have a thermalright 120 extreme, is it worth lapping? Or should I just leave it alone? I'm running my Q6700 at the following settings. At 100% load it's 57C is that good?
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    Another new Lian Li!

    This time it's a new V2000! I like the removable mobo tray, but I miss the mesh front of the old V2000. Oh and standard ATX, I thought that reverse heatpipe stuff was fake.
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    Small motherboards...

    I have a modding project, but the case I'm mounting this board in is only 15.5, 3, 7 (WHD). Does anyone know of some really tiny motherboards to fit in this thing?