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    Super Flower Leadex Gold SE 1000W 80+ Gold - $129 @ Newegg

    Yeah. I needed it right away and don't regret my purchase
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    Super Flower Leadex Gold SE 1000W 80+ Gold - $129 @ Newegg

    Great deal! I just paid more than this for a Seasonic Platinum 850.
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    64gb vs 128gb ram 5900x and 3080ti gaming rig

    Though there are use cases I think this entire thread has lost its point. OP was wondering if "insert proper pronoun here" should upgrade to 128 just because. Simple answer is no. It always has been. If they have the money then do whatever tf you want but from a practical standpoint the answer...
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    64gb vs 128gb ram 5900x and 3080ti gaming rig

    This one does ;)
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    64gb vs 128gb ram 5900x and 3080ti gaming rig

    Not sure why you need more than 32gb. As a music producer I run a 5900x and a 3080ti and have never felt the need to upgrade.
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    Rise of the Tomb Raider + Bonus Content, Control: Ultimate Edition, and Dragon Age Inquisition (Prime)

    I just finished it. It's a bit repetitive but the physics are great and the story line is good. (y)
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    LG OLED TV Sale

    Any idea if the A1 TVs will be on sale too? A 48 for 899 would be nice!
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    AOC 34" CU34G2X 144Hz UW $438 | Amazon

    Mine is still going strong as well!
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    The Current Dilemma: RTX 3080 vs 6900 XT

    I would tend to agree with Andrew. It's a faster card and has more memory which in the long run might be more important.
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    1955 Willy's Jeep

    LOVE the wheel knob. I'm not allowed to like this thing though since I have an FJ40 ;P
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    GDM-FW900 CRT (needs repaired)

    Good to know, thanks! :) Now I want one.
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    GDM-FW900 CRT (needs repaired)

    Pardon my ignorance, but won't OLED monitors mop the floor of this thing?
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    Thermal paste on Ryzen CPU pins

    Toothbrush and alcohol. Piece of cake. Just be gentle. And yes, you can submerge the CPU.
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    Amd 5950 in stock at MSRP 799

    They've actually been for sale frequently on their site lately. I have a 5900x in the mail. I also nearly snagged a 6900xt from there today.
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    Herman Miller Aeron - $669

    Had the Steelcase. Garbage chair IMO. I guess it's because everyone's body is different and there is no "right chair"? Aeron is the best for my body. 6'2, 210. /shrug
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    Help me with my wild 5800x please

    Also double check if there is a performance mode with that cooler. I run a 5800x with an NZXT Kraken 360 and my temps were really high until I enabled performance mode... EDIT: I run mine at 4.6 with 1.2 volts. Idle is around 30C, load is about 75C.
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    MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G card $210 shipped

    Wow. I recently sold a Gaming X 980 Ti for $150. Should've payed more attention.
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    MSI has prebuilt systems - RTX 3060 and i7-10700 for $1,650 free shipping

    Sound like it's not much fun though... I'd just get a new case.
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    Will Nvidia be releasing more 3000-series cards?

    Very true, but I feel like nVidia is one of those companies that can and should. Especially if the acquisition of ARM actually happens... Who manufactures ARM's chips? TSMC. I think it's justified for NV because of that.
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    Will Nvidia be releasing more 3000-series cards?

    You know. You can't blame Nvidia or AMD or any chipmaker for that matter. The entire industry is handcuffed right now. Covid effed everything up. Maybe putting "all your eggs in one basket" is becoming apparent. In my opinion we need US chipmakers. Keep it at home. TSMC has too much power and...
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    Various Star Wars games on sale on Steam, GoG, Microsoft Store, Epic

    Totally! The big thing for multiplayer was the lightsaber duels. I think the map you're talking about is Bespin. It was that really tan one, right? Crazy that I started playing that game in 2001 and was active until just a few years ago. :)
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    Various Star Wars games on sale on Steam, GoG, Microsoft Store, Epic

    Jedi Outcast was the greatest multiplayer game ever in my opinion. And my clan, .:LM:., was one of the best. ;)
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    AMD or Nvidia control panel

    Are you trying to forego installing them at all? You lose a lot of other things by not installing those control panels. IE, gsync/freesync.
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    Will Nvidia be releasing more 3000-series cards?

    3080ti around the corner. Supply, however, is a whole 'nuther thing...
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    HOT Cooler Master 650 watt sfx gold psu $59.99 at Roguecast

    PSU arrived today! Legit!
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    HOT Cooler Master 650 watt sfx gold psu $59.99 at Roguecast

    Absolute steal. In for one.
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    Nvidia shortage to last most of 2021

    That's what you say if you want to be single again.
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    LG CX 48" 55" 65" 77" 4K OLED TV 120Hz VRR HDMI 2.1 - Microcenter (Refurbished)

    Good deal, but not as good as the brand new 55 inch C8 I paid 800 for a year ago :P If I didn't have one I'd jump on this. 65 inch.
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    Microcenter has dropped price ...AMD 5800x $429

    I dunno. I was in the same boat. Coming from a 3900x I wanted at least the same core count. Ultimately I couldn't justify it. The computer is mainly for gaming with some music production with Ableton. May be slightly slower but whatever.
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    Am I asking too much for my socket 939 motherboards and such?

    Whoa! You just took me back in time. I had an Epox 8kha+ that I ran with an Opteron 165 @2.8. That was when I joined [H] in fact. Played the original Bioshock on it. One of my favorite computers ever. Upgraded to a Q9550 afterwards.
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    Rosewill HIVE 1000w Modular PSU $100 shipped

    Good deal! Is there still a PSU shortage these days?
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    Jensen Huang: Ampere shortages to last throughout the end of 2020

    Great chance for AMD here. If they have a competitive product and can meet demand a lot of people will buy. Even I would now that I have a Freesync monitor. Excellent opportunity.
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    AOC 34" CU34G2X 144Hz UW $438 | Amazon

    It's back but for $449. I gotta say after using this for a month I'm VERY happy with it. Still very worth it for $449.
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    I LOVE my 2080ti. :P
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    Metro Exodus Steam Weekend Sale $15.99

    Very fun game. Better than Fallout 4 if you want post apocalyptic. The DLC's are fun, too.
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    EVGA B-Stock 2080ti $550 11G-P4-2280-RX

    In certain cases not even. I watched Bitwit's video and that shed some light on real world performance. Seems like a decent upgrade for 4k but not worth it for 1440p.
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    EVGA B-Stock 2080ti $550 11G-P4-2280-RX

    I'll give you 200 for the 5700 xt
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    Who is buying a 3080 and 3090?

    I'm going to stick with my 2080ti because it's awesome for now until an AIB comes out that I like enough to replace the 2080ti. I really doubt yield will be there for everyone who wants a new card on launch day. Not trying to be a downer but I'd be surprise if supply met demand.
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    X570 Tomahawk 2.5GBE NIC issues

    He got 857 down so it was at 1Gb