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    Legion: TD 2

    Yall, this game is great. I'm absolutely hooked.
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    Been out of the game for a while, have a case question.

    Been looking at new cases. Noticing a weird trend. Why are people putting toy figures inside their cases now? When did this become a thing? I think it looks like shit.
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    KEF LS50's - $999.99 Lowest I've seen these. If I had a decent setup to run these I'd be in.
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    Battle Chasers :Nightwar

    Yo, this shit is legit. I've been waiting a long ass time for a game like this on PC. Can't believe no ones talking about it.
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    Sennheiser HD598 $95.00 - Amazon
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    Kings Bounty on sale @ GMG All versions/expansions are on sale. If you are a fan of HoMM, pick this shit up now.
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    Need some advice.

    Guys, can you recommend a monitor? I've been out of the game for a long time and value the advice of members here. Heres what I'm shopping for. 24" 1080p 144hz Thank you!
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    New monitor suggestions

    Guys, I've been out of the game for a while regarding displays. Can anyone catch me up on whats currently out as far as 120hz, gsync, etc. Anything coming out soon I should wait for. I'm looking for a 24 or 27. Not as concerned with res higher than 1080p. Thanks!
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    Need advice on older hardware

    Guys, I'm putting a spare rig together for the girlfriend. She wants to play wow and d3 as well as other games on steam. Here is what I have now : Case Corsair hx620 PSU AMD Athlon II X3 455 Biostar TA970 AM3+...
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    Koss Porta Pro's $19.99 FS w/ Amazon Prime Awesome headphones...
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    Whats a good program for recording/DL'ing video streams?

    I'm trying to download video streams from youtube, etc..I've tried the trial of GetFLV and it seems good but its expensive. Any suggestions?
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    Velodyne vPulse IEM's (PINK) $35.00 Free Shipping

    Velodyne vPulse (PINK) $35.00 Free Shipping @ or $39.00 Free Shipping @ Newegg : I ordered a pair. I figured...
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    Logitech G400 Mouse $20.00 Bestbuy
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    Buying Refubished Cisco switches?

    Trying to get information on how all this works as well as any pitfalls. A team member here at work is trying to talk the department into buying refurbished cisco networking gear. From what I understand the company is not a cisco authorized reseller. If I am understanding that right, that means...
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    Fractal Arc Midi Impressions

    Just thought I would post my opinion of this case after moving all my hardware to it. I love the look, but this case is just cheaply made. Build quality is just not there for a $100.00 + MSRP case. The side panels are a pain in the ass to get off and on. The top felt really cheap as did the...
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    Warm- Skyrim PC $39.99 Gamestop

    Guys, just throwing this out there. Gamestop's got skyrim on sale right now for PC for $39.99. Not the cheapest we've seen but a solid deal nonetheless. I had some instore leftover from way back. Available as download or retail box. I hate gamestop too, but this is a decent deal.
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    STEAM: Deus Ex-$10.00, Serious Sam BFE $13.00 Unexpected ownage from steam.
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    MMO's that never made it.

    Guys, funny story here. I just remembered something from way back in 2004. There was this indie game/MMO called Rubies of Eventide that a friend of mine found. I donated some money to them (some kind of special account)only to be kicked off their forums for trolling if you can believe...
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    Can only go to one LAN this year. Which one?

    Guys, need some help. I want to go to a big LAN this year. It can be anywhere in the country, I don't care. Bring on the suggestions. The bigger the better. I don't give a shit about playing xbox either so the less consoles there the better.
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    LA Noire PC sucks.

    Picked this up against my better judgement on the steam sale. Wow. What bullshit. Had to wait like 4 minutes while it checked for DLC. Graphics fucking suck big time. Performance is terrible (2500k/560ti). Anyone get it running decent?
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    Need advice for 1920x1200 single display.

    Guys, I am so due for an new build. I've got everything picked out except the video card. 2500k,z68 gen3 etc. What card would you go with? I dont want to spend a whole lot of money and am looking for the sweetspot of price/performance. I was considering a hd6950, but based on what I've...
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    SB now or wait for IB?

    Guys, I've waited soo long to upgrade. I just about cannot take it any longer. I waited for bulldozer for almost a year(what a waste). Should I wait for IB? I'm kinda torn. I could jump on a z68 +2500k now... Should I jump or wait for IB and x79? For reference I'm still running a c2d e6400..
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    Dragon Age Origins DLC

    So I am going through DAO and I am wondering if any of the DLC is worth it...What do you guys think? How much does it add to the game in terms of play time? DAO is so good for a modern rpg, i dont want it to end! What a shame what they did to DA2...
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    Legend of Grimrock

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    Guild Wars 2 new class : The Engineer I'm actually liking this.
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    Have you guys seen this?! Just came out. Looks freaking awesome.
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    What other players message you on XBL/PSN

    I thought it would be fun to get a thread going about what other players message you over XBL or PSN. Shit talk, gg's, whatever. I stole this idea from SRK forums but thought it would be entertaining to apply it to [H]. I'll go first, this was my most recent incident while playing SSF4 on XBL...
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    SSF4 Disabled Gamer, just incredible..
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    Budget Minded Build

    I'm coming from a Core2 Duo e6420 socket 775 setup...Considering building up a AMD setup. I need your recommendations for a mobo/cpu/ram combo that comes in at under $300.00. I mainly use the PC for gaming and I like to OC. Thanks in advance.
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    Been out a while..Catch me up?

    Guys, need a little help here. I've been out of the hardware loop for a while(3 years). Last rig I built was a socket i775 w/ a C2D e6400 and ati 4870. I am looking to build up a new rig this year for gaming. Here's my questions : Intel vs AMD : Has AMD made any strides to be competitive as...
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    Who's ready for Marvel vs Capcom 3?

    So, who's picking this up?
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    Guild Wars 2 announces The Guardian
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    Guild Wars 2: New Trailer Get. Fucking. Hyped.
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    Guild Wars 2: The Ranger

    Guys, more news for GW2. The Ranger. Pretty cool stuff, you can tame a shark as a pet!
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    Will we see a Wii HD?

    For the love of God, please! What do you guys think?
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    The Last Guardian

    How fucking epic doe's this game look? Anyone have any news on it? I am really looking forward to it.
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    Red Dead Redemption deals

    Toys-R-Us : $25.00 Gift Card with Purchase 10:00am till 2:00pm only However, I just got BB to pricematch kinda of...They gave me a 25.00 giftcard. I printed out there PM policy and they did...
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    FFXIII, Bayonetta, AvsP, MW2, Darksiders, Metro 2033 $30 at Kmart (Possible YMMV)

    Guys, Heads up. Kmart is having a sale on these games for both 360 and PS3. Starts today. Possible YMMV because some stores may not have the sale price in the system yet. Credit goes to cheapassgamer.
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    Starcraft 2 Beta Key : Free with Pre-Order @ Gamestop!

    dude...check this out! Confirmed! $5.00 gets you a key.
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    Need a desktop audio solution, need advice.

    Guys, Heres the deal, I've got : Soundcard : Onboard sound An old pioneer vsx-d711 receiver. I am faced with the choice of bookshelves vs monitors. I have tried the M-audio av40s. I liked them ok, but I am not satisfied. Budget of 300.00. Is the onboard sound holding me back? Should I go...