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    New Spacesuit Go Home Function Could Save Astronaut Lives

    Hopefully Microsoft doesn't code that automated system or that astronaut might end up on Mars, dead.
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    Google Launches Datally, an Android App for Monitoring Mobile Data Usage

    It should have been called Dataleak.
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    Humble racing bundle, starting at $1

    Got it too, always wanted Dirt Rally.
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    AMD plans to release Vega refresh in 2018

    Their main speech will be -50% power usage and 10% performance increase
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    Robots are Coming for Our Jobs

    They built a robot that can manufacture cheap t-shirt. RIP third world country.
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    Bacteria Found on International Space Station May Be Alien in Origin

    I wonder what the bacteria would look like under a microscope... tall white head with big black eye?
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    EA loses 3 billion in stock due to BF2 loot box fiasco

    Great news. Lesson learned?
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    Facebook Captcha Test Wants You to Upload a Clear Picture of Your Face

    They will delete the pic right after they made a copy for security reason.
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    Stripper Revenues Look for Steep Drop Q1'18

    What about glittering body paint?
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    Amazon Releases Their Silk Web Browser for the Amazon Fire TV

    For when is the desktop amazon browser?
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    State Legislator Wants to Ban Kids from Buying Video Game Loot Boxes

    I don't mind either if they ban the ability of children to buy Loot Boxes.
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    Lockheed Martin is Going to Build Laser Weapons for U.S. Fighter Jets

    I think all we want to know really is... is it going to make Starwars laser sound when it fires?
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    Pong is 45 Years Old Today

    Today's game is all about the Ping
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    Cyber Monday Hits Record-Breaking $6.59B in US Online Sales

    I got all I wanted this black friday so I'm happy
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    Razer Mice a few years later

    I've always had Logitech. I just cannot live without my G502 infinte wheel.
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    Because I am Bored

    I have a few old parts that I've put a side to create a PC, that was 3 month ago. Just too lazy to build it.
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition (free if you own the Legendary Edition)

    CC is not that bad right now. The bad part is that their new game will be crowded with it on launch.
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    The Deus Ex Series Isn’t Dead: Next Game Already Being Discussed

    Can't wait to see what they come up with next.
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    Ubisoft Has Managed to Protect Assassin’s Creed from Pirates for an Entire Month

    That's what DRM on top of DRM does. Beside burning CPU.
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    Netflix Stole My VHS Cassette Photos for Its Stranger Things Boxed Set

    I wish it would have been by VHS tape
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    Memory Cooling?

    My box is open with no direct fan air. I wouldn't worry about memory temp unless the inside of your case get abnormally hot.
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    Game mechanics / designs that you hate

    Lootbox and microtransaction. DRM on top of DRM.
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    Lots of game sales today, what should I buy?

    +1 for Ass Creed Origins, if you enjoy egypt era. It look amazing.
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    Steam: how many hours?

    Age of Empires Online... 260 hour... RIP AOEO
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    Even on linux Microsoft still ruins your day

    A lot of people still use Skype for business oriented things, unfortunately.
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    Netflix Price Jumps Are Here to Crush Your Thanksgiving and Christmas Cheer

    It's not much money for the customer, but it's a lot more money for them.
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    Star Wars Battlefront 2 Players Are Ruining the Game with Rubber Bands

    I think the standard rubber bands are 2.99$ but you can buy a mystery rubber bands box for 9.99$ with a chance (1.5%) at a legendary rubber bands.
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    New PC build, last one was in 2011, any help appreciated

    Good advice on tiraides end, I'll just add that if you'de like your psu in Platinum instead of Gold, there's one on sale at Newegg for 109$. If you are planning long term, platinum might be worth it.
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    Intel 8th Generation and 9th Generation Processor Lists Leaked

    The question is how far they are gonna push the performance now that AMD seems back in the game.
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    1.7 Million Account Credentials Were Stolen from Imgur in 2014

    Well, glad I didn't register until earlier this year.
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    windows 10 fcu optimization guide

    He's not even using powershell to remove bloatware gadget.
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    Conputer Turning on and off

    Mine looks like humans and call me dad.
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    Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return Is Coming Back For a Second Season

    First time I hear about this. Kinda curious.
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    EVGA Black Friday PSU Sale

    Ordered the GQ 850w
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    GHOST S1 - When both size & performance matters

    That white case is so sexy
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    Destiny 2

    Good price on GMG
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    What $ is a good deal for 1TB SSD on Black Friday?

    I bought a Mushkin 1TB SSD around a year and a half ago, too. At CAD $250, if I remember correctly. Still going strong, only using it for games.
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    Wow, a Vega Frontier Edition for $700 (Black Friday)

    This thing must heat like crazy.