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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    That's why I'm confused. It's stuttering less because of the extra vram and no crossfire, but the average and peak fps is noticeably lower. Currently the machine is running the 20.2.1 drivers. Did you see a difference between the two?
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    It seemed pretty clear from the first few posts. For all the people wondering, the original question was why my Vega FE was performing WORSE than my trifire 7950's. This occurs in in ALL games. I know my cpus are old. Yet if they are truly 100% bottlenecking the card, during gaming wouldn't...
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    Nice job! You're water cooled but would you mind posting the settings that you used for that?
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    It's getting better every time but there's no way it'll be able to touch Sabrewulf's overclock. It's not stable above 1680Mhz. Who knows, maybe a little more tweeking would help. 90%@65C +50%pwr, HBM 1100MHz 1050mV, GPU 1680MHz 1190mV Scored 7567
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    Maybe it's luck, but more likely it's the fridged climate we have here. :D Just pushed the hbm to 1100Mhz and scored 7447. Looks like I might be able to go higher even. Honestly it looks like my CPU isn't bottlenecking the GPU in any significant way. The fps...
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    You're spot on with that statement. The pro drivers are incredibly limiting, and while they work well for professional applications I just couldn't deal with the lack of fan curves. The registry workaround was a fantastic find, since it was so complicated to screw around with the drivers before...
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    The link is at the bottom of my response to noko. Here it is again. Few MHz over stock Scored 6938 Changed the power settings but otherwise same settings for the core and ram as the last run. Scored 7359
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    Here's a screenshot of the settings and CPU usage in timespy.
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    I just checked the bios, everything looks alright and is running at stock settings with no throttling or power limit set. Radeon chill isn't enabled either. Yes, DDU was used and cleared out the old drivers before adrenalin 2020 installed. My fan curve is pretty aggressive with the GPU hitting...
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    Ah, I've been out of the tech loop for a couple years so I hadn't heard if there's some new driver issues. Most of the problems with the FE cards surround getting the gaming driver to install. There are workarounds, it's just that you don't get the switchable driver feature that AMD advertised.
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    It's sitting at right around 1600Mhz on the core, 1125Mhz on the RAM and about 75C at full load. This was a fresh install of windows, the 7950's were never installed under windows 10. I DDU'ed the drivers the other night when when I installed adrenalin 2020 as well with barely any change...
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    Aren't the driver issues only related to stability/black screens not actual performance? I've messed around with the drivers quite a bit and updated them last night. The performance is only slightly better. The system is running the adrenalin drivers, not pro drivers since they don't allow...
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    Expecting too much from Vega 64?

    Let me preface this a bit. I'm not too familiar with modern video cards since I was running AMD 7950's in trifire for years. I got a killer deal on a Vega Frontier Edition after the mining boom but just haven't had the time to run any games on the system until recently. Now that I have, the...
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    Windows 10 network sharing settings

    Finally found the issue last night. There's a problem with running admin privileges on both machines. Apparently it messes up basic network access and disables SMBv2 sharing. Change the following registry key and everything will work like normal again...
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    Windows 10 network sharing settings

    Tried that already with no avail. What's odd is that all of the windows 7 systems can access the shared folders on the windows 10 system.
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    Windows 10 network sharing settings

    Just tested that and the following error comes up. "You can't access this shared folder because your organization's security policies block unauthenticated guest access. These policies help protect your PC from unsafe or malicious devices on the network." All the sharing settings are set to...
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    Windows 10 network sharing settings

    This is a pretty dumb question but nothing I've found has worked so far. What settings do you need to access public folders on windows 7 computers from windows 10? They are in the same workgroup and I can see the other computers from the windows 10 machine. It just can't access them and the...
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    The best PC case I ever owned was a...

    I've always loved the Lian Li V series. I bought the black one back in 2006 and I've had a system in it ever since. It doesn't have a scratch on it. Found the silver one locally a couple years ago and I had to have it!
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    Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB Edition is a winner for power users

    Not trying to bump a older thread, but where are people getting their legitimate Windows 10 LTSC keys from? I saw that newegg sells an upgrade license, but I'm not sure if those will work for a new installation.
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    noko,thank you I've followed your guide before. Unfortunately, you don't get a pop up screen with the 18.Q.4 drivers with windows 7. This is the 2019 catalyst driver but these are the only options you get with a custom install even with the pro version Now this is with the gaming driver...
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    RX Vega Owners Thread

    I picked up a Vega FE the other day and am having some problems with the software. Apparently the switchable gaming/pro drivers only works under windows 10 and not windows 7. I can get both drivers to install correctly by themselves, the problem lies with the radeon software. It defaults to the...
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    Most acclaimed games that you hate...

    Portal GTA Online Assassin's Creed Any CoD after Modern Warfare
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    Corsair 1000D

    You're lucky then. When I had mine, it had 8 hard drives, a dual cpu mobo and three video cards installed. That's a lot, but not for a case that large considering that it was air cooled. The doors never closed right and didn't fit flush with the frame. The case would flex easily two inches if...
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    Corsair 1000D

    I bet this is exactly like the 900D, a weak structured, over hyped pile of garbage with features that are irritating to actually use. I'd never buy another high end corsair case, and I'm the type of person who doesn't mind spending $500 on a robust, well designed and gimmick free enclosure.
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    Anyone else gaming on older hardware?

    Yep. Sometimes you just can't beat old games on original hardware. Intel P3 @ 800Mhz 512 MB RAM Ati 3d Rage 32MB 80GB 7200RPM HD Windows 98SE Thing still boots faster than any other system I own. Even the SSD based systems.
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    Slowest loading games of all time

    GTA V online Mafia on PS2
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    New Lian Li pc-v3000. Thoughts?

    I'd love to own a V3000. Alas there's no 5.25 drive bay, which its a total deal breaker for me. Otherwise it looks well designed and high quality, just like the old V series.
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    The Best Keyboard wrist rest?

    Definitely this one. ;)
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    Monitor calibration tool recommendation

    Interesting stuff Xor_. ICC profiles have always been a pain in the neck, I'd love to see better implementation on an OS level but unfortunately it seems that most people don't care. Appreciate the advice that has been posted so far. My monitors look way better than before and I finally have...
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    Monitor calibration tool recommendation

    Thanks for info on those programs. I've used the i1Pros before, but the software has far more features than the colormunki. I searched around for a bit but didn't see any 3rd party software that would enable hardware level calibration. Ended up having a really screwed up color cast on a monitor...
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    Monitor calibration tool recommendation

    I bought an x-rite colormunki a couple years ago and works reasonable well for a single monitor or laptop. I'm running a triple now and it doesn't really work well for this type of setup since it does everything in the icc profile instead of on the monitor level. What's the go to tool for...
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    Microsoft Is Putting Windows on the Back Burner

    Honestly, Microsoft would be fools if they eliminated windows from the traditional OS market. Yes is a 30+ year old product, but its not like it's irrelevant. Almost everyone knows how to use the interface and has a traditional computer in their home or office for doing the majority of their...
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    Drivers Blinded by “Too-Bright” LED Headlights on New Cars, Warns RAC

    I drive a lot at night in rural areas and regularly have problems with the stock headlights on newer cars. I should point out that I do drive a moderately lifted pickup and still have problems with it. They are simply too bright once they are out of alignment, which is all to common on bumpy...
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    I Love Seagate /S

    I moved over to HGST drives because I was so tired of having Seagate drives fail. 30% of them failed during my time with them. They were various models as well. WD drives have been decent, with a few of them kicking around with only one failure so far. Never again Seagate, I'd rather not play...
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    MWLL: Mech Warrior Living Legends Crysis mod out Dec 26th!

    Looking forward to playing this again. It was good fun when it was just released.
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    The Top 5 Worst Motherboards of All Time

    It must be your board then. Mine has been extremely stable even with crossfired cards and overclocked cpus. The only problem I have with it is the pwm fan control which resets if the machine goes into standby.
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    Recommend new motherboard for 6TB RAID 1

    I had a 6+TB raid 10 running on an old X38 motherboard. I ran into the same issue as you but intel does have a software fix that works around the problem. The only drawback is that it can't be used as a boot drive. Can't recall the name of the fix though.
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    Despite the odd layout the PC-O12WX looks like an amazing case. I could see it working well for a water cooled setup. Lain Li's designs have really been quite striking lately and the quality of construction is still light years ahead of their competition. They definitely have quirks but if you...
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    Recommend a Mech. Keyboard w/ Blues?

    I've been using a Rosewill RK-9000V2 with cherry blues for a the last few years. It's been a fantastic keyboard for the price. You can also purchase them with red, brown, or black switches...
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    Fallout 4

    It's the same engine as Skyrim correct? Skyrim runs perfect on my system, that's why fallout 4 surprises me.