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    Microsoft to acquire Activision Blizzard for $68.7 billion

    HOLY COW !!!
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    War Thunder on Steam vs regular install = F'd up

    So my son LOVES the game War Thunder, for Christmas he wanted Steam Gift-cards to buy Golden Eagles currency in the game. Long story short, today he asked me to help him use the gift-cards, enable them in Steam and help him buy the stuff in the game. Ok we log into the game, and go to the...
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    Built a nice gaming rig, but no fun games to play

    So a year ago I upgraded my gaming rig with a RTX-3080 and 32GB DDR4, in a neat new Lian Li case, and new 34" ultrawide monitor, etc... I also built my kids their first gaming PC's as well, both got RTX-3070's and new AMD CPU's, but little more budget friendly Gaming PC's, but heck for a 11 and...
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    OSOM OV1 is the new phone from the team behind the Essential Phone
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    Tim Cook Worried About Apple Devices Used for ‘Endless Scrolling’

    Tim Cook Worried About Apple Devices Used for ‘Endless Scrolling’ – Wants People to Use Them for Creativity Interesting topic, not iPhone specific, but smartphone use in general. I drove by a high...
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    Android 12 beta wallpapers?

    I can't seem to find any site that has the funky Android 12 beta wallpapers. I don't mean the ones that come with the beta and in the Pixel Wallpapers default app, I mean the ones in the pictures in these websites;
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    iPhone 13 Pro announcement major disappointment

    First it was the disappointment with WWDC and iOS 15 not being the big upgrade most analysts predicted, and I don't mean wacky crazy features that will never happen, but people that always have a rock solid guess on what's coming, all said iOS 15 was missing big time stuff that just didn't...
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    Vertical GPU mount

    Was bored and wanted to try the popular mod of vertical GPU. Hope it turned out ok? I bought the Lian Li mounting bracket for this case at Microcenter for $59
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    Worth going from a i7-9700k to a AMD Ryzen 9 5900X?

    Currently have a i7-9700k on a Z390 Motherboard, the rest of my computer spec's are pretty good with a RTX 3080, and 32GB DDR4 memory, and Samsung SSD, a Alienware 3420 monitor, etc... But would it be worth going to a AMD 5900X? I mainly play Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny 2, Doom Eternal, and...
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    Co-workers went from Android to iPhone, can't recieve calls

    My company upgraded my co-workers from their ancient Galaxy S7's to iPhone 12's. But they seem to only be able to make calls or send texts to other iPhone's, not Android phones. And when I call my co-worker, his old Android phone takes my call, not his new iPhone. But I have a iPhone as well...
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    YouTuber's we're way off on iOS 15

    I have to say I'm rather disappointed in the iOS 15 reveal yesterday. Was expecting a lot more stuff. Several big updates expected to be in iOS 15 per a lot of the big name YouTuber's are not coming whatsoever; - AoD ( Always on Display ). come on Apple this is an important feature we'd like...
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    Messed up screen protector install FloLab brand

    Per the highly rated reviews, I bought this tempered glass screen protector for my iPhone 12 Pro Max; I love how it covers the full phone, notch and all. The product itself seems...
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    The Absolute State of the MMORPG Genre

    Absolutely fantastic discussion in this video; Opinions?
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    Diablo IV preview;

    Here's a video of early gameplay of Diablo IV
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    Diehard Nexus/Pixel user goes 12 Pro Max

    Looking at the screen shot, what phone is this I'm using?
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    Are my case fans positioned correct?

    With my new Lian Li case, I bought separate Corsair white LED case fans, and just wondering if I have them correctly positioned, or backwards? LOL Mainly the rear fan that's supposed pull hot air from the CPU out the back of the case, is that fan set the right way to pull the air out, or do I...
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    RTX 3000 Series easy to find, not so for AMD 6000

    I live in the burbs of a large city, and we have a couple Microcenters here. Since late October I have been able to walk in to the store, around lunchtime, and pick up two RTX 3070s and one RTX 3080. That wasn't all at once LOL no, it took like 5 weeks of going there almost every other day to...
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    GPU brackets? Bought my 3080 last month, and a new Lian Li case, and the video card came with some bracket, which I didn't use. But...
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    PSU Cable Extensions safe?

    Just redid my main system and the cable mess was an absolute disaster. Thankfully the new case I bought does a good job helping with cable management but the PSU cables are so stiff and difficult to bend. sorry I bought some cable extensions which are much more flexible and look cool but...
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    Really liking the mid tower smaller Lian Li 205

    This month I got around to building custom Gaming PC's for both my kids. This is their first PC's just for them to use only. They are 10 and 12 years old, so pretty cool to have that I'd say? I made them PC Gamers :) My daughter loves WoW Shadowlands and a little bit of Diablo 3, and my son...
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    Can a Gaming PC get by with stock or smaller CPU cooler/

    I'm a Gamer, and looking to maybe go Ryzen 5 5600X, everything else I have is RTX 3080, 32GB DDR4, X570 motherboard, Lian Li case with tons of cooling and 6 case fans. But with my new case having a glass panel, I am sick of the giant PU coolers I always have, they take up so much space and are...
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    Worthing going new Ryzen from my 9700K?

    Specs in sig, but currently have the I7 9700k on a Z-390 motherboard. Is it worth going to the new Ryzen 5 5600X or 7 series and the X570 motherboard? I'm a big gamer, playing a lot of WoW, and Doom Eternal and soon Cyberpunk. Playing Ultrawide 3440 x 1400res Would I notice the difference...
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    Picked up Alienware 3420DW on sale at MC

    So been wanting to get something newer, than my older Philips 40" 4k 60hz monitor I have been using since 2015 or so. It's a fine monitor, but kind of outdated in the specs, slow refresh rate, and colors not great, and get a lot of ghosting, even just in Windows. I did buy a used Acer Predator...
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    Large 4k monitor vs the Ultra wides

    Curious everyone's opinion on best type of monitor for gaming immersion, the type that will pull you into the game, make it feel more real? Last month I bought a used on Craigslist, Acer Predator 34" gaming monitor 3440 x 1400res, and it looks great, the curved wider edges pull you into the...
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    Are we missing or needing "mid size" phones?

    Reading the iPhone 12 Pro Max reviews today, the one common thing said, was it's a massive large phone with a 6.7" display. Same with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, it's a very big phone with a 6.9" screen. Even the OnePlus 8 Pro reviews said, be prepared, the 8 Pro an it's 6.8" display is a...
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    How to control fans on EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 XC3 ULTRA?

    So I scored a new RTX 3080 last week at Microcenter, long story short, this card seems to get pretty dang warm or hot during heavy long game sessions. But reading up on this, sounds like by default the card fans are set low or conservative? And people say it's best to set the fan speed to...
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    MSI Z390-A-Pro how to control case fans?

    My system is in my sig, but I recently picked up an eVga RTX 3080 video card last week, and that beast gets super hot when doing extreme gaming for a while. Playing Doom Eternal at Ultra maxed settings at 144hz, is taxing on the card. I bought a new case yesterday Lian Li Lancool 2 with 6...
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    New 3080 which DP in rear do I plug into?

    I was lucky to find a eVga XC3 Ultra RTX 3080 in stock at Microcenter today. Anyways, plugged it into my rig, and getting it setup, and doing the nVidia control panel settings, etc... Silly question, which Display Port in the back should I plug the cable into? It has 3 DP on the rear of the...
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    When will we see OLED ultra wide monitors?

    Just curious when do you think the technology will be affordable when we'll see ultra widescreen gaming monitors using OLED technology? I mean in that popular 34" size with 3440 X 1440 res. I know Samsung had some crazy 49-in ridiculously huge OLED monitor that thing had to cost a million...
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    Will RTX 3070's actually be in stock?

    Curious with the rumored price point of $499 and performance on par with the 2080 Ti, I would assume the new RTX 3070 will be a huge success, and in demand BIG TIME. Will this be another new video card that's sold out immediately and on back order forever?
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    Carl Pei is leaving OnePlus Carl Pei was one of the founders of OnePlus, alongside Pete Lau, and helped turn the company from a little-known "startup" (read: division of OPPO) into one of the most popular Android...
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    Want to upgrade from my GTX 1070, what options do I have?

    Looking to finally upgrade from my GTX-1070 card, I like the RTX 3080, or the upcoming ATI 6800XT or whatever it's called. But I am reading that the 3080 is sold out everywhere, and realistically won't be back in stock until Dec / Jan? I have a 40" 4k monitor, like to play games maxed out...
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    When can we expect the 3070 cards to be out for sale?

    I am in need of a VideoCard upgrade soon. My system is in my sig, the main PC parts are modern and up to date, I just did a system upgrade last winter just not the video card, knowing I'd hold out for something newer. Currently running a GTX 1070, and I play games on my 40" 4k monitor, and it...
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    iPhone Home screen redesign?

    Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, as WWDC is just a couple hours away, hit it sounds like iOS 14 may finally be the revision that's been rumored for years now;
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    Why does voice to text still suck?

    I have the Pixel 4 XL, and before that the 3 XL, 2 XL... and have the voice typing set to faster offline mode. Anyways, I text a lot using voice to text, I press the microphone on the keyboard and speak to it to write my texts and send. And man so any times it gets words wrong often. I would...
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    OnePlus Z, the droid we're looking for?

    Sounds like a Nexus phone from the old days, I mean that in a good way almost flagship specs but at half the price;
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    Shadowlands Class Updates

    So it seems like Blizzard may actually be listening to their customers again. The new Shadowlands expansion, might be back to some fun times ahead...
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    First time trying SW ToR

    So I'm a big Star Wars fan, and a WoW player, been with WoW since launch, and still play live, but burned out on BfA, and not interested in Classic. I always wanted to try SW ToR, but the negative reviews and feedback held me away. But I recall the early development previews on game sites...
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    Hellbound game - 90's FPS 20 years later

    The videos looks super cool for this new game; Anyone try this out yet?
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    Pixel 4 thread for actual owners only

    I would like to start a thread for real Pixel 4 buyers and owners. Obviously this is early, as the phones aren't even officialy in stock yet, but if you ordered one already, then chime in. Case or naked? I bought two on Amazon, clear gel, and a thin grippy black case...