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    SATA with IDE

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    New Computer Freezing...

    I just built this brand new PC, A64 3000+ system.... My only problem is, sometimes It just stops. I could be in the middle of surfing the web and my mouse, keyboard and monitor just halt. CTRL+ALT+DEL doesn't work, and I have to manualy restart the computer. It does this reguardless of...
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    SATA with IDE

    Is there a way to use my primary SATA drive for my OS and have two other IDE drives for just random junk? I was told that when you have IDE and SATA drives in the PC the computer will automatically force boot from the IDE that true?
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    AN50R SerialATA Setup

    I am having trouble getting windows XP setup too see my 120gb SerialATA drive. I want to setup windows on the drive but It just isn't finding I need to setup drivers first, and if so how? The drive is seen fine in the RAID menu of the motherboard. Thanks!