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    Dell Studio 15

    Thinking about getting a new laptop. I've had a netbook and it was just too small, so I'm looking for something a little more beefy. After browsing my RSS feeds, I came upon this deal from FW: Is this a deal? I know next to nothing about...
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    Updating custom firmware on PSP.

    nm, it must've disappeared.
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    How do I find my Keys of installed software?
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    It's that time of year again! What games are you buying?

    L4D 2 MUA 2 Uncharted 2 Assassin's Creed 2 COD: MW2 Seems to be the year of the sequel.
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    Screen Protectors?

    it's called "best skin ever", or BSE for short. edit: oh, and don't let the warranty of the ZAGG be your selling point. their customer service is the WORST, and i'm in the middle of fighting with them right now so they don't charge me $30 for a...
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    Screen Protectors?

    or you can get a best skin ever for 6.99 instead of ZAGG's $25+ product...
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    Need some Help with my new Blackberry Curve

    thanks for contributing. OP, is the software completely updated? by software, I mean device software.
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    Quark & OSX - File extensions gone? WTF?

    Nope, everyone else trying to access the files is on OSX, same version.
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    Quark & OSX - File extensions gone? WTF?

    They are being stored on a Windows server, that's the only Windows "thing" in the environment. It's not affecting other users, until she saves files w/in Quark and other users are seeing them as UNIX files. I'll find out later on today if it's happening on only her account.
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    Quark & OSX - File extensions gone? WTF?

    I'm not too familiar with AppleScript which sucks because I should be :rolleyes: She is running OSX 10.4.11 and Quark 6.5.2.
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    Quark & OSX - File extensions gone? WTF?

    We've got a client that's having an issue currently with all of her file extensions for Quark disappearing. She can manually add them, but she thinks that's a pain in the ass and just bitches about it, so I'd like to resolve the issue. Basically, all Quark files have lost their .qxd extension...
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    What phone do you have?

    Personal: Razr2 (VZW) with hacked FW: Work: Motorola i570 (Nextel DC + Cell service): BlackBerry Pearl 8130 on Sprint
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    MBM replacement

    I've always used SpeedFan. Works pretty good.
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    Do you have a Nokia N810?

    Do you know anyone who has a Nokia N810 UMPC? This thing is sweet, but I'd love to hear from some [H}'ers, instead of salesmen.
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    Too Human, huge letdown?

    Are there any comparisons for this game? I'm really on the fence about getting it, but I don't know!
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    Do you pre-order games online?

    Thanks for contributing.
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    Do you pre-order games online?

    I'm looking to start reserving games online, but I'm wondering how long it'll take for it to come in. I'd go into a B&M and order them, but to be honest with you, it's easier if I get home from a hard day's work, and the game is in my mailbox :p Where do you pre-order your games? How long does...
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    Do you Wii Fit?

    I'm thinking about getting a Wii Fit. I'm out of shape, and alongside eating right and going for walks, I think having a Wii Fit would be a good idea to get back into shape. The one thing that irks me though is the $90 price tag. Do you use your Wii Fit? How often? Do you feel healthier?
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    WMP 11 and USB Keys

    Isn't there an option to not scan devices for media on startup? I don't know where it is, I don't have WMP 11 installed, sorry.
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    Dead Rising Help

    Agreed. I didn't like the fact that I had to make choices on what missions I had to take.
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    Who's got the best battery life?

    with my old Thinkpad X40 I would pull 7-8 hours of the extended battery. I wish I didn't sell it...I've got a shitty M1210 now.
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    Found my new crack

    player limit on Ground War is 18
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    Crackdown multiplayer>GOW multiplayer

    this thread is worthless, it's like comparing apples to oranges.
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    Essential PDA software

    I just got myself a palm TX and now I'm looking for some MUST NEED software. I plan on using this for organization and document editing/movie watching on my commute. any ideas?
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    Crackdown xbox360 demo

    great review. pretty much sums it up for me.
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    I play on the VX2025, and it's $. check your dashboard settings.
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    I tried gears of wars

    get new glasses imo.
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    Halo 3 Legendary Edition (Pics)

    fucking. cool.
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    i used gamespy for a while, then i found about ASE (the all-seeing eye). i used that for a long ass time...
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    xbox 360 questions!

    i run mine on a 20.1" Viewsonic and it's $
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    GOW patch on wednesday

    running up to an enemy and sticking a grenade to them.
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    The Story of a Best Buy Worker who wants a Wii

    yea totally. fuck that manager. congrats though!
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    What was your First Console?

    in order of having them: nes, snes, sega, n64, dreamcast, ps2, xbox360 i also had a bunch of handhelds (ds, psp, orig. gameboy, gameboy pocket, gameboy color, gameboy sp, etc :cool: )
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    Quick question about DVD +-