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    Texting While Driving is Bad, Doctors Agree

    This thread gave me a nice laugh but... this totally makes sense.
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    Project: PrometheusCu

    Wow at one point in time I wanted to attempt a mod this detailed and intense but I do not have the knowledge time or patience with something this involving. Good luck! I'll keep my eye on this for sure
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    World of World of War Craft. LMAO!

    haha yea the onion news rocks =D
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    Office Space…In A Box

    I dont think this idea is retarded. It is definitely not for every application that's for sure, but surely there are specific applications this could be useful for. Like someone said earlier, maybe for like emergency situations whether it be through the military or maybe medical. Maybe certain...
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    Wired vs Wireless mouse? What's your vote & why?

    wired = hassle free
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    Smell-Phone Patented, May Be Available in 2 Years

    hmmm... what does it send smells with? the article gives the dumbest reason for why there is a market for a phone like this, but what do i know?
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    Best game you ever played?

    RPG Elder Scrolls: Morrowind RTS Total War Series Multi FPS Quake 3 (countless hours playing this game) Single FPS FEAR Close Runner-ups KOTOR TF2 Portal
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    Researchers Show Off Laser-Guided Robot

    Haha yea what the hell ^^
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    Project: Zero Eight

    Wow I absolutely love how well thought out the tubing is. Looks amazing
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    Corsair VX550W vs. Corsair HX520W @ [H]

    Nice review. This definitely makes me proud that I got my HX520 almost a year ago. I love my PSU :)
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    Weighted Companion Cube case

    looking great. subscribed ;)
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    Good Multiplayer Games?

    I still play quake 3 as well. Most of my best online moments have been with this game...
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    AGP club

    I built a new PC about 2 months ago with a 8800gts but my agp x1950pro is still running in my brother's PC
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    Good 120mm Fans.

    I've tried my fair share of 120mm fans. I had 2 globalwin fans a while back. Probably the best I've ever used. Sadly i broke 1 of them and the other i used for a system build for my brother. I definitely recommend these.
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    Is my RAM what's holding back my performance?

    I agree with selling the 2x512mb sticks. Getting 2x1gb sticks of DDR2 is so cheap now... around $100
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    Project: parallel HEX (completed!)

    Absolutely gorgeous! I hope you get that weird bubbling effect in the collector figured out. Definitely very stunning to finally see all together. God, that must be so cool to show your friends and such :D
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    Project: parallel HEX (completed!)

    Beautiful in so many ways... I haven't been on hard forum in a while but i'm so glad to see this finished. Definitely one of my favorite projects. Congrats man
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    AGP club

    hah haven't been to the video card section in a while... sign me up as a member. I have an x1950pro 256mb AGP and will have it until i build my next rig. Since I'm poor it won't happen for a while lol
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    i have a dremel.

    Jigsaws are good for side panel windows. I used a jigsaw for my case window and it turned out fine. Jigsaws are better to use for the common man unless you are decently experienced with a dremel. For a while, you will easily screw up using a dremel, and even if you don't, it takes a while to...
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    RAM or CPU?

    No read it again, he says he has 512MB x 2 so a full GB is what he has. I misread it that way too and thought the same thing. Since he has a full GB he should be fine. Definitely go with a dual core proc
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    Project: parallel HEX (completed!)

    Geesh dude this is amazing! Really you are going so above and beyond what I initially envisioned.
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    Post your Oblivion pics here!

    Naw I'm using OOO and it took till about level 7-8 to where I felt more comfortable in dungeons and what not. I think its so much better like this.
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    Post your Oblivion pics here!

    yea you really need a 512mb card... with a 256mb card you will just run out of vga memory and it wont me like a % performance hit, just more stuttering. Think of it like when you run out of system memory and you start going into your hard drive instead of your ram
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    Places to buy X1950pro AGP

    I would hope you would be fine (and think you would) but you will be cutting it very close. If I were in your position I'd go ahead and try it and see if all is good. If not then I'd buy a PSU that would be good for your current system and my future system so not to waste money away. Maybe...
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    Places to buy X1950pro AGP

    Well with my x1950pro the 6.12 cat drivers work great and seem to be more stable than any other with this card. Get them here. I haven't tried the 7.1 drivers but 6.12 has x1950pro support so I feel no obligation ;). Make sure you properly uninstall your nvidia drivers if coming from an nvidia...
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    Places to buy X1950pro AGP

    Yup... you are correct. Although I believe the extra memory allows higher resolution textures more so than the screen resolution. Your core speed and architecture will really be the determining factor on the screen resolution. Just use ati tray tool and start a graph displaying your free video...
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    Real-World Gaming CPU Comparison with BFGTech 8800 GTX SLI

    I have a question about the M2:Total War bench... What unit scale size did you pick (Small, Medium, Large, Huge)? I didn't see it stated in the review. I did see that you said 900 vs 1000 but it seems that the unit scale will cripple old CPUs if set too high regardless of how many units... My...
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    Oblivion... buy the X360 or PC version?

    Sorry to tell you this but you will be disappointed. Oblivion will not be very smooth with 1GB of ram. There is a huge difference with 2GB. Also the 6 series nvidia GPUs don't do HDR very efficiently so you can run HDR lighting but definitely not @ 1680x1050. I used to have a 6800GS and when I...
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    x1950 Pro AGP: ATi throws AGP a bone

    What kind of FPS are you looking for? If I can use my Powercolor for Oblivion at max @1680x1050 with x4 AA and x4 AF and still get 25-60+ fps I'm guessing it will do WoW @1920x1200 fine with an average of 50+ FPS
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    Places to buy X1950pro AGP

    Congrats... please post some benchies and your setup. I'm interested in what this HIS can do. My Powercoler has me very happy :D
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    Project Oracle

    I'm going to have to agree on the glossy grey paint... and if you could use BMW auto paint that would be badass. Also I think the orange stripes look the best
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    Which pathetic overclock do I chose

    Well here's the thing... at 3.4 I was stable on prime for about 20 minutes and zero memtest errors on 100% coverage. So I decided to bump up the FSB just a little to 229 which puts me at 3.43 1:1. I run memtest and get 8 errors on 25% coverage. All I changed was the FSB from 226 to 229. No...
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    Which pathetic overclock do I chose

    Well I have it stable @ 3.4 with memory running 1:1... no memtest errors. It seems my G.Skill didn't actually like the extra voltage I was giving it. I'll run prime for a while and see what happens. Then I'll try 3.5 running 1:1.
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    Which pathetic overclock do I chose

    Interesting. Thanks alot
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    Project Oracle

    I'm trying to visualize what you mean by pin striping and how it would be done. Could maybe you give a visual example?
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    Which pathetic overclock do I chose

    Thanks for all the responses :) Nope.... No one I know cares about the world of PC enthusiasts. I'm not too sure about this board being able to reach 250FSB. Are you sure you're not thinking of the IC7 with the i875P chipset. That was like the overclocking board to get for skt478 chips iirc...
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    Which pathetic overclock do I chose

    Yea the thing is... I'm using DDR500 not DDR400 so I shouldn't be getting any errors since I haven't even reached the stock speeds.I guess maybe bad ram? Oh and I think I agree on the 1:1 thing too. P4's seem to love 1:1. Thanks to all the voters so far who said I suck at OCing while giving...
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    Which pathetic overclock do I chose

    Vote on which option best suites my situation -1- CPU 3.3Ghz : RAM 220Mhz running 1:1 -2- CPU 3.5Ghz : RAM 195Mhz running 6:5 Alright first to post my setup: P4 Prescott 3.0E (skt478) Abit VT7 motherboard (VIA PT880) G.Skill 2x1GB DDR500 3-4-4-8 Corsair HX520 PSU It's old...
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    Post your Oblivion pics here!

    Qarl those textures and normal maps look great. How much of a performance hit does your 6800GT see? The performance hit is really the only thing holding me back from DLing and installing your texture packs. Is it like a few frames or any at all? I have a x1950pro 256mb... thanks :)
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    PSU resolutions

    haha! and he was the winner for best new year's resolution