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    Aqua Computer turboplex USB - departure into a new era?

    Shoggy, if that is at normal Eheim noise level it would be perfectly acceptable to me. Pleeease make that with G1/4 threads!
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    Unusual problem and I need some OS help

    As a tech, I build lots of systems in various hardware combinations, and work on older systems too. A commercial client has ordered 4 Intel machines in a pretty basic workstation configuration: Celeron D 2.8 533, Asus P5GD-1 VM, 1 gig of ram, standard optical-floppy drives. The issue is-is that...
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    Push-Pull vs Not for Fans

    I'm doing a dual loop lowflow setup on the latest build with a single 120 rad dedicated to only the CPU, and another 240 dedicated to everything else. The 120 single will be a least push because its a clean install in a v2000 case. I have 2 different 120 rads: one with fan mounts front/back, and...
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    Reccomendations for reliable img hosting

    Howdy all.......I've been on the road a lot lately and returned to find the ImageLink .img host (who I'd originally found from here), had gone kaputsky. I'm not necessarily looking for free hosting--the above was a paid year's subscription for about 40mb of storage. It's too bad as I really...
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    I need some direction for an odd situation (bios flash)

    Howdy all.....recently while doing a workstation build I put in a floppy that I thought was an driver disk, but it was a disk that had a 5950Ultra bios on it that I'd modded my 5900U with. It executed automaticly (odd to me) and crammed the poor little gf4 ti4200 that was in the machine with...
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    Redundant Radiators?

    Howdy all...I'm going to be doing a new custom setup on a Lian Li V1000: This one (in black) ....I have lots of options with this is to go a dual with that and the rez cut into the top, but I was also thinking of using 2 single radiators in place of the stock 120 fan locations to avoid...
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    Abit NF-7 versions

    Currently I'm running an almost new NF7-S v2.0 board. It seems satisfactory so far as I've gotten my 2600-M to 2.5 ghz with room to move. I wanted to ask of the experienced members here about the earlier version boards. Have you found the non-S ones to take OC's/modded bios's better, or not...
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    How are ratings set up on this board

    I have and do admin/mod on other boards unrelated to OC'ing, and wanted to know how sig profiles are upgraded here.....tied to postcount?, length of membership?, whims of the admin?, what........TIA