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    This Just Seems Very Odd to Me

    Ive used a rocker for gaming.. it was great.. just put it on a rug so it doesnt slide around.. shoot wish I still had mine.
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    Any good vive controller charging dock

    those look interesting. I have been looking for something like that but 100.00 is a bit much for wood and 90.00 for a stand dont know go down to good will and you might find something just like that ie old manaquin? ouch sorry spelling.... and can get those for 1.00-3.00. dont think worth 90.00...
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    Advice needed on new 1080 Ti purchase, wait for next gen instead?

    yes indeed Sycraft.. Ive found my self doing exactly that. Im still kicking myself for buying a 1070 instead of a 1080 but I didnt want to spend that much money .... now sure wish I did. but Ill keep this 1070 till things get more reasonable.. besides will take me some time to save up enough to...
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    Google Wants to Use AMP to Make Email More Interactive

    ahhhhh a new way to get hit with advertising .... sigh
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    humble vr sale

    okay.. sounds reasonable. thank you.
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    Better head tracking with on-board USB 3.0?

    Alright.. thank you very much admiralperpetual. now to find a cable... groan....
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    Affordable Oversized Table/Desk Tops?

    wow... looks like you need a bigger desk! Very very nice setup..
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    Better head tracking with on-board USB 3.0?

    okay, a question here.. if youre using 3 of 4 ports on a board should you plug in the power? Havent been able to get a straight answer on that.
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    Help me make decision!! Which of these 2 games to DL??

    ah... sorry but neither... Checked out both games didnt buy
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    humble vr sale

    other than the usual places, steam, amazon, newegg, oculus store are there other places to purchase programs? Just wondering
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    Entry VR equipment

    shop around! I found a Rift with controllers for much less than usual. So, please do yourself a favor shop around. IF you get a rift their store has a bunch of free games to try out. Dont know if Vive offers the same probably do?? Also, if you have the money... get a 3d sensor makes a nice...
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    Fallout 4 VR

    Totally agree. Cant see paying twice for the same game especially for some reason I just cant get into Fallout 4... dont know what it is... But for 20.00 Id be willing to give it a try in VR and see if that makes a difference.
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    My Galax 1050ti exoc white came...

    purty purty purty... excellent job all around
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    astronomical GPU prices?

    you know, those could be empty boxes.
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    ??? Take a peek inside to see if you're so curious as what I ran into!

    shoot think I still have my windows 1.0 disks around here somewhere.. sigh Im olddddddd
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    Need new gaming rig for kid

    youll be giving tech support believe me! Those premades are usually a mess. Lots of luck! and change your phone number :)
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    Oculus Rift Owners Thread

    Watch out what you wish for Wulff1e you just might get it... but would be interesting.. and cost much less than a girl friend/ wife.
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    with the condition many games are being released in.. Im really quite surprised to see it not a great deal more. Guess people are doing more than enough research into the games coming out and arent buying into some of the busted up games coming out.
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    Has hardware requirements changed much?

    keep mindful some games the min. requirements are going up... one game wants at least a 1070.. dont know the same level in the other video card camp, sorry. hate to see the requirements go up to a 1080 but guess it will happen soon enough
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    Oculus Rift Owners Thread

    Totally agree Wulff1e before getting my rift Ive never used controlrs its always been mouse/keyboard. Tell you what if they werent marked as they are I would be totally lost. It is fun learning something completly new. Im having a blast with vive video watching movies in 3d is a hoot, never...
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    indeed missing the 0 option cause I have refunded zero ...
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    Enough Is Enough, Publishers! Here Is A Compromise- Raise The Price of Games To $80

    go ahead and raise prices to 80.00 Congrats... you just priced yourself out of my range that I am willing to pay . Ahhh all the money I will save!
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    Sorry to say that I dont have the arm/hand speed to play this any more, especially in VR. Saw a great vid on youtube showing off the free movement looked absolutley wonderful. Truley sucks to get old.
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    How big is your Gaming screen?

    34inch ips monitor from LG
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    Windows 10 FCU + NV Drivers, Screen colors Darken

    wow... good to know that my machine isnt the only one doing this... Thanks for the information.
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    Artifacts, What Do?

    thanks for this site.. found it very interesting and got info on many old questions that never got answered.
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    I installed Sims 3 from Steam. Now other games won't launch

    well, its great you figured it out and it didnt take a long time either
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    Steam: how many hours?

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 37.7 hrs last two weeks / 4,719 hrs on record Yea, its good to be retired and as of today finally out of the hospital. Not bad for a old man.
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    My 6870 just died, on a 5770 backup card. Want advice for bang for buck upgrade.

    if possible I would wait till this mining stuff is over with... prices have been jacked up so high
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    Is my graphics card dead?

    okay, any way possible to test the card in a friends computer? would settle if the card is a gonner.. shoot, Im in a little town in southern missouri and our one and only computer shop will put a card in a test bed to see if its alright or not. Just a thought.
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    Doom Soundtrack

    didnt iD long time ago put out a cd of doom music?
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    Is my graphics card dead?

    what does it do with just one monitor? hows your power supply doing, how old, wattage.. condition of cables stuff like that.
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    Keep 1080ti or 1070?

    Keep the 1080.. only reason I got a 1070 instead of a 1080 is I didnt have the money for it.
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    What's your fallback card?

    main is evga 1070 backup is evga 970
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    Rift owners - GeForce Experience needed?

    Ive never installed it. No issues so far.
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    Getting old and starting to dislike video games? Maybe it's not you.

    Well, Im 65 and still play daily. But Im finding that games I use to play all day I can only play them for a few minutes. Things like Doom/Quake/Serious Sam . Really want to try out the new Quake thats coming out but my hands are just too old. Sucks getting old.
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    Opinions on new Gaming monitor?

    ah good point NIZMOZ
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    Another question for those with families.

    any way to bring educational things in to this? using internet to look things up and parents do it with your kids cause there be some really narly sites out there pretending to be educational but you all already knew this
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    Opinions on new Gaming monitor?

    I just got a 34in ips ultrawide and it was the best purchase of everything I got.... Give them a look. Also, I got it for 50% off. I paid 400.00 for a 800.00 monitor.